In November you will be asked via Measure 3-406 to cast your vote on whether the citizens of Lake Oswego should collectively spend $5 million to jump start improvements to Boones Ferry Road.

Does the fiery little devil come out on one shoulder and the pious angel on the other as you weigh the pros and cons of such a decision? Do you call your neighbor? Consult a higher power? We all do it differently, I suppose, but may I proffer why your pen should carefully fill in the “yes” bubble come November.

As a town center, Lake Grove welcomes those living directly nearby, folks venturing over from other parts of Lake Oswego and neighbors from the larger metropolitan area. We feature a thoroughfare, retail shops, restaurants, banking, professional services, health services, pretty much a little bit of everything. Lake Grove is not a private area, a “local access only” street, no sir, it is an area we hold open for all to visit.

If Lake Oswego were a house, Lake Grove would be a living room, a place we are proud to hold open with all our hospitality, care and pride to whomever comes knocking. Right now, this living room is a space filled with the nicest of furnishings: comfortable chairs, gorgeous lamps, cushy sofas and well-crafted tables. At the same time, though, the carpet is dirty, water is coming through the ceiling and carpenter ants fill the walls.

Lake Grove has a mix of quality, well-operated and locally-owned (in large part) commercial enterprises, but its aging and no longer effective infrastructure sits in contradiction to the caliber of those businesses and the investments they constantly make to provide our town with the quality it deserves. As a community, is this how we want our neighbors near and far to view the way we care for our town center? I say absolutely not!

Let’s put an end to the incessant honking of angry motorists facing near misses at every turn, those in wheelchairs being forced to travel in actual motor lanes because of impassible sidewalks and children not able to cross to their local school because of a lack of safe pedestrian passages.

Folks, Lake Grove is our living room, and it is severely booby trapped. May our future show a town center that matches in form and function the character and hospitality of the businesses contained within. Please vote yes on Measure 3-406.

Joe Buck, Lake Oswego, is a Lake Oswego restaurateur and supporter of Measure 3-406.

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