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6/9/14 7:11 a.m. A woman heard someone trying to break into her house and sent in a request for extra patrols. She learned there have been other burglary attempts in her neighborhood.

6/9/14 11:54 a.m. Someone broke into Lakeridge Junior High School through a window, tossed books around and made a mess in a classroom. However, nothing appeared to be stolen.

6/13/14 4:46 p.m. A woman thought she heard burglars in her house, so she ran upstairs to hide in the bathroom. However, it turned out to be her mother, so she gratefully came downstairs.


6/10/14 10:56 a.m. An Internet shopping scammer cost a man $2,400.

6/11/14 4:14 p.m. An unknown jerk used a man’s Social Security Number for economic purposes.

6/12/14 8:08 a.m. A man discovered that somebody had opened a bank account using his personal information.

6/12/14 2:19 p.m. A suspicious call from somebody claiming to be with the U.S. Government warned a woman she must give them $9,000.

6/13/14 10:48 a.m. Fraudulent charges were made on a woman’s MasterCard.

6/13/14 4:51 p.m. A woman suspects that her former employee faked a purchase by her from a company in Arizona and stuck her with a loss of $2,492. Police are investigating for possible fraud and ID theft.


6/9/14 5:57 p.m. Prescription medicine was taken from a woman’s house on Firwood Road while she was throwing a party on Friday night. She plans to find out which friend robbed her.

6/12/14 12:59 p.m. A vehicle on Streamside Court was robbed of a Valentine radar detector; a custom-made driver, 3 wood and 4 wood; and a Milwaukie cordless drill/driver and drill bits. Total loss was $2,000.

6/13/14 10:39 a.m. A contractor discovered that a worker he had fired had made off with a set of tools.

6/13/14 1:34 p.m. A bad customer walked into an auto shop, grabbed his car keys and left without paying his $150 bill.

6/14/14 11:05 a.m. An old green Schwinn bike worth $25 was stolen on Sixth Street.


6/9/14 4:13 p.m. A driver ran into a woman’s Volvo while she was dining at a Mexican-food restaurant on Centerpointe Drive.

6/9/14 4:45 p.m. While walking her dog at Hazelia Field, a woman reported a vehicle ran into her car, damaging its rear door, bumper and paint job. Damage was set at $1,100.

6/10/14 9:14 a.m. A motorist hit the front of a baby’s stroller as a mother was in a crosswalk on Jean Road.


6/9/14 8:06 a.m. An agitated man wearing earphones and carrying a rolled-up magazine frightened a woman by knocking on her car window and asking for help. The incident occurred near Oswego Lake Country Club.

6/9/14 8:30 a.m. A woman became upset when she witnessed a person in a vehicle drop something into a bottle, then put the bottle up to his mouth and inhale. She suspects the substance was illegal.

6/9/14 8:55 a.m. Graffiti was spread on the amphitheater at Roehr Park.

6/9/14 10:32 a.m. A weird customer walked into a store on First Street and began talking to himself, cussing, mumbling and acting belligerent. He finally left.

6/9/14 12:51 p.m. A man suspects his neighbor is growing marijuana.

6/9/14 3:45 p.m. A school administrator expressed concern that some students were planning a sleepover on the football field at Lake Oswego High School.

6/9/14 4:48 p.m. A drunk was loudly urinating into some bushes at Rossman Park. His friend was also drunk. One guy was wearing a cowboy hat, the other a fishing hate. After the emptying of bladders, the men caught a Tri-Met bus.

6/9/14 5:57 p.m. A tenant was threatened with eviction if she did not leave a man’s house. However, she told police she had every right to be there.

6/9/14 5:59 p.m. A man was throwing things and yelling obscenities at an unfortunate woman. In addition, he was also destroying his EZ Shade and yelling at his brother.

6/9/14 6:03 p.m. A drunk appeared in front of Lake View Village. He wasn’t bothering anyone, but his presence was still highly undesired. He was soon escorted to Hooper Detox Center.

6/9/14 6:47 p.m. A fellow shopper threatened to rip a man’s neck off at Safeway. When questioned by police, the neck threatener claimed he didn’t do it, and anyway he was only responding to the other guy throwing a pizza away.

6/9/14 8:06 p.m. A 7-year-old son is having a violent temper tantrum and his parents are too scared to restrain him.

6/9/14 8:37 p.m. A mother was screamed at by her boyfriend’s daughter. The daughter took off in a white Subaru before police could judge the situation.

6/10/14 9:57 a.m. A woman is being publicly confronted by her neighbor, who is accusing her of allowing her dog to relieve itself and not picking up the results.

6/10/14 10:37 a.m. An inconsiderate neighbor is blocking a street with planter boxes.

6/10/14 1:13 p.m. A woman driver claimed that being distracted by the probably intoxicated driver ahead of her was the reason she failed to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

6/10/14 1:44 p.m. Three 15-year-olds were referred to juvenile departments after committing assault at a youth facility.

6/10/14 3:52 p.m. A man left his day planner at a burger joint. When he returned to pick it up an hour later, he found that the large sum of money in the planner was gone.

6/10/14 8:26 p.m. A 15-year-old girl was lodged at the Donald E. Long juvenile detention center on suspicion of harassment.

6/11/14 7:36 a.m. A mother was somewhat relieved to find that her runaway daughter was at her father’s house.

6/11/14 10:22 a.m. A woman is receiving weird text messages from the person who just moved in next door.

6/11/14 2 p.m. While a man was sick in bed, he discovered that his sister had given his dog away to a family going to Montana.

6/11/14 2:28 p.m. A noisy neighbor is making life hard for a woman. One night the neighbor’s screaming woke her up. Two days ago the neighbor had someone trim her hedge without her permission. She would like the police to nip such behavior in the bud.

6/12/14 1:32 p.m. Because of a burglary last year, a resident of Second Street is concerned about a male, female and child who are always going through trash in the alley.

6/12/14 2:15 p.m. A woman has been threatened with being terminated at her job at a restaurant in Lake View Village by a friend of a friend.

6/12/14 2:38 p.m. A man was confronted in the parking lot of Albertson’s by a woman. He later discovered that his car was keyed, and he thinks it was the woman who did it.

6/12/14 9:53 p.m. Two juveniles were spotted trying to break into the dog waste dispenser at Foothills Park.

6/13/14 11:02 a.m. A man was spamming a woman’s phone and using profanity.

6/13/14 3:22 p.m. Two neighbors have had a history of trouble between them. Now one of them is cutting branches on his property.

6/13/14 6:06 p.m. A boy suspects that a knife-wielding man wearing a gray beanie is following him and his friends.

6/14/14 10:50 a.m. A private caregiver is threatening to shoot people.

6/14/14 12:17 p.m. A next-door business owner has been yelling at a woman. The yeller has now been trespassed.

6/14/14 6:43 p.m. Three juveniles were observed drinking in a van and throwing plastic cups on the road.

6/15/14 11:24 a.m. Two neighbors have had an ongoing dispute about a fence. Peace was restored, at least temporarily.

6/15/14 1:43 p.m. After a man unintentionally pulled in front of another vehicle, the females in the other car jumped out and started yelling and pounding on the man’s vehicle.

6/15/14 6:11 p.m. A man turned down his girlfriend’s suggestion that they make a suicide pact, but he fears she will go ahead and commit suicide anyway. She has access to a .22 Glock.

6/15/14 7:08 a.m. A man has been feeling suicidal since his mother lunged at him. He would now like to be transported to a hospital.

6/15/14 11:16 p.m. After yelling and cutting himself with a knife, a boy was transported in protective custody to a hospital.


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