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Ask A Cop: Can my neighbor park in front of my house?

LAMOTTE(A Lake Oswego police officer answers readers’ questions each week in this space. To submit a question, call staff reporter Cliff Newell at 503-636-1281 ext. 105 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

“My neighbor parks in front of my house all the time. Can you make him park in front of his own home?”

If the neighbor is parking his vehicle in front of your house on a public street, is moving the vehicle within 72 hours of it being parked and is not blocking a driveway, then we can’t make him move his vehicle.

If we tried to try to make your neighbor move his vehicle when he is lawfully parked, we would be unreasonably interfering with his (or your, as the case may be) right to use a public street. As long as your neighbor is lawfully parked and not creating a traffic hazard, we would not be able to make him or her stop lawfully parking on a public street.

The only real enforcement the police can take is if the vehicle is believed to be abandoned and has been parked in the same spot without moving for longer than 72 hours. If this is the case, then you can contact our non-emergency number at 503-635-0238. An officer or community service officer will respond and chalk the tires to verify it has not moved, and then place an abandoned vehicle tow notice advising that the vehicle may be towed after 72 hours if the vehicle is not moved.

If you have a specific request or see a violation occur, the Lake Oswego Police Department encourages all citizens to contact the non-emergency line at 503-635-0238 and an officer will be dispatched as soon as available.

— Community Service Officer Matt Lamotte