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5/31/16 4:12 p.m. A woman's vehicle was sideswiped while she was sitting in it by another car, which then sped off.

5/31/16 10:47 p.m. A single vehicle was involved in a rollover accident near Hazelia Field. Although no one was hurt, a 17-year-old girl was cited for reckless driving and reckless endangerment.

6/3/16 1:35 p.m. A driver slammed into the rear end of his wife's car and then fled the scene.


6/5/16 7:55 p.m. A man's house was burglarized by his ex-wife.


5/31/16 8:30 a.m. A remorseful thief returned the package he/she took from a store.

5/31/16 10:04 a.m. A man discovered that the stereo equipment he sent on consignment to California years ago has been stolen.

5/31/16 10:58 p.m. A thief stole a cart full of items at Haggen Food & Pharmacy on Boones Ferry Road.

6/1/16 3:45 p.m. A man told police his bicycle was stolen three weeks ago.

6/3/16 2:35 p.m. A man's motorcycle helmet and gloves were stolen while he shopped at a local grocery store. The loss was set at $550.


5/31/16 12:04 p.m. A pharmacy reported two unauthorized withdrawals at an ATM.

6/5/16 3:09 p.m. A thief stole a woman's debit card information and proceeded to go on a $1,098 shopping spree at Best Buy.


5/21/16 12:43 p.m. A person was suspected of dumpster diving and screaming at no one in particular on Jean Road. He was asked to leave.

5/21/16 2:25 p.m. Four teenagers in black athletic clothing were suspected of attempting to pull down a stop sign near Bay Creek Drive and Westlake Drive. 

5/21/16 5:13 p.m. A 20-year-old male suspected of trying to sell marijuana to juveniles pulled down his pants (but not his boxers) on Hemlock Street.

5/21/16 7:22 p.m. A 7-year-old boy seen running down Jefferson Parkway was returned to his parents.

5/22/16 2:07 a.m. A loud party was reportedly being held in an abandoned house on Fielding Road, but police determined that the house was not abandoned and that all of the partiers were of age.

5/22/16 3:46 a.m. Two 17-year-olds were released to their parents after being found after curfew in Westlake Park. 

5/22/16 7:59 p.m. A raccoon attacked a dog on Summit Drive.

5/23/16 9:02 a.m. A passerby stumbled upon an abandoned homeless camp behind Mary's Woods.

5/23/16 12:01 p.m. A dog has been barking nonstop for weeks on Hemlock Street.

5/23/16 1:23 p.m. A woman driver was being harassed by a man in a red car who was tailgating her, driving recklessly and making questionable hand gestures.

5/23/16 5:09 p.m. A man got out of his gold Volvo and urinated in some bushes on Jefferson Parkway.

5/23/16 5:44 p.m. Some pesky juveniles were ringing doorbells and then driving away on Erickson Street and Oak Street.

5/23/16 6:13 p.m. Two 18-year-old girls — both wearing black hoodies and one with purple hair — spray-painted a pickup truck in the parking lot of a fast food joint on Boones Ferry Road.

5/23/16 9:37 p.m. A worried man reported that his girlfriend had missed their dinner date and that her car was still parked at a transit center.

5/23/16 10:02 p.m. An intoxicated ex-boyfriend showed up at a woman's abode and damaged her television. She told police she no longer desires his presence and had him trespassed.

5/24/16 9:52 a.m. A woman whose dog was attacked took her pooch to the vet and received a bill for $2,000. The owner of the attacking dog was cited for having a vicious animal.

5/24/16 3:10 p.m. An officer chased down a beagle that had dashed into traffic near Palisades Elementary School and returned the dog to its owner.

5/24/16 3:32 p.m. A driver purchased $100 worth of gas for a U-Haul at Bill's Service Station, but his card was declined. The driver, who was from Hawaii, said he would return in a few days to pay for the gas.

5/24/16 7:49 p.m. Drag racing involving a red Mustang and another "muscle" car was reported on Jefferson Parkway.

5/25/16 5:51 a.m. A caller said a bike rider in black was going up and down Third Street. He was "sick of this," he told police, and wanted the biker to be arrested.

5/25/16 8:32 a.m. Worried employees asked police for advice after spotting an undesired former member hanging around Lake Oswego Hunt.

5/25/16 10:05 a.m. A woman told police she believes a man who asked her for gas money was working a scam.

5/25/16 10:08 a.m. A woman described as dirty and heavyset tossed a lit cigarette onto the ground near the entrance to Haggen Food & Pharmacy on Boones Ferry Road and then stepped on it.

5/25/16 10:31 a.m. The presence of empty beer bottles and cigarette butts had nearby residents worried that underage people were gathering in the area at night.

5/25/16 7:41 p.m. A dead cat appeared to have been killed by a coyote near Second Street and C Avenue.

5/25/16 10:35 p.m. A man broke down a door of his brother's home and took the dog that lived there.

5/26/16 3:23 a.m. Three men in a hot tub were reportedly being too loud. Police asked them to keep it down.

5/26/16 6:42 p.m. A son having a mental health crisis locked himself in a bathroom just as the buyers of his family home were about to take possession.

5/27/16 1:36 p.m. A visitor from Michigan was found lying in a ditch near Country Club Road and Goodall Road. He told police he was lost, and waited with an officer until family members came to pick him up.

5/27/16 5:30 p.m. A laborer flagged down an officer to help him find his brown-and-white Springer Spaniel, who ran off while the man was doing a landscaping job.

5/27/16 6:51 p.m. Three juvenile skateboarders nearly ran down a woman's husband in the parking lot of a fast food joint.

5/27/16 7 p.m. Police were asked to speak to downstairs neighbors who were yelling and breaking things in the middle of the night.

