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10/10/15 5:08 p.m. Police investigated after gray Volvo was seen spinning out in a field near Boones Ferry Road and Jean Way, with four juveniles running away from it. Officers found the minors had alcohol and less than an ounce of marijuana in their possession.


10/5/15 1:29 p.m. A man who thought items had been stolen from his late grandmother’s room at The Stafford Retirement Community was assured they had simply been removed during room-cleaning.


10/5/15 5:43 a.m. A woman observed the driver of a car heading up and down Del Prado Street who seemed to be his flashing lights into cars as he drove by. An officer located the vehicle and found the driver was delivering newspapers.

10/5/15 11:54 a.m. A woman was concerned by a series of voiceless phone calls, but police assured her she was not being stalked.

10/5/15 1:20 p.m. An officer was asked to be nearby when a local business fired one of its employees. The man was thought to be mentally unstable and known to own guns — in fact, he had shown them off to colleagues at work in the past.

10/5/15 2:04 p.m. A woman felt that her father was harassing her by sending police to her home for welfare checks. The woman emphasized that she is not suicidal.

10/5/15 2:13 p.m. Staff at Lake Grove Dental were concerned when an erratic man came in and asked to have his teeth filed down. He returned the next day, saying he had some problems after attempting to file down the teeth on his own.

10/5/15 9:21 p.m. A woman was spotted near the West End Building on Kruse Way, crying and asking for rides.

10/5/15 11:58 p.m. A man was upset when his friend and the friend’s girlfriend came by his house intoxicated, throwing tables and breaking glass. Police found no evidence of damage or of a crime.

10/6/15 8:33 a.m. A woman was on the receiving end of an acute case of road rage on Bangry Road when, while at a stop light, a woman driving a silver Volkswagen got out of her car and hit her door window with her shoe.

10/6/15 10:51 a.m. A resident of Deer Oak Road was frightened after receiving a letter that advised her she was being watched and had better be careful. A responding officer confirmed that the letter was sent by the woman’s HOA.

10/7/15 2:46 a.m. A resident on Kerr Parkway was disturbed to hear an argument through apartment walls, along with someone pleading “please don’t do this” repeatedly. Officers were unable to locate the source.

10/7/15 6:02 a.m. A child was locked in a vehicle parked on Ninth Street, but not in distress. An officer stood by while awaiting a locksmith.

10/7/15 12:22 p.m. Two small red dogs were at large on Old Gate Road.

10/7/15 2:03 p.m. A woman requested advice and options regarding her Fourth Amendment rights.

10/8/15 12:47 a.m. Two people attracted attention while sitting in a white Toyota Camry near the post office, but one was found to be a post office employee.

10/8/15 9 a.m. A black BMW parked on the sidewalk near Overlook and Westview drives drew the ire of a woman who says she has had an ongoing problem with this vehicle and others.

10/8/15 12:06 p.m. A heavy-set elderly woman using a walker was seen strolling into traffic on Boones Ferry Road near Jean Way, and was escorted back to Oswego Place Assisted Living.

10/8/15 12:41 p.m. A woman living on Evergreen Road was the subject of a welfare check requested by her father, a California resident. He claimed she had “suicidal ideation” and very little contact with her family. The woman responded that she was fine; she just didn’t want any further contact with her father.

10/8/15 2 p.m. A landlord was dismayed to discover that one of his tenants moved out but left behind broken glass and blood.

10/8/15 3:45 p.m. A woman discovered slashed tires and smashed windows on her car.

10/8/15 7:57 p.m. A woman’s daughter ran away from her while they were dining at Tucci Ristorante.

10/9/15 7:25 a.m. A manager at Safeway requested an officer be present in the store for a meeting with an employee who had caused “previous issues.”

10/9/15 12:16 p.m. A woman called from the Lake Oswego United Church of Christ to advise officers there would be “a conversation about racism” occurring at the church that Sunday, and that it might get heated.

10/9/15 12:41 p.m. A man was lodged at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center on a police hold after sending suicidal texts to a friend and making superficial cuts to his own skin.

10/9/15 10:29 p.m. A front-desk worker at the Crowne Plaza hotel discovered .22-caliber bullets in the parking lot, and despite receiving instructions for disposal, was adamant an officer come and assist.

10/10/15 12:26 a.m. A resident of Cellini Court said she was disturbed by a loud banging on her back door, where she saw several people. Officers were unable to find anything unusual on arrival.

10/10/15 12:49 p.m. A resident of North Shore Road wished to speak with officers about the saying “Possession is nine-tenths of the law.”

10/11/15 7:19 a.m. A man who wished to turn himself in on a non-existent warrant was instead transported to the hospital for treatment of anxiety.

10/11/15 2:51 p.m. Police responded to a third-hand report that a teen was posting suicidal statements on social media.


10/8/15 11:13 a.m. The owner of a State Street business complained of receiving a scam phone call allegedly from PGE, claiming she owed money.


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