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Initiative petitions get ballot numbers

Seven measures to be decided by voters in November election

Seven measures up for a vote in November have received ballot numbers from the Secretary of State’s Office. Three of the seven ballot measures stem from legislative referrals. Those include:

-- Measure 94, which would amend the state Constitution to abolish the mandatory retirement age for state judges, which is now set at 75;

-- Measure 95, which would allow public universities to invest in equities to reduce financial risk and increase investments to benefit students; and

-- Measure 96, which would dedicate 1.5 percent of state lottery proceeds to support services for Oregon veterans.

In addition:

-- Initiative Petition 28, which would levy a 2.5 percent tax on Oregon sales of certain large corporations exceeding $25 million, is now known as Measure 97. The measure would yield about $3 billion annually in new state revenue with the intent to help support schools, health care and senior services;

-- Measure 98 is the new name for Initiative Petition 65, which asks for $147 million in new funding for high school dropout prevention, college readiness and career technical education programs;

-- Measure 99, the new name for Initiative 67, would dedicate lottery proceeds to continuously fund a statewide outdoor education program; and

-- Initiative 68, which seeks to prohibit the sale of items made from 12 endangered species, is now called Measure 100. Violation of the law would result in a civil penalty of up to $6,500, along with seizure by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Measures are numbered according to the order in which the Secretary of State approves each initiative for the ballot. Legislative referrals are first in line.

— Paris Achen