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Police Log


4/27/16 5:13 p.m. A driver who appeared to be intoxicated pulled into a business parking lot on Boones Ferry Road and hit two cars.

4/28/16 10:32 a.m. Four cars collided on Boones Ferry Road. One driver was cited for failing to avoid a stopped vehicle.


4/27/16 8:33 a.m. Someone took a woman's car keys while she was working out at a recreation center.

4/27/16 5:12 p.m. A plant was swiped from a porch on Touchstone.

4/28/16 2:48 p.m. A pair of sunglasses worth $120 were stolen from a dark blue Acura.

4/29/16 4:09 p.m. A rented clarinet was stolen from a student at Lake Oswego Junior High.

4/29/16 5:06 p.m. A woman left her purse at Safeway. It was found by a store employee and returned, but a wallet containing a money order and the woman's Social Security card was missing.

4/30/16 12:16 p.m. A Donald Trump sign was taken from a yard on Alder Circle.

4/30/16 8:56 p.m. A thief smashed a rear window of a car in a restaurant parking lot and took a wallet and camera. A debit card that had been inside the wallet was used soon after the theft in Portland.

5/1/16 11:51 a.m. A thief crept into a Mazda overnight and stole miscellaneous property.


4/26/16 1:05 p.m. An unknown charlatan obtained credit cards by using a woman’s personal information.

4/26/16 2:09 p.m. An apartment dweller became alarmed when he was called by a bank about his account because he does not have an account with the bank.

4/27/16 9:13 a.m. A daughter reported that her mother transferred money to a girl and now the girl won’t give it back.

4/28/16 2:18 p.m. A woman reported that her checking account, savings account and PayPal account had all been hacked.

4/28/16 2:35 p.m. A woman reported that she was receiving calls from someone who claimed to be a federal agent and said he was coming to pick her up and take her to a hearing before a judge.

4/29/16 10:49 a.m. Unauthorized activity was reported on a woman’s debit card.


4/22/16 8:41 a.m. A man sleeping in a stairwell in Lake View Village was trespassed from the property.

4/22/16 1:54 p.m. A woman reported seeing a man near Fifth Street and E Avenue who had his hands down his pants. Police were unable to locate the suspect.

4/22/16 5:33 p.m. A neighbor reported that two kids had gone into a nearby backyard, even though the homeowner was not home. Police contacted the homeowner, who said it was OK for the boys to retrieve their baseball.

4/22/16 6:30 p.m. A caller told police there was a swan sitting on Boones Ferry Road, but officers determined that it was just a McDonald's bag and removed it.

4/22/16 10:19 p.m. Callers reported a large party where lots of kids were smoking pot. A 17-year-old was taken into cutody for providing a premise and for being a minor in possession.

4/23/16 6:02 p.m. A subject who was suspected of assaulting a police officer was trailed by a K-9 crew into Tryon Creek State Natural Area but could not be found. 

4/23/16 6:54 p.m. After a woman told some boys she was going to call the cops about them jumping off the dolphins at Oswego Pointe, the youths scattered in all directions.

4/24/16 9:01 a.m. Some ducklings fell into a sewer drain on Summit Ridge Court and then disappeared.

4/24/16 1:19 p.m. Three transients were having a beer party at Foothills Park, but they were warned about violating park rules.

4/24/16 2:28 p.m. Trash, bicycles and beer bottles were found dumped near the railroad tracks on North Shore Road. Police contacted two suspects, who said the items

had fallen off their truck while they were en route to Good-will. They promised to return and retrieve their belongings.

4/25/16 11:54 a.m. A customer was disappointed that he was considered too drunk to purchase alcohol.

4/25/16 11:58 a.m. A woman driver said that a loud, angry tailgater got out of his car at a stop sign and started yelling at her.

4/25/16 12:21 p.m. A disappointed salesman left an harassing message for a business owner.

4/25/16 2:57 p.m. A bong was spotted in the lap of a Toyota Camry driver.

4/25/16 4:05 p.m. An errant labradoodle was seen running loose on Bay Creek Drive.

