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WL's Lauren B. survives a hurricane of emotions

BUSHNELLWest Linn’s Lauren Bushnell narrowly survived a tidal wave of bad weather and contestant sabotage Monday night in the sixth episode of “The Bachelor.”

During the show, the 2008 West Linn High School graduate and five other women set out with Bachelor Ben Higgins on a boat ride to an undisclosed island, where a pack of swimming pigs awaited them. Wildness followed, as contestants tried to feed the animals while avoiding being trampled. As the excitement died down, it was Bushnell who grabbed Higgins’ attention, and the two spent the majority of the remaining group date alone in the ocean.

The other women noticed, of course — especially Leah, who had spent most of the episode complaining about her lack of alone time with Higgins. She said she felt “overshadowed” and that she would be sent home if she didn’t do something drastic. So she cornered Higgins — at the evening cocktail party and later in the bachelor’s private suite — and did her best to stab Bushnell squarely in the back, going so far as to call her “a little bit fake.”

Buhnell was horrified, and reduced to tears. But other women came to her defense, and an obviously disgruntled Higgins sent Leah packing instead. Ironically, he also sent the overly confident Olivia home, ending weeks of real disharmony and leaving her alone on a stormy island to ponder her fate.

Only time will tell if Bushnell is able to completely repair Higgins’ trust and win his heart. Promos for the coming weeks promise lots of tears, as well as a dramatic proposal at season’s end. Find out what happens next in the Feb. 18 issue of The Review.

— Andrew Kilstrom