5/27/16 9:01 p.m. A man told police he couldn't remember if he had locked the doors when he left his car near the trolley station on State Street. Officers checked. The doors were locked.

5/27/16 11:09 p.m. A late-night visitor came to a woman's back door to ask for food. He disappeared before officers arrived.

5/28/16 11:25 a.m. An elderly gent was reported walking toward South Shore Boulevard with his pants down.

5/28/16 1:37 p.m. A woman asked for extra police patrols around her house because the landscapers next door looked sneaky.

5/28/16 2:08 p.m. A parent was upset about an Uber driver who was allegedly rude to a group of 12-year-old children.

5/28/16 3:05 p.m. A mother asked to speak with an officer regarding the restraining order her daughter has against her ex, because the man has been texting her all day long.

5/28/16 4:18 p.m. Students told police they would be filming in Iron Mountain Park for a school project for a couple of hours. They wanted to make sure officers understood that they were using air soft guns and no ammo. 

5/28/16 6:37 p.m. A suicidal man with medical problems asked police to take him to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

5/29/16 2:35 a.m. A woman reported her ex-boyfriend for coming to her front door and texting her. The man was warned about telephonic harassment and trespassed from the location.

5/29/16 8:55 p.m. Peacocks strolling down Iron Mountain Boulevard were causing a hazard.

5/29/16 9:03 p.m. A woman wanted police to keep an eye on a guy who blames her for his eviction.

5/30/16 4:08 p.m. A backpack full of vodka bottles was discovered on Glacier Lilly Street.

5/30/16 8:41 p.m. Ten juveniles on skateboards were kicked off the tennis courts at Westlake Park. They reportedly had been messing around with the nets.

5/30/16 10:30 p.m. A creepy guy (either drunk or high on drugs, a caller said) in a sleeveless shirt and carrying a skateboard came to a residence on Kelok Road and pretended to ask for directions. 

5/31/16 7:05 a.m. Peacocks were roaming the streets on Boones Ferry Road and Country Club Road.

5/31/16 10:47 a.m. Vandals tagged a tunnel on McNary Parkway, spraying bright, neon-pink paint on light fixtures and walls.

5/31/16 1:29 p.m. A woman told police that someone was trying to hurt her, but she did not want her husband informed.

5/31/16 3:25 p.m. When a mother showed up at Westlake Park for a child exchange, she was told that her child was at the dentist's office.

5/31/16 7:15 p.m. A woman and her son tried to help a man laying down and holding his head near Childs Road and Megan Place.

6/1/16 10:22 p.m. Mosquitos were gathering in a partially drained swimming pool at an apartment complex.

6/1/16 12:16 p.m. Some neighbor kids were again playing too loudly in their backyard, just like they did a year ago. A search for the children was unsuccessful.

6/1/16 3:11 p.m. A 20-year-old man was running around naked in an apartment complex and disturbing residents.

6/1/16 3:11 p.m. A father allowed his 2-year-old son to romp around without clothes on. The child is potty training and using a kiddie pool, the father told police, and he believes nudity will facilitate success.

6/1/16 5:14 p.m. A woman drove away from a gas station on Boones Ferry Road with the gas pump line still connected to her car.

6/1/16 6:01 p.m. A woman on Iron Mountain Boulevard told police that solicitors became verbally abusive when she rejected their sales pitch. They refused to leave, she said, until she picked up the phone and threatened to call the cops.

6/1/16 10:48 p.m. Police were asked to follow an inebriated individual who had been kicked off the Sylvania campus of Portland Community College.

6/2/16 7:39 a.m. While a girl was waiting for the school bus to pick her up in the Westlake neighborhood, a man with wavy brown hair drove up in a white minivan with no license plates and asked if her name was Amanda. The student did not respond, but police were notified and the school district alerted parents.

6/2/16 8:24 a.m. A husband with dementia left his home and was not found until he reached Sandy.

6/2/16 9:21 a.m. When a woman saw a man smoking in front of a convenience store, she told him he was forbidden to smoke next to the building. However, the employee in the convenience store did not seem to care.

6/2/16 9:24 a.m. While a woman was performing crosswalk duty at Rivergrove Elementary School, a man pulled up and asked her for a date, which she declined. The guy came back the next day and stared at her for five minutes.

6/2/16 1:55 p.m. A woman was hoping to use the wildflowers growing in a vacant lot for an upcoming wedding. However, her plans were ruined when somebody mowed the lot.

6/2/16 9:32 p.m. A driver in a silver Toyota Camry purposely tried to hit a pedestrian, then started swearing.

6/3/16 8:58 a.m. A wife who swallowed a handful of pills was rushed to a hospital.

6/3/16 8:44 p.m. A 16-year-old juvenile was found to have alcohol poisoning and was taken by ambulance to Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center.

6/3/16 8:45 p.m. Youths aged 15 and 16 ignited a brush fire at a park and were referred to juvenile authorities.

6/3/16 8:52 p.m. A man sleeping in the bushes on Eighth Street was awakened by police and told to move on.

6/4/16 1:07 p.m. A missing uncle showed up after causing a lof of concern among family members.

6/4/16 7:21 p.m. While being driven from a bar, a man wrapped a seatbelt around his neck and threatened to commit suicide.

6/4/16 9:33 p.m. A person taking target practice with his paint gun accidentally shot a security officer.

6/4/16 11:16 p.m. Youths aged 16 and 17 were lodged at the Juvenile Retention Center on suspicion of using cocaine, alcohol and marijuana.

6/5/16 9:50 a.m. A large black Lab and a Chihuahua teamed up to cause barking problems on Touchstone.

6/5/16 7:28 p.m. A neighbor marched into a man's garage and threatened him.

6/5/16 11:57 p.m. A woman called the cops for help when her husband became verbally and physically abusive. The couple agreed to spend the night apart.