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What I learned about kindness from my daughter


My husband and I received a gift from our daughter this last Christmas that couldn’t be tried on or held in our hands. It is one we will always hold in our hearts, but it is more than that too. It needs re-gifting.

Hayley couldn’t be with us last Christmas. She is a young woman living and working in Washington, D.C. We talk on the phone often, and last December many of our conversations ended in tears as we tried to cope with the unspeakable tragedy that had unfolded in Sandy Hook. We were devastated, and she knew my ongoing sadness and despair needed some sort of hopeful uplift to counter the evil that had happened.

So we received her gift on Christmas morning — a short little homemade video of 26 acts of kindness that she had done for people in and around D.C. in the days before Christmas. She had acted on an idea that was gaining momentum around the country — one act of kindness for each precious life lost in Sandy Hook, and one better moment, day or more for each recipient of those 26 gifts.

As it turns out, Hayley’s small gifts of kindness were too big to keep under Christmas wraps. They need to be shared so that the momentum continues and the goodness multiplies. Those lives in Sandy Hook will be remembered and honored each time goodness is given and kindness is shared.

So I am re-gifting Hayley’s video. I am passing it along. I am paying it forward. I am doing what I can to encourage others to think of others — to be kind and to act on it.

Oh the lessons we can learn from our kids.

To view Hayley’s gift on Youtube: Christmas Mom and Dad/ 26 Acts of Kindness.

Sherri Luhr is a resident of Lake Oswego.