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11/24/14 10:29 p.m. A burglary was feared when a loud crash was heard from inside a house on Independence Avenue. But a check by officers found nothing amiss.

11/25/14 4:15 p.m. A home on Village Park Lane was burglarized of jewelry and an iPad.

12/01/14 1:23 a.m. A jewel thief burglarized a home. The victim is compiling a list of what was stolen.


11/24/14 10:24 a.m. Approximately $1,500 in damage was done to two vehicles when they collided at Boones Ferry and Pilkington roads.


11/24/14 8:32 a.m. A thief broke into a Nissan Pathfinder on South State Street and stole a hot-pink vinyl Victoria Secret makeup bag containing $200 in makeup. Total loss was $450.

11/24/14 8:35 a.m. A thief got away with $1,500 in stolen items after breaking into a black Honda, including a red backpack containing a Macbook Air laptop and prescription Nautica glasses.

11/24/14 8:51 a.m. A gym bag was stolen from a car on A Avenue.

11/24/14 11:42 a.m. A felonious senior citizen pushed a woman and stole her bread, which had just been delivered by a church.

11/24/14 1:59 p.m. A purse was stolen off a Trimet bus.

11/25/14 12:29 a.m. Furniture was stolen from a woman’s home after she went to bed.

11/27/14 2:02 p.m. Cash and a ring were stolen from a house on Brookhurst Drive.

11/27/14 7:06 p.m. A father knows the identity of the person who stole his daughter’s cell phone.

11/28/14 11:11 a.m. A woman discovered that her silverware had been stolen sometime over the past six months.

11/29/14 8:25 a.m. Jewelry worth $20,000 was stolen from a house on Lake Bay Court.

11/30/14 6:29 p.m. While “shopping” at Walmart, a man walked upstairs to the employees-only area, stole a TV, ran out and hastily departed in a vehicle. The TV was worth $398. The suspect did the same thing two weeks ago.


11/20/14 10:37 a.m. A crying woman said she was having mental health issues because she recently changed her medication, but she denied being suicidal. She was given voluntary transport to a mental health facility.

11/20/14 11:27 a.m. Two chickens were at large near the Lake Oswego Public Library on Fourth Street. An officer made contact with the fowls but was unable to find their owner. The chickens were left in a yard, at least for now.

11/20/14 1:40 p.m. A man became suspicious when he got a call from a female who wanted access to his computer. He refused to give it.

11/20/14 1:52 p.m. A crying boy called the police after his brother bit him on the hand.

11/20/14 9:16 p.m. A domestic dispute between a man and woman degenerated into furniture throwing.

11/20/14 9:52 p.m. Suspicion was raised on Kenwood Road when a man with a flashlight in his mouth was seen rummaging through trash cans and recycling bins. He wa spulling a child carrier on his bicycle.

11/20/14 10:40 p.m. A daughter making suicidal threats was transported to Randall Children’s Hospital.

11/21/14 1:07 a.m. A woman was cited and released for theft of services after stiffing her cab driver on a ride from Salem.

11/21/14 6:25 a.m. A mother wants action taken about her daughter being constantly harassed at school.

11/21/14 11:20 a.m. A female wearing a Home Depot apron and a Home Depot badge showed up at the back door of a home on Summit Drive. When the resident answered the door, the woman said she must be in the wrong place and immediately left in a car.

11/21/14 2:35 p.m. The reason a cell phone called 911 more than 20 times was that a son lost his cell phone and AT&T suspended his account. Now his mother is trying to get the phone entirely disconnected.

11/21/14 4:15 p.m. A large knife stuck in a tree is being interpreted as a threat against a woman’s child from an ex upset about a parenting plan change.

11/21/14 5:39 p.m. A woman’s former boyfriend is now making threats against her current boyfriend. She is seeking information on laws about eviction and restraining orders.

11/21/14 6:51 p.m. A 14-year-old boy walking on Iron Mountain Road cannot find his home without his GPS. Police gave him a courtesy ride to his abode.

11/21/14 8:58 p.m. A resident of Lake Forest Drive is upset about whiskey bottles being thrown in his driveway.

