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Festival of the Arts' special exhibit will focus on paper

"Chasing Paper" will highlight everything from papier-mache to 3D sculptures

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Massachusetts artist Kate Higgins-White will showcase her linocuts and 3D cut paper at this year's Festival of the Arts.In an increasingly digital world, the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts announced this week that it will take a new look at a classic and essential medium for its 53rd-annual special exhibit: paper.

“Chasing Paper,” will feature everything from papier-mache and book excavations to recycled paper and 3D sculpture when the festival returns to Lake Oswego from June 24-26. The iconic festival typically draws more than 20,000 people to Lake Oswego for events at the Lakewood Center and George Rogers Park.

For “Chasing Paper,” a talented group of artists from across the U.S. will offer a series of lectures and hands-on demonstrations, including:

-- James Allen, described as a “book excavator extraordinaire,” who explains his process thus: “Each book excavation begins by cutting a hole in the cover of a book with a scalpel or X-acto blade. I cut my way through the pages, selectively keeping fragments of images and words to create a composition using the content of the book as it emerges.”

-- Anne Greenwood, Diane Jacobs, Rachel Siegel and Shu-Ju Wang — known collectively as Times4 — who will present the intimate relationship between people and forests in an installation in the lower level of Lakewood Center.

-- Massachusetts artist Kate Higgins-White, who will showcase her linocuts and 3D cut paper.

Learn more online at www.lakewood-center.org or call 503-636-1060.