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9/16/14 5:58 a.m. A woman drove her vehicle into a tree near the intersection of Amberwood Circle and Westlake Drive. Airbags were deployed, and the motorist was cited for failing to drive in a lane.


9/15/14 7:15 a.m. A runaway juvenile was located and returned home.

9/15/14 9:48 a.m. A missing 6-year-old child in a red shirt and khaki shorts was located by officers and returned to school.

9/15/14 1:42 p.m. A man living on Larch Street said someone drew “male anatomy” on his driveway, and he requested extra patrols.

9/15/14 9:18 p.m. A woman was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, who was banging on her windows and attempting to break into her home.

9/16/14 7:46 a.m. A man complained that his wife threatened to kill him and said their altercation had become physical. Officers found the man had been cited for assault, harassment and for menacing his wife previously.

9/16/14 8:22 a.m. A woman on Boones Ferry Road complained that a Goodwill store being built next door to her was trying to take over her property, and was concerned the city had given goodwill permission to use her land.

9/17/14 7:59 a.m. A welfare check was requested for a man seen sleeping in his car at Melrose Street and Westlake Drive.

9/17/14 8:02 a.m. A Tigard resident requested that police check on a friend who lives on Davis Lane because the woman had appeared depressed the night before and was no longer answering her phone. An officer found the woman had just overslept.

9/18/14 8:18 a.m. Extra patrols were requested at an area along State Street, where vehicles had been seen idling, playing loud music and hosting loud and boisterous conversation.

9/17/14 9:14 a.m. A man called in to report “promiscuous shooting” on Lake Front Road. Police determined he had simply heard construction equipment malfunction.

9/17/14 12:42 p.m. Teens and people in their early twenties were observed lurking around homes, allegedly stealing mail and committing petty theft from open garages. The caller said that the offending youths didn’t dress like “the local kids,” opting instead to wear scruffy T-shirts and shorts. An extra patrol was requested.

9/17/14 2:56 p.m. An assistant manager complained of a recently dismissed employee with a chip on his shoulder, saying he feared retaliation in the form of vandalism.

9/17/14 2:58 p.m. A resident of Lakeview Boulevard received a strange package without a return address in her mailbox, bearing a sinister stamp from North Carolina. An officer responded and found the item inside the foil-wrapped package was simply a lighter.

9/17/14 3:45 p.m. A man was dismayed that his daughter’s classmate was in possession of nude photographs of the girl, and was showing them around.

9/17/14 4:08 p.m. A man was concerned after receiving a suspicious call, coercing the man into making a payment to avoid the arrest of his wife.

9/17/14 6:55 p.m. A woman living near a vacant townhouse suspected squatters, having seen their comings and goings at all hours.

9/17/14 7:52 p.m. A resident of Carman Drive passed away, apparently of natural causes.

9/18/14 8:49 a.m. A resident near Waluga Park requested increased patrols after discovering a used condom and several little white pills scattered on a nearby path.

9/18/14 12:51 p.m. An employee of Amica Insurance fielded a threatening call from an incensed man who was upset over a recently filed claim and declared he would be in town between Sept. 22 and 24 and would show up at the office. “You don’t want me there,” the caller said.

9/18/14 4:09 p.m. A white husky was running amok on G Avenue, and it is hardly the first time.

9/18/14 8:19 p.m. A boy was observed doing drugs in the driveway of his family’s house. It was determined his parents were home, and he agreed to stay inside for the night.

9/18/14 10:36 p.m. A woman encountered a man who had previously threatened her over the sale of a car. Officers attempted to reach the man, but found they had the wrong number.

9/18/14 11:18 p.m. A man was arrested at the intersection of Boones Ferry Road and Terwilliger Boulevard for violating a restraining order.

9/19/14 8:27 a.m. A suspicious blue duffle bag was found at a bus stop at Fourth Street and A Avenue, but was discovered to contain only aluminum cans.

9/19/14 8:35 a.m. Two women in a red Dodge Caravan were seen driving around and checking mailboxes near Lakeview Boulevard and Tualatin Street.

9/19/14 5:41 p.m. Youth were observed in a maroon Ford Focus, possibly drinking alcohol out of a bottle.

9/19/14 6:20 p.m. An individual near Fourth Street and B Avenue was given a complimentary ride to Hooper Detoxification Center in Portland.

9/19/14 7:28 p.m. A woman who went on a walk and lost her car keys on a nearby trail was worried about the descending darkness. She was given a ride home by an officer. The keys were described as being on a leather chain that says “Oregon.”

9/19/14 Shortly after 8 p.m. Two loud music complaints were received regarding Stickmen Brewery & Skewery.

9/19/14 9:58 p.m. A woman who was killing bugs in her yard was threatened with bodily harm by a neighbor, who wanted her to suspend her activity.

9/19/14 11:32 p.m. A woman was concerned that a squad of squatters were residing next door, and was concerned that she had heard footsteps on the roof of her home.

9/20/14 11:50 a.m. Despite being granted the house in her divorce, a woman complained that her ex-husband had moved some things back into the residence.

9/20/14 5:13 p.m. A man has been threatened by a woman from his homeowners association, who allegedly told him to watch his back. The threats arose out of a renovation the man was doing to his property.

9/20/14 6:22 p.m. A woman has been receiving calls from a subject impersonating a police officer, saying he had a warrant for her arrest.

9/21/14 12:25 a.m. A man was concerned about a man he encountered and nearly hit while driving. The suspicious person was dressed oddly, with a hankie over his face, the driver reported.

9/21/14 2:01 a.m. An officer stopped two teens walking home from Lakeridge High School who said they had attended a dance there but that their ride fell through. After contacting both kids’ parents, the officer determined the story checked out.

9/21/14 9:44 a.m. A woman complained that her ex-husband violated his restraining order by slashing her tires and causing approximately $1,000 worth of damage.

9/21/14 11:01 a.m. An officer was asked to dispatch a deer that was suffering near Barton Road and Childs Road.

9/21/14 11:04 a.m. A neighbor heard two men fighting in their backyard, but a responding officer found two men using a pressure washer.

9/21/14 1:47 p.m. A coyote was seen walking near Jefferson and Kerry parkways.

9/21/14 7:05 p.m. A woman complained her husband locked her out of the house while her kids were locked inside.

9/22/14 12:19 a.m. An extra patrol was requested in response to a suspected round of “Ding Dong Ditch.”


9/15/14 9:58 p.m. A man reported that his mother had sent $7,000 as a down payment on prize money in what the caller concluded was a scam. The caller said he was calling without his mother’s knowledge; police advised him to ask his mother to call them, so they could convince her not to send more money to scammers.

9/15/14 2:37 p.m. A woman received a call from a man calling himself “Steve Martin,” who said he was with the “Federal Treasury Department” and wanted to help her with an unresolved issue. The caller was suspicious.

9/17/14 2:10 p.m. A social security number was used to acquire a medical procedure under false pretenses.

9/18/14 2:45 p.m. A Safeway customer attempting to purchase $3,000 in reloadable charge cards attracted the concern of a manager, who learned the woman had been fraudulently threatened with arrest if she did not pay the money.

9/19/14 2:03 p.m. A couple reported receiving what they belatedly realized was a scam phone call. They regretted supplying a cash-card number to the suspected scammer.

9/20/14 3:49 p.m. A man has been receiving calls telling him he must pay up a specific amount or be arrested.


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