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Second term on council requested, deserved


I had the pleasure of participating with Our Lady of the Lake parishioners dedicating their new parish center and school. Their dedication, commitment and perseverance are to be commended. It shows what can be accomplished when a community is behind something.

It got me thinking about the Lake Oswego community. As a candidate for re-election to the city council, this thinking is never too far from my thoughts. As I look at voter lists, I see lots of progressives and lots of conservatives and everything in between. I also see lots of Democrats, lots of Republicans and lots of independents. But mostly I see Lake Oswegans, proud of this beautiful community and dedicated to keeping it one of the nation’s most preeminent suburbs.

In my first term I approached the issues from a pragmatic, moderate perspective. I do my homework, I listen and I ask what are our options, does this move our community forward, can we afford it and only then do I act. In our small town, I think this is the best approach and it will be my approach if you grant me another term on council.

Look at my record.

I concluded neither LO nor our regional partners could afford the streetcar and this divisive issue is no longer on our agenda.

I championed a less regulatory approach to protecting our environment through the sensitive lands program and continue to support efforts along these lines in our discussions with Metro and the state.

I support helping our school district whenever we can and worked with others on council to find $2 million in 2011. Finding that money within the city’s budget was not easy but we were able to do it.

I support council policy to maximize use of the West End Building, pay both principal and interest on the loan and keep our options open to relocate city buildings there or even sell it.

I consistently supported truly balanced budgets where revenues exceed expenses, we invest in our streets, parks, water and sewer lines and we maintain healthy fund balances.

I took an active, engaged oversight role on the $100 million LOIS project, which finished up on time and under budget.

I also face reality and do my best with the cards we are dealt. On the campaign trail, I hear and see candidates implying it is in the city’s best interest to stop rebuilding our water system in partnership with Tigard. It sounds appealing if you do not think about a few pertinent facts. We have had a contract with Tigard for close to five years. Partnering with Tigard is the less cost option, we will need to replace our key water system facilities which are 40+ years old if not within the next few years, soon thereafter and we have spent $28 million since the contract was signed. It is in our best interest to get the project done on time and under budget just like LOIS. It is not in our best interest to waste $28 million, break a contract and be at risk for untold millions from Tigard and still need to replace our water system in the near future.

We face complex issues and I think my approach serves Lake Oswego the best. I hope you agree and I am asking for your vote.

Bill Tierney is a member of the Lake Oswego City Council who is running for re-election.