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Police Log


3/3/16 11:32 a.m. A woman with two flat tires on her car drove into a fence. Two other motorists blocked her in.

3/3/16 12:05 p.m. A smashup in a pizza-joint parking lot resulted in $3,000 in damage to one of the vehicles.


3/3/16 8:45 a.m. A UPS package was taken from a porch on Palisades Terrace Drive.

3/3/16 6:36 p.m. A pickpocket swiped a wallet, took the cash and then tossed the wallet in the garbage at a pizza restaurant.

3/4/16 6:21 a.m. Thieves broke into an unlocked car on Boones Ferry Road and took $15-$20.

3/4/16 12:31 p.m. A 29-year-old man was nabbed after stealing a pair of sunglasses valued at $399. The suspect was cited and released for Theft II.

3/4/16 2:40 p.m. A thief made off with $2,775 worth of skin care products at Rite Aid.

3/6/16 3:52 p.m. Two bikes valued at $900 were stolen overnight on Second Street.


3/1/16 3:15 p.m. A malicious miscreant attempted to open a credit card in a woman’s name.

3/2/16 2:52 p.m. A fraudulent individual has gone to town after seizing a person’s Social Security Number, opening one credit card account and applying for another.

3/5/16 10:32 a.m. A man was ripped off when he tried to reserve a vacation rental over the Internet.


2/22/16 3:49 p.m. A man parked his black truck along Highway 43 and started walking toward the railroad tracks with what looked like a cooler. Turns out it was just the case he uses to hold his drone and he was getting ready to take some photos.

2/22/16 6:10 p.m. A woman named Christina allegedly took the keys to a man’s apartment in November and then recently returned, this time taking checks and cashing them.

2/22/16 7:07 p.m. After getting into an accident with juveniles in the parking lot at Lakeridge High, a woman called police to say she had their black Jeep blocked in and that the teens were not amused. Police assisted in the exchange of information.

2/22/16 8:12 p.m. A deer was struck near the intersection of Military Road and Riverside Drive. The animal was still alive when police arrived. By the time they left, it was not.

2/23/16 11:14 a.m. A man said he has repeatedly told his ex-girlfriend to stop calling and texting him, but she has not complied. 

2/23/16 Noon: A raccoon was hit and injured near the intersection of Country Club Road and Iron Mountain Boulevard. It passed away before help could arrive.

2/23/16 3:46 p.m. A caller wanted an explanation of the rules regarding marijuana use because his neighbor uses a large bong to smoke pot on the front porch.

2/24/16 12:05 p.m. A man in a gray Honda or Mazda hatchback appeared to be casing homes. He was wearing a hat and black shirt and stopped at the caller’s home twice, at one point telling her that “I had a flat tire” before speeding away. 

2/24/16 12:38 p.m. A caller was worried that two dogs were being abused at a home where the backyard was filled with paint cans and trash.

2/24/16 1:37 p.m. Police were unable to locate a red or maroon Toyota Camry after a caller reported seeing long blonde hair hanging out of the trunk.

2/24/16 5 p.m. Police pulled over the driver of a semi who was reported swerving near B Avenue and State Street. He wasn’t impaired, though — just checking his iPad for GPS directions.

2/25/16 11:49 a.m. A woman found a thick wire with a hook on the end. Police threw it away.

2/25/16 7:50 p.m. A man who said he had been in a store on Bangy Road just the day before threatened to come back again and dump soda on all of the books.

2/26/16 8:10 a.m. A dog owner left his pooch tied up in the front yard on a lead that could reach all the way to the public walkway.

2/26/16 4:07 p.m. A thin woman in a black hoodie and black pants was seen standing on the corner of Jean Road and Tualata Avenue.

2/26/16 6:33 p.m. A teenage girl with strawberry blond hair was reportedly sitting inside the Safeway store on A Avenue and crying. Girl Scout cookie sellers said she had been there a while, but officers were unable to locate the girl.

2/27/16 4:41 p.m. Officers contacted the owner of a dog that had been left in a vehicle for two days. The owner took the dog inside.

2/27/16 6:05 p.m. Guests at a wedding where alcohol was not allowed were reportedly drinking in the parking lot.

2/27/16 6:15 p.m. A man in red sweatpants and a woman with long blonde hair were acting odd as they walked along Blue Heron Road near South Shore Boulevard. They may even have been yelling at each other.

2/27/16 8:54 p.m. A man wearing a tan leather jacket, combat boots and a hockey mask with nails in it was reportedly seen leaving a bathroom at West Waluga Park, carrying a bloody chef’s knife. Police were unable to find him.

2/29/16 10:46 a.m. A man on a bicycle with a trailer attached was making people uncomfortable as he rode around an apartment complex because some thought he had a gun in his front waistband.

3/1/16 8:43 a.m. A dissatisfied customer was reportedly yelling outside a convenience store for an hour.