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12/23/15 12:43 p.m. A woman’s son snuck into her home through a garage door and took a passport, car title and Remington semi-automatic shotgun.


12/21/15 5:53 p.m. A vehicle plowed into the center median at Country Club Road and Knaus Road and had to be towed.

12/23/15 7:49 a.m. A pedestrian had to be taken to Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center after being hit in a crosswalk by a 22-year-old driver, who was later cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian.

12/26/15 8:56 a.m. A Dodge Ram truck caused $1,000 in damage when it backed into a vehicle on Meadows Road.

12/27/15 11:04 a.m. A careless driver hit a parked vehicle and pushed it into an employee of a business on South Shore Boulevard. The injured employee was transported to Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center.


12/21/15 10:07 a.m. Mail was stolen overnight on Touchstone.

12/21/15 4:38 p.m. Two bikes were stolen at an apartment complex on Parkview Drive.

12/23/15 1:56 p.m. A package was pilfered off the porch of an apartment on Church Street.

12/24/15 10:05 a.m. A man’s company-owned Cadillac Escalade was stolen, and his wife is the main suspect in the case.

12/25/15 2:04 p.m. A vehicle parked on Leslie Lane was robbed of several items during a rash of car break-ins.

12/25/15 2:53 p.m. Several instances of mail theft were reported on Goodall Road.

12/26/15 8:41 p.m. Right after her ID was stolen, a woman’s house was burglarized. She was worried that the two crimes are connected.

12/27/15 5:45 p.m. A thief smashed in a window and stole a phone from a Jeep parked on Mt. Jefferson Terrace.

12/29/15 6:22 p.m. A grandson took his grandparents’ Visa card and charged $109 on it. He also stole $15 in cash.

1/2/16 11:10 a.m. Another grandson stole his grandmother’s credit cards.


12/17/15 1:34 p.m. Male and female customers got into an argument at the Haggen Food & Pharmacy on Boones Ferry Road and started bumping shopping carts.

12/17/15 2:02 p.m. A parks department employee found a backpack containing a bong and marijuana.

12/17/15 2:26 p.m. Two people got into an argument in a restaurant parking lot about a bumper sticker on one of their cars.

12/17/15 6:29 p.m. Three families in a black Lexus were going door-to-door on Upper Drive. A suspicious neighbor took their photo.

12/17/15 8:12 p.m. A wrong way driver fouled up traffic on Kruse Way.

12/18/15 4:21 p.m. A man having a fight with family members in a car was stopped by police on Eaglecrest Drive.

12/18/15 8:12 p.m. A 16-year-old daughter became so defiant that she was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

12/19/15 12:10 a.m. In an act of mailbox malice, someone drilled the locks out of a mailbox stand.

12/19/15 8:50 a.m. A vandal smashed out the front driver’s side window of a vehicle on McVey Avenue. Damage was set at $700.

12/19/15 12:41 p.m. A window of a woman’s car was smashed in overnight, causing $200 in damage.

12/20/15 11:34 a.m. While a woman was out walking her dog, people with two pitbulls passed by and one of them bit the woman’s dog.

12/20/15 1:41 p.m. Officer Keith Wilson spotted children playing cops and robbers on Seventh Street. He stopped and gave them police stickers.

12/20/15 8:59 p.m. A sleeping party of 12-year-old girls was disturbed by the sounds of a prowler.

12/21/15 8:15 a.m. A vehicle was left at Wall Street and Woodland Terrace with the airbags deployed and the flashers on. It was towed to a garage.

12/21/15 10:12 a.m. A drinking fountain was ripped off the wall of a restroom at West Waluga Park.

12/21/15 1:01 p.m. A man in a hoodie was belligerent with the assistant manager and threatening toward a customer at a business on Boones Ferry Road.

12/21/15 3:15 p.m. Juveniles were spotted on the roof of a bank on Centerpointe Drive.

12/21/15 4:33 p.m. A confused, elderly woman who entered a convenience store on Pilkington Road was given a ride to her home.

12/21/15 10:52 p.m. A Safeway employee was punched in the face by a 46-year-old female customer, who was cited for harassment and released.

12/22/15 6:19 a.m. A skittish coyote was seen running around the parking lot of a popular restaurant on Meadows Road.

12/22/15 11:09 a.m. A homeless man was found camping out in a playhouse; he told police he had been there for four nights.

12/23/15 10:09 a.m. A woman walked into a bank and started looking for a bathtub. The fact that she was wearing a hospital bracelet raised concern.

12/23/15 12:30 p.m. A woman was nearly victimized again by a dog that had previously bitten her while she was out picking up her mail.

12/23/15 5:54 p.m. A father called in to report that his son had been hit by a woman with a hammer.

12/23/15 10:51 p.m. A woman called 911 to report she had been kidnapped, but attempts to locate her were unsuccessful.

