In Mikel Kelly’s column in the Lake Oswego Review on Dec. 20, he points out the “loser nut case yay-hoo, hyped up on video games, intent on violence” killers of Clackamas and Newtown are likened to random sneaker waves.

He indicates the world is full of things that can hurt us and do not make sense, and to keep our loved ones as safe as possible.

If these boys were born so mentally ill that nature determined these events then this would rule out nurture. But nurture does play a role. It starts with the family and their community. This leaves me wondering how do we keep the “loser” safe because these troubled boys are someone’s loved one as well.

It’s important to realize those boys had no one except unequipped parents or parent to try and keep them safe. When my high school son was labeled a lost boy by Lakeridge High School and I was told there were quite a few of these lost boys there, I expected a solution to this label but that was that ... nothing ... that’s all they had for us, a label which felt so alarming that we realized then that our community was failing us.

It’s scary and lonely to be unequipped parents. Please help these families in our community and our country who are drowning. People who are trying with every ounce of their being to not have there very own “losers” on their hands and yours.

What’s the underlining reason for such acts of violent desperation? What are we doing as a society to raise or not raise lost boys or losers?

Remember, sneaker waves, avalanches, tides and such forces are pushed. There are defining moments that start, then build to a point where a reaction takes place. This is the same thing that may happen to the conditions which cause mental illnesses and I stand strong in my belief things are not random but defined to the nth degree, whether its scientific or religious. So when you give your power of resolve away to the concept of hapless sneaker waves you should mean we didn’t do enough. I say systems are not in place at all that intervene the smaller symptoms so they have no direction but to build into sneaker waves.

Sondra Sinay is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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