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Lots of kisses for Lauren B, but who gets next roses?

BUSHNELLThere was plenty of controversy Monday night on Episode 5 of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” with an increasingly confident Olivia staking her claim to Ben Higgins while belittlling her fellow contestants. But a cliffhanger ending left viewers guessing about who would receive the next roses.

The good news is that West Linn’s Lauren Bushnell (Lauren B) remains in contention to win Higgins’ heart. She didn’t play a prominant role on Monday’s show, but Higgins did pull the 26-year-old flight attendant away from the other women to walk the streets of Mexico City. The pair talked about their strong connection between lengthy bouts of kissing.

While Olivia’s continued belittlement of the other contestants came as no surprise, the episode’s most impactful moment certainly did. After a group date that saw Bushnell and Jubilee take first place in a cooking competition, the war veteran pulled Higgins aside to talk about how hard it was for her to fully open up to him — and the bachelor promptly send her packing.

Will Bushnell be the next contestant out the door, or will she survive the rose ceremony that will begin Episode 6? Find out in next week’s issue of The Review.

— Andrew Kilstrom