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3/22/15 5:36 p.m. A burglar took door units and parts from a location on Monroe Parkway.


3/22/15 11:40 p.m. A father reported that his daughter had driven into a building. Her foot had slipped off the brake pedal and she did $1,500 in damage to the building.


3/17/15 3:50 p.m. A telescope valued at $3,000 was stolen from a car on Da Vinci Street. Other items stolen included telescopic lenses valued at $600, a $1,600 briefcase, a jacket worth $1,000, two Colt Python guns valued at $6,000 and a $200 hat. Entry to the car was made through an unlocked door.

3/18/15 8:46 a.m. A thief broke into a storage facility at Westlake Park and stole a Stihl leaf blower worth $400.

3/18/15 10:51 a.m. A man discontinued his service plan after his cell phone was stolen. Later he found that someone had purchased the phone on Craigslist for $350.

3/18/15 5:30 p.m. An iPad worth $400 was stolen on an Amtrak train. Two days later, the Springfield Police Department reported that it had located a stolen iPad and had arrested a suspect in the case.

3/19/15 5:24 p.m. A vacuum was stolen from an attached garage on South Shore Boulevard. The method of entry is still a mystery.

3/20/15 2:34 p.m. A man’s check was stolen from his mailbox on Upper Drive. The check was altered and cashed.


3/13/15 1:21 p.m. A rogue woman driver in a silver Prius was swerving and cutting people off, and she almost caused several accidents in a mad excursion down Kruse Way.

3/13/15 2:53 p.m. A staff member at a youth facility was hit by two students, aged 15 and 13.

3/13/15 2:53 p.m. Several cars parked at a business bore the message, “I peed on your car.”

3/13/15 4:44 p.m. A mother became suspicious when a motorist pulled up to her house and started taking photos of her children. When she tried to ask why, the motorist drove off. It is believed the same person did the same thing a few weeks ago.

3/14/15 1:41 p.m. A bad son pushed his mother when she tried to call 911 about him. The son is expected to soon be arrested on suspicion of interfering with a 911 call, parole violation and possession of marijuana.

3/14/15 9:45 p.m. A drunk got out of a car at a convenience store and tried to fight everyone there. However, his pugilistic efforts were doomed by his high level of intoxication.

3/15/15 12:33 a.m. A woman reported that her car, parked near a pub, had been stolen. However, it turned out it had been towed away due to a parking violation.

3/15/15 7:24 a.m. A female kept pulling over and flashing her lights over and over. It turned out she was just having fun while waiting for her boyfriend to get home.

3/15/15 11:48 a.m. Some oddballs keep looking into the cars of customers at a restaurant.

3/15/15 3:38 p.m. A dispute over a traffic incident ended with one of the arguers kicking the other one’s car.

3/15/15 3:54 p.m. A woman is making life heck for her ex by sending him harassing texts and phone messages.

3/16/15 10:24 a.m. A woman who was injured in a fall at a coffee shop asked an officer for advice on options for civil actions.

3/17/15 2 a.m. A taxi never showed up to pick up a woman passenger. Police called a friend to give her a ride home.

3/17/15 12:44 p.m. Motorists are often not stopping for the school bus on Bryant Road, and concern has been expressed about the safety of the children.

3/17/15 2:17 p.m. A woman was made uncomfortable by being the object of non-stop hugging by a guest. She is worried about his future intentions.

3/17/15 4:44 p.m. A restaurant owner wants to put a stop to a beer-drinking old man with a history of urinating in the parking lot.

3/17/15 9:45 p.m. While walking his dog, a dog walker noticed a somewhat elderly female who seemed confused. When an officer came to check on her, she could not be located.

3/18/15 10:24 a.m. A woman believes someone tried to remove her mailbox on Greentree Avenue. The mailbox was bolted to the ground and had been jacked up. Damage to the mailbox was estimated at $400.

3/18/15 2:56 p.m. A homeless person is leaving rubbish around E Avenue and North State Street.

3/18/15 6:03 p.m. Three persons were observed puffing on marijuana in a car. Also in the car was a small child.

3/18/15 7:47 p.m. An ex-husband is probably the culprit in smashing pots at his ex-wife’s house and taking the lids off her garbage cans.

3/18/15 8:14 p.m. A stray pit bull wandering on Riverwood Road appeared to be severely underfed, looked lost and its stumpy tail seemed to be infected. Help is being sought for the friendly dog.

3/19/15 1:56 a.m. A resident of Greenridge Court was alarmed by the sounds of footsteps on her roof at night.

3/19/15 5:13 a.m. Police were asked to pick up a raccoon that has been trapped for two days in a yard on C Avenue.

3/19/15 5:22 a.m. A very small, thin woman wearing blue hospital pants and no shoes was wandering in a disoriented fashion on Kruse Way Place.


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