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Ask A Cop: Where can I put my garage sale signs?

(A Lake Oswego police officer answers readers’ questions each week in this space. To submit a question, call staff reporter Cliff Newell at 503-636-1281 ext. 105 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

"I’m having a garage sale this weekend. Are there any special rules about where I can post my garage sale signs?"

DUVALLMost people think about posting garage sale signs in any place that makes potential customers aware that they are having a sale at their house. But what people don’t know is that the most common areas where signs are placed are considered public right-of-way.

Lake Oswego Code (LOC) 47.08.300 governs the placement of temporary signs and prohibits any sign being attached to public property, such as stop signs, street signs or utility poles. The Code also states that signs can’t be placed in the right-of-way abutting any property without permission from the property owner, or be attached to trees, bushes or shrubbery. In addition, signs cannot be placed within two feet of road traffic.

There is an exception, however: Portable signs are allowed within the public right-of-way in any residential zone on Sundays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. A portable sign is an A-frame type of sign, similar to those used by realtors or businesses. Any other signs are not allowed.

When placing your sign, make sure it will not disrupt pedestrian access if you are placing it on the sidewalk or curb. Signs can be placed elsewhere, such as in your yard or in your neighbors' yards with their permission. Just be sure to not staple or tape them to any pole or stop sign that may be near your house, or to any tree or bush, even on your property.

To see the full sign code, visit www.codepublishing.com/or/lakeoswego. The left side of the page lists each chapter of the code book and corresponding sections for each one.

— CSO Cole Duvall