‘There’s nowhere else we’d rather be ...’

Oliver Wendell Homes once wrote, “Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

Lake Oswego is a special place. We feel blessed and fortunate to live in a place that we can call home and where truly our hearts are. We are thrilled to be back in Lake Oswego where we have chosen to make our home.

Returning to Lake Oswego from a short-term job relocation out of state and back to Oregon makes us appreciate even more why we chose to make this wonderful and unique city our home in the first place. The deep sense of community, outstanding schools, many beautiful parks, stunning flower baskets, Gallery Without Walls, Lake Oswego Farmers’ Market, Millennium Plaza Park, summer concerts at Foothills and Millennium Plaza Park, friendly local businesses, sustainable practices, distinctive neighborhoods, tree- lined streets, organized community events, exceptional dining, Lakewood Theater, the list goes on ...

It is easy to take for granted where we live, but just as important to realize how lucky we are and to appreciate how we arrived to be such a remarkable community and where we are going as a city.

Although our feet may have left and returned, our hearts did not, and there is nowhere else we’d rather be than home in beautiful Lake Oswego.

Justin Luber

Lake Oswego

A question for the ages

Regarding Oswego Lake access:

Public sewer runs right down the middle: Why can’t I float right on top?

Sondra Myers

Lake Oswego

Tierney is worthy of your support

Bill Tierney is running for re-election to the Lake Oswego City Council, and it should be pretty much a no-brainer to vote for him.

For one thing, he’s a Democrat, like the majority of Oswegans. But more importantly, as a person he’s smart, thoughtful, fair and humane, with a great sense of humor, and he’s been able to bring those personal traits into his professional life in an admirable way. He’s succeeded in important leadership positions with corporations like PGE and TCI Cable, and effectively served as president of the city council.

The substance of his leadership on the council, as elsewhere, has been in the considered, financially careful, consensus-building way he’s grappled with important issues. Even those who disagree with him on matters like supporting the schools or arranging for future city water supply cannot help but respect his thoughtful, often courageous approach.

This leader should be re-elected.

Stephen Jolin

Lake Oswego

Thanks to library’s reading sponsors

The (Lake Oswego Public) Library’s summer reading clubs for youth had more participation than ever this summer.

Heartfelt thanks to the Lake Oswego businesses that generously donated prizes for readers who met specified goals in the children’s Dream Big, Read! reading club and the Read, Raffle & Win teen club.

For many years, Jamba Juice Mountain Park has donated free smoothie coupons for teen readers. For the second year in a row, UU Yogurt donated free yogurts for teens. This summer, Frog Pond Toys donated free toys for children. Little Gym of Lake Oswego donated one free class to all children who initially signed up for summer reading.

For decades, our beloved Friends of the Library made it possible to award a free paperback book to each child and teen who reaches their goal. Other summer reading sponsors include Beaverton Benihana restaurant, Clackamas Aquatic Park, Oaks Amusement Park, the Portland Timbers and the Portland Trailblazers.

Many thanks to these organizations that help promote youth literacy.

Jackie Rose

Youth services manager

Lake Oswego Public Library

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