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9/14/15 9:42 a.m. A white Ford pickup truck parked on Kerr Parkway was broken into and a circular saw, clutch removal tool and wifi webcam were taken.

9/16/15 10:45 a.m. A girl’s clarinet was stolen from outside her locker at Lakeridge Junior High School, according to her mother.

9/16/15 2:25 p.m. A man who hired movers for his relocation to California found his heirloom jewelry was missing, and was later told the movers had pawned the items at an unknown location.

9/17/15 4:28 p.m. A resident of Cervantes Circle complained that her neighbor stole checks from her while she was out walking her dog.

9/18/15 9:58 p.m. A man reported that his ex-boyfriend had left in a rental truck with all his belongings.

9/20/15 12:02 a.m. A woman who stiffed her cab driver was cited by police after she claimed she had no money.

9/21/15 10:25 a.m. A resident of Cherry Crest Drive was dismayed to find birth certificates and Social Security cards missing after she hired movers to pack her house.

9/21/15 2:02 p.m. A former employee of Emerald Staffing failed to return keys to the office.


9/10/15 10:31 p.m. A woman possibly named Dotty was reported crying and asking people for rides near the intersection of Carman Drive and Daniel Way.

9/11/15 12:03 a.m. A black miniature poodle answering to the name of Franklin was found on Seville Avenue, scared but friendly.

9/11/15 9:26 a.m. Suspicious-looking guys who were reported hanging around a home on Cabana Lane were actually workers for a moving company. They were waiting for a smaller truck.

9/11/15 6:31 p.m. A tree chipper service was found to be operating after-hours near 10th Street and D Avenue.

9/11/15 7:30 p.m. Feces were reported on the floor of a restroom in East Waluga Park. The facility was locked until park employees could clean it up.

9/11/15 9:59 p.m. A possible prowler on a neighbor’s deck on Overlook Drive turned out to be the homeowner who was talking on her phone.

9/12/15 9:20 a.m. Pro-life protestors outside the Oswego Heritage House weren’t breaking any laws, but they were disturbing the peace for at least one person on 10th Street.

9/12/15 4:41 p.m. A thin man in his 20s, clad in a black hoodie and jeans, was asking weird questions and hiding in bushes on Iron Mountain Boulevard.

9/12/15 6:12 p.m. A woman who left her baby in the car while she dropped off a package at her aunt’s house in Tigard was confronted by three angry women, who loudly accused her of making a bad judgment call.

9/12/15 7:04 p.m. A man who encountered a solicitor with spiked hair on Cervantes Circle was concerned about whether the fellow had the proper permit for such an activity.

9/12/15 9:13 p.m. Six juveniles were seen hanging out in front an abandoned house that lacked locking doors but boasted many broken windows and a lot of trash inside.

9/12/15 9:16 p.m. A grey Audi was seen going back and forth at the site of the Street of Dreams.

9/12/15 10:07 p.m. A Lake Oswegan was unsettled by the sounds of objects being lobbed at a door from inside a house, as well as a child’s cries of “help me.”

9/13/15 3:59 p.m. A resident near Royce Way was disturbed by the sights and sounds of nearly 20 people lighting what turned out to be model rockets for a birthday party.

9/13/15 11:04 p.m. Officers assisted a lost Uber driver near the intersection of Boones Ferry Road and Rainbow Drive.

9/13/15 10:35 p.m. A homeowner on Crestline Drive reported the water pressure was low.

9/14/15 2:11 a.m. Officers responded to an open phone call in which a woman could be heard screaming. It turned out she was having an adverse medical reaction to marijuana consumption.

9/14/15 10:56 a.m. A woman was concerned that a window-washer she once hired has continued to call her and ask for money.

9/14/15 3:11 p.m. A woman was upset that her son was receiving harassing text messages from an acquaintance.

9/14/15 A woman on Country Club Road was concerned that a Lake Oswego Junior High School student had missed his bus, but when a parent was reached, the parent said the boy was capable of walking home.

9/14/15 6:06 p.m. A man asked police to have a chat with his girlfriend’s son about the dangers of taking other people’s cars for joyrides.

9/14/15 6:21 p.m. A woman described her 5-year-old son as physical and out-of-control, but when an officer arrived he found the child was calm.

9/14/15 6:32 p.m. A student allegedly obsessed with one of his teachers has been sending inappropriate messages to both the teacher and the assistant principal, and there was concern about stalking behavior. Police agreed to perform extra patrols at the beginning of each school day.

9/14/15 8:19 p.m. A ding-dong-ditcher was at large on Fifth Street but could not be located.

9/15/15 2:53 a.m. A boy called his father from his mother’s house, concerned he hadn’t seen his mother in a while. A responding officer was able to determine the mother was simply sleeping.

9/15/15 10:14 a.m. A woman whose father passed away in March was concerned that her sister had hired an attorney to alter paperwork pertaining to the man’s estate.

9/15/15 10:35 a.m. A woman walking in a park on State Street reported a shady character was calling out to her and generally acting “off.”

9/15/15 10:39 a.m. A man discovered what he believed to be bear droppings in the front yard of his G Avenue home. A responding officer determined the feces was actually the work of a deer.

9/15/15 2:16 p.m. A man in his late 50s was observed urinating off the dock on Foothills Road.

