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'Transparency, responsiveness and fiscal responsibility'


I was part of a standing-room-only crowd at Lake Oswego City Hall on Jan 8 to witness the swearing in of our new mayor and three city council members.

New Mayor Kent Studebaker was first, and set the tone by reinforcing his commitment to the core values of transparency, responsiveness and fiscal responsibility from city hall — and, of course new councilors Karen Bowerman and Skip O’Neill ran on those critical issues.

To say the crowd was enthusiastic would be an understatement. With Mike Kehoe (newly elected council president) and Councilman Jeff Gudman continuing with an established track record acting in accordance with the above noted core values, there is no doubt our fair city will experience major change for the good. The citizens had finally had enough and voted for a major change from the practices of the removed “Gang of Four.” We can all look forward to a city hall that does things that are of value to the citizens and not doing things to them under visionary programs and projects.

To be sure, the new mayor and council have inherited a number of major programs initiated clearly against the wishes of the citizens, and it will be a lot of work to get the city’s priorities and spending back on track. I am sure the mayor and council will be looking for input and help to get important tasks accomplished as soon as possible to minimize wasted taxpayer monies.

The only disappointment for many of us was that Dan Williams is not joining the council. I know nobody that cares more for Lake Oswego, or works harder for the right things — not to mention he is one of the nicest people I know in Lake Oswego. Perhaps in 2014?

It was interesting to note that the voters of Clackamas also had enough and made much needed changes with the county commissioners. A very similar situation existed, and resulted in the same outcome.

Many thanks to all the people that worked tirelessly to make this happen: There is no doubt the effort will be worth it to the citizens of Lake Oswego (and Clackamas County). Happy new year indeed.

Dave Luck is a resident of Lake Oswego and a board member of COLA-LO.