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They came, they saw, they cleaned up

For Boy Scout Troop 127, 'litter patrol' takes on a whole new meaning during a hike in the Mt. Hood National Forest

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Dr. Mike Nelson, Ronald Myers, Aidan Rolstad, Patrick Dakin and Ian Campbell collect trash. They eventually filled seven garbage bags. When Lake Oswego Boy Scout Troop 127 came upon a gigantic mess in the Mt. Hood National Forest, they could have kept hiking. Instead, they left the place a whole lot better than they found it.

The six Scouts, all students at Lake Oswego and Lakeridge junior highs, spent four days hiking in the wilderness for their July Adventure, planning to cover about 30 miles. They were prepared only for basic trail maintenance, but that changed as they walked along a section of the historic Barlow Road.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Boy Scouts Ronald Myers and Patrick Dakin look over the campsite they found littered with trash along historic Barlow Road in the Mt. Hood National Forest. “We came across a site that was littered with trash,” says Assistant Scoutmaster Allan Campbell. The Scouts had just finished a 10-mile section of the trail and were low on water, Campbell says, so they realized that they couldn’t do anything about it right then and there.

“But after getting a good night’s sleep,” Campbell says, “they decided to hike back into the forest and clean up the campsite.”

After working for about an hour and a half, the Scouts hauled out seven large garbage bags filled with cans, bottles and trash, Campbell says, along with two tires.

“It was surprisingly bad trash,” says Scout Ronald Myers. “There wasn’t that much, but it was spread out all over the place.”

Troop 127 is based at Christian City Church, which is located across the street from Luscher Farm on Stafford Road. The Scouts, all ages 12 to 14, have been involved in previous cleanup efforts, Campbell says, including ivy pulls. But nothing quite like this, which required quick thinking and a lot of extra effort.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Scouts Patrick Dakin (from left), Joshua Gurganus, Ronald Myers, Ian Campbell, James Harding and Aidan Rolstad stand in the middle of the now cleaned-up campsite. Truth be told, Campbell says, finding the trashed campsite in the woods was a stroke of luck.

“For advancement, they’re required to do hours of community service,” he says. “The boys needed a project.”

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