9/15/15 3:24 p.m. The owner of an all-but-abandoned vehicle on Del Prado Street promised police he would move the tarp-covered vehicle every three days.

9/15/15 4:16 p.m. A man walking with his child threw a grape at a black Volkswagen hatchback he felt was following them too closely. The driver got out of his vehicle and pushed him. Confronted, both men said they regretted their actions.

9/15/15 8:43 p.m. Landscapers hired to manicure a home on Kingsgate Road allegedly dug up plants they were not authorized to remove and took them.

9/16/15 6:44 a.m. The driver of a semi truck was stuck on Kerr Parkway and blocking traffic.

9/16/15 10:06 a.m. A woman whose former roommate had reported her to police on suspicion of DUII countered that her accuser should be charged with filing a false report.

9/16/15 11:55 a.m. A resident of B Avenue was angry when construction workers at the house next door cut her hedges down without her permission. She called back at 1:35 p.m. to report that after officers had left, the builder had confronted her in a tone that made her uncomfortable.

9/16/15 12:50 p.m. A bra and underwear were found in a traffic lane near the intersection of Boones Ferry Road and Kruse Way. The items were subsequently removed.

9/16/15 3:22 p.m. A 12-year-old girl hanging out with a friend after school was frightened when a man dressed all in black and wearing black gloves came to the door.

9/16/15 4:05 p.m. A woman who had filed a restraining order against her husband gave officers the heads-up that she was planning to move herself and her child out of the family home while her soon-to-be ex was at work. She said he had not yet received the restraining order she filed and had been physically violent to her in the past.

9/16/15 8:22 p.m. A bicyclist was seen running red lights and nearly getting hit near the intersection of Boones Ferry and Bryant roads.

9/17/15 5:39 a.m. A vice principal at Lake Oswego High School reported one of his students was being threatened and solicited for sex and had received a partially naked photo from the harasser.

9/17/15 1:11 p.m. A coyote was seen strolling down Indian Creek Drive.

9/18/15 8 a.m. A resident of Gimley Court recorded a 17-minute video of a local dog barking continuously.

9/18/15 11:34 a.m. An injured Labrador/shepherd mix was seen at large near the intersection of Eighth Street and C Avenue.

9/18/15 3:21 p.m. A student accidentally discharged pepper spray on a school bus headed along Jean Road.

9/18/15 7:27 p.m. A resident of Laurel Street complained about squatters in her home and was subsequently given advice about her roommate situation.

9/20/15 2 a.m. A woman requested an officer speak to her 17-year-old son, who had come home intoxicated.

9/20/15 2:48 a.m. A woman was concerned that her daughter had stayed out after curfew and was likely hanging out with other kids at the Foundry, but the woman was too afraid to check by herself.

9/20/15 6:52 a.m. A woman reported the unwanted presence of her ex-boyfriend, who she said was refusing to leave. The man was gone by the time the officers showed up.

9/20/15 12:08 p.m. A woman received a text and an email from someone police had told not to contact her.

9/20/15 3:25 p.m. A woman visited City Hall complaining that a 25-year-old was supplying alcohol to her 17-year-old daughter.

9/20/15 5:28 p.m. An argument between a mother and son was found to be verbal only.

9/20/15 5:49 p.m. A man shopping at the Zupan’s on Boones Ferry Road felt an employee had been belligerent to him after he left his dog in his car.

9/20/15 7 p.m. A woman was upset after a man approached her children at Rossman Park and asked them to follow him.

9/20/15 7:54 p.m. A woman claimed her ex-husband was taking her 12-year-old daughter when he wasn’t scheduled for custody, but the child’s father claimed he took the child into protective custody when he found his ex-wife was intoxicated.

9/20/15 10:08 p.m. A man who had lost the key to his Mercedes on State Street asked police to keep an eye out for it.

9/21/15 6:40 a.m. A resident on Knaus Road was advised to call an arborist about a tree in his yard that may have to come down.

9/21/15 8:43 a.m. Claims that an individual was carrying a bag of ammunition in a restroom at City Hall were deemed unfounded.

9/21/15 9:57 a.m. Officers performed a welfare check on a 25-year-old woman, who agreed to call her father.

9/21/15 12:34 p.m. A feud between neighbors over a property line and tree trimming raged on.

9/21/15 1:17 p.m. Concern over a large marijuana plant believed to be growing near the intersection of Canyon Drive and Glen Haven Road proved unfounded.

9/21/15 2:43 p.m. A woman concerned her 29-year-old daughter was having a breakdown was assured the younger woman was merely having an anxiety attack.

9/21/15 3:25 p.m. The owner of AJI Tram Restaurant and Bar reported receiving harassing text messages from an ex-employee.

9/21/15 3:41 p.m. A woman was concerned about two men placing ladders against her home. Her mother confirmed the men were hired to clean out the rain gutters.

9/21/15 4:49 p.m. A Lake Oswego resident complained of an aggressive Ford F150 driver, who was allegedly being very vulgar. The case was referred to Portland police.


9/14/15 A resident of Tanglewood Drive discovered someone had used his personal information to file a tax return.

9/17/15 8:52 p.m. A resident of Parkview Drive had given money to what he later realized was a fake IRS agent.