4/26/16 12:49 a.m. An elderly man with dementia issues reported that his significant other was being raped, but a police check found that the woman was OK.

4/26/16 8:01 a.m. A man reported that two golden retrievers in his neighborhood were overweight.

4/26/16 11:07 a.m. A woman on a porch on Greentree Road refused to leave and was harassing the homeowner. She was trespassed from the property by police.

4/26/16 4:49 p.m. A father called the police after his son was assaulted.

4/26/16 5:57 p.m. A 21-year-old son refused to get out of a car at a supermarket.

4/26/16 8:54 p.m. A woman said she was being harassed by her neighbor in a clash over a pet rabbit.

4/27/16 7:27 a.m. A daughter with a history of depression and alcohol abuse wasn't answering her phone. Police determined that she was intoxicated but able to take care of herself.

4/27/16 9:08 a.m. A swastika was found painted on a pillar between a bank and a sushi restaurant.

4/27/16 9:52 a.m. A man and woman were yelling and screaming while driving in front of a residence on Reese Road. Police were told the couple does this all the time.

4/27/16 5:35 p.m. A 33-year-old man suffering from PTSD and bipolar disorder asked police to transport him to a hospital.

4/28/16 1:19 a.m. A 13-year-old was taken into protective custody for curfew and trespass violations.

4/28/16 9:54 a.m. While looking into some trash cans on A Avenue, a man found a checkbook filled with checks. He suspected that the items were stolen property.

4/28/16 12:12 p.m. A black rooster was observed walking past Our Lady of the Lake Parish on A Avenue. An investigation revealed that the rooster had susbsequently found its way home.

4/28/16 3:16 p.m. A woman riding a bicycle was harassed by a motorist who cursed and beeped at her.

4/29/16 1:09 a.m. Juveniles were seen knocking over trash cans on Bayberry Road.

4/29/16 2:01 p.m. A mother waiting in a school office was told that her 13-year-old son had run away.

4/29/16 2:10 p.m. A man and woman got into an argument in the green space next to a bank. They were trespassed and warned not to take alcohol into parks.

4/29/16 2:13 p.m. An angry driver nearly ran over a woman who was apparantly walking too slowly in a crosswalk.

4/29/16 7:14 p.m. A woman became so verbally abusive to a dinner guest that she got up and went home.

4/29/16 9:47 p.m. A woman told a man who appeared to be drunk or on drugs that she would call a cab for him. He told her he would kill her if she did.

4/29/16 10:27 p.m. A customer drank too much in a posh restaurant and started threatening people. Police escorted him to a detox center.

4/29/16 10:27 p.m. A concerned citizen called the cops after observing several inebriated people leave a restaurant on Lakeview Boulevard and get into various vehicles.

4/30/16 9 a.m. Ducklings were returned to their mother after being rescued from a storm drain on Country Club Road.

4/30/16 10:54 a.m. A woman told police she had been followed twice by a man in a black Mercedes.

4/30/16 3:50 p.m. A drunken ex-husband was harassing his ex-wife's sister and children.

4/30/16 4:14 p.m. A man dressed in a black suit and red tie was seen standing in a woman's driveway on Goodall Road. She told him to go away.

4/30/16 11:47 p.m. An 18-year-old son got into a verbal spat with his parents because they wanted him to get out of the house and never come back.

5/1/16 1:55 a.m. Some juveniles in theatrical attire were reportedly acting odd at a convenience store near Lakeridge High School.

5/1/16 6:06 a.m. Some horses broke out of their pasture on Rosemont Road, but their owner ran them down and brought them back.

5/1/16 9:20 a.m. A group of ducklings got caught in a storm drain on Boones Ferry Road. An officer removed some of the tiny quackers, but he had to return later to get the last duckling out.

5/1/16 11:57 a.m. A woman objected to her neighbor pulling out her plants and throwing them into the street.

5/1/16 3:42 p.m. An estranged husband was reportedly dumping stuff in the yard of his old house.

5/1/16 8:03 p.m. A woman wearing very short shorts got out of a dark green station wagon on A Avenue.