Our directors and advisory committee offer sincere thanks to the community for your tremendous support of Lake Oswego Citizens Action League (LOCAL) over the last six months. We are grateful that so many of our fellow citizens embraced LOCAL’s nonpartisan, grass roots, issues-based approach and assisted our efforts during the recent election season. And rest assured we are here to stay.

LOCAL formed because many citizens, across the political spectrum, were concerned about the future of our great city. We agreed from the start that partisan politics had no place in our organization or in our city government. Rather than focus on political differences, we focus on the unifying fact that we all love our community. We found common ground based on that love of community and identified the five values that we felt would ensure the health and prosperity of Lake Oswego for the long term:

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  • Prioritize local needs

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  • Restore fiscal responsibility

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  • Refocus on essential city services

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  • Preserve local community character

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  • Respect all citizens and their rights

    We believe it is positive for our community that so many citizens are engaged in local issues, interested in the direction of our local government, and seeking factual information. It is positive, not divisive or negative, for voters to have information on candidates’ voting records, campaign contributions and public positions in order to make fully informed voting choices. Transparency is critically important and not something to be feared.

    The new year offers a fresh focus for our city with Kent Studebaker as mayor and Karen Bowerman, Jon Gustafson and Skip O’Neill joining the council. Together with Jeff Gudman, Donna Jordan and Mike Kehoe, they have much to offer our city and we thank them for their willingness to serve, especially in such challenging economic times. We are confident that this diverse group of seven citizens shares a love of Lake Oswego and will succeed in the important and difficult work ahead of them. Whether you voted for them or not, we hope that everyone will support their efforts and work with them to find common ground.

    LOCAL is not just a one-election organization. We will continue to research issues, and inform and engage the community. We look forward to your ongoing support and participation in the new year. Please visit our website at

    LOCAL directors Rich Akerman, Mary Olson, Ron Smith and Peter Sweet and LOCAL advisory committee members Jim Bolland, Tom Coffee, Denny Hageman, Lauren Hughes, Carolyn Krebs, Cheryl Salamie and Dave Sengenberger are all Lake Oswego residents.

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