12/24/15 11:19 a.m. A man may have violated his probation by having drinks at a pub.

12/25/15 9:13 p.m. A woman out walking her dog on Glacier Lilly Drive was stunned by a hooded stranger who appeared out of nowhere.

12/26/15 11:01 a.m. A female was smoking marijuana in her car, even though a baby was in the back seat.

12/26/15 3:20 p.m. Two 13-year-olds were caught chug-a-lugging cough syrup in the woods.

12/26/15 6:19 p.m. Some juvenile delinquents celebrated the holidays by tipping over an outhouse on Lake Grove Avenue.

12/26/15 8:10 p.m. An unknown person left an obscene message on a man’s voicemail.

12/26/15 11:08 p.m. A woman spotted a sinister man in a black beanie opening car doors up and down her street. A K-9 unit was sent to investigate.

12/27/15 12:45 a.m. A man feared burglars when he heard funny noises upstairs. It turned out to be his parents.

12/27/15 1:27 a.m. A woman was awakened from her slumber behind a popular pub and given a ride to a nice bed at a motel.

12/27/15 8:53 a.m. A rock was thrown through the back windshield of a car on Denton Drive. Two other rock-throwing incidents were quickly reported.

12/27/15 10:54 p.m. Water was seen pouring out of an upstairs apartment unit, but no one was home to answer the door. A locksmith was called, followed quickly by a plumber.

12/28/15 10:36 a.m. A woman discovered that her maroon Subaru Legacy had been broken into sometime over the past two nights.

12/28/15 3:09 p.m. A man told police he had been in so much back pain he could not sleep for five days.

12/28/15 6:21 p.m. When a woman could not get rid of her ex-boyfriend, she called police to hasten his departure.

12/28/15 6:54 p.m. Roving juveniles were suspected of taking away cones blocking a hole eight times.

12/28/15 10:30 p.m. Some neighbors were causing too much noise by trying to clean out their flooded basement.

12/29/15 11:33 a.m. A fawn suffered a broken leg on South Shore Boulevard. Its mother and another fawn were close by.

12/29/15 1:12 p.m. A man on Botticelli Street was reportedly punching the air, twitching his head, hitting himself and possibly tweaking. When a neighbor tried to engage him in conversation, he became verbally aggressive.

12/29/15 8:11 p.m. A man who may have been planning a big New Year’s Eve celebration tried to steal bottles of champagne at Zupan’s. When the store manager confronted the thief and took the bottles back, the thief shoved him.

12/29/15 8:18 p.m. A woman who recently had surgery was upset because she couldn’t turn off her iPad. She requested assistance.

12/30/15 8:17 a.m. An owner of an insurance agency was threatened in an email by a former employee.

12/30/15 9:35 a.m. A parent sought help for a 13-year-old daughter who had been cutting herself.

12/30/15 1:19 p.m. Rock-throwing hooligans shattered a glass sliding door to the choir room at Lake Oswego High School.

12/30/15 3:20 p.m. A panhandler was harassing customers at a bagel shop, asking them for handouts and cigarettes. It was not the first time this had happened, police were told.

12/30/15 5:31 p.m. A man’s dog was attacked by another dog near Lakeview Boulevard.

12/31/15 10:18 a.m. A father discovered his 17-year-old daughter was talking to a 49-year-old man on the Internet.

12/31/15 10:32 a.m. A child called police to say that Stepmom and Dad have a history of alcoholism, and the child no longer wants to be with them.

12/31/15 1:12 p.m. A woman sought advice on how to get out of her eviction notice.

12/31/15 7:58 p.m. An obnoxious customer walked into a pub and started verbally abusing the owner.

1/1/16 12:25 a.m. The sound of vomiting made a next-door neighbor think there was an underage New Year’s party underway. However, a police check found that it was actually adults who were imbibing to excess.

1/1/16 2:45 a.m. When a neighbor complained about the level of the noise and rowdiness at a New Year’s party next door, some partygoers went outside and knocked down her Little Free Library. Police determined that the property was not damaged, but they warned the party animals about noise and criminal mischief.

1/1/16 5:06 p.m. A person who became angry and threatening to others in a house was taken away by an ambulance.

1/1/16 7:48 p.m. A man discovered offensive messages and a FBI warning on his Smartphone. It was found to be a virus, and a phone provider was contacted.

1/3/16 3:46 a.m. A fight broke out between a mother and her teenage son inside a car.

1/3/16 3:51 a.m. A pedestrian walking near First Street and A Avenue was shocked to see a naked male sitting on a mailbox. It turned out to be a statue.


12/23/15 2:47 p.m. A man was plagued by seven IRS scam calls over the past 48 hours.

1/2/16 2:13 p.m. Someone was calling in fraudulent prescriptions to a pharmacy.