11/21/14 9:06 p.m. Some screaming teens seemed to be making a false 911 call. They were warned about the misuse of 911.

11/22/14 1:32 a.m. A man and woman got into a verbal brawl in the middle of the night at a hotel.

11/22/14 10:57 a.m. A texter keeps sending messages to the wrong number.

11/22/14 8:27 p.m. A criminal mischief maker smashed in the window of a car parked on Mercantile Drive.

11/22/14 8:42 p.m. A woman showed up at the back door of a building on A Avenue, accompanied by her 85-year-old father, who suffers from dementia. He is convinced he is wanted by police, and she wants an officer to calm him down.

11/22/14 11:45 a.m. When a father opened his 16-year-old son’s backpack, he found marijuana. The dad called the cops on the boy, who was referred to Clackamas County juvenile authorities.

11/23/14 11:36 p.m. A 17-year-old daughter has been gone from her home for three weeks, probably staying at her grandmother’s house. The girl was picked up and transported to a juvenile facility.

11/24/14 2:26 p.m. A 16-year-old boy, with a history of being defiant when confronted, was riding his skateboard at Lake Grove Elementary. Police contacted the lad and he was trespassed from the property.

11/24/14 10:54 p.m. A 45-year-old woman was cited and released for theft after being caught shoplifting at Albertson’s on Boones Ferry Road.

11/25/14 8:56 a.m. A man upset about a dispute with his girlfriend vented by smacking his brother on the head.

11/25/14 10:04 a.m. A woman was wildly running around the road, hitting a tree with branches and swinging them around like a she was a cheerleader. Officers concluded she was not a danger to herself and others and sent her home.

11/25/14 10:12 a.m. A homeless woman parked her car near a residence on Foothills Drive, despite being ordered not to park there.

11/25/14 12:45 p.m. There is an ongoing problem with motorists running the stop sign at the junction of Lakeview Boulevard and South Shore Boulevard.

11/25/14 1:34 p.m. Suspicion was raised about a black Mercury Marquis parked behind a building on Kruse Way Place. The car had a flat tire, its front grill was missing and it had two computers in the back.

11/26/14 9:23 a.m. A dog appeared to be crammed inside a car. A check by an officer found that the dog was okay.

11/26/14 2:19 p.m. Kids appeared to be sneaking around inside a vacant house.

11/26/14 6:54 p.m. After an altercation at a residence, a man went to a park and started screaming. He then went inside but then came outside and resumed screaming. He was then transported to OHSU.

11/27/14 3:02 a.m. A son went bonkers, screaming and running away. However, officers found him and gave him a ride home.

11/27/14 1:32 p.m. A man was screaming, cussing and declaring that “I know martial arts.”

11/27/14 3:22 p.m. A missing man turned up in the lobby of the Crown Plaza Hotel and admitted he was lost. He was returned to his daughter’s residence in Tigard.

11/27/14 10:33 p.m. Detectives were tipped off about the possibility that prostitution was taking place.

11/27/14 11:59 p.m. A midnight fight between a father and son culminated with the son being taken to a hotel for the night.

11/28/14 11:32 a.m. A father asked police to come help his drunken son.

11/28/14 2:50 p.m. A daughter was destroying items in her parents’ home and refusing to leave.

11/28/14 3:55 p.m. A man refused to depart from the lobby of a hotel.

11/28/14 9:10 p.m. A man told a hospital nurse that a family member had hit him with a car during a disturbance the previous night.

11/30/14 12:09 a.m. A caller to a medical official claimed to have been assaulted due to a botched medical procedure four years ago.

11/30/14 8:30 a.m. An apartment complex was disturbed by a man banging on a door and yelling to be let in. However, his mother was not home.


11/17/14 2:01 p.m. A woman was defrauded out of $11,500 by callers who told her she had won some money but needed to send checks in order to claim it.

11/19/14 4:27 p.m. A Wilsonville man reported fraudulent charges on three different accounts when he resided in Lake Oswego.

11/20/14 12:14 p.m. A grandparent was defrauded out of $2,525 from some claiming to be a jailed grandson.

11/29/14 1:01 p.m. Officers discovered another case of a green dot card scam in which people are threatened with having their gas and electricity cut off.

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