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Howell will be a great asset to school board

Great news for Lake Oswego: Sarah Howell has decided to run for school board. She’ll be running to replace Linda Brown, who is stepping down from the school board after serving for many years.

  • Sarah’s a Lake Grove mom with three young children who is an amazing innovator and collaborative leader.
  • She’s been a champion for offering foreign languages
  • She’s an advocate for more science/math emphasis
  • She’s researched how technology can help reduce costs and improve kids’ education
  • She’s been at most of the school board meetings so she knows how things work
  • She’s such a positive leader
  • She will benchmark with other districts nationwide and listen/learn from teachers, parents and retired people in our community to bring new ideas to help our district figure out how to do more with less money.
  • Please join me in supporting Sarah Howell for school board.

    Derrith Lambka

    Lakeridge and LJH mom

    Lake Oswego

    Let’s take another look at the leash law

    In response to “Dustin,” who previously wrote to defend his right to have his dogs off-leash in Lake Oswego public spaces: He stated that the police officer who spoke to him about this violation of our “leash law” was misinformed and incorrect. No dog is ever totally “under control” unless it is on a leash.

    Nearly every time I have read of a dog attacking or biting a person or another dog, the owner says something like, “my dog has never done anything like that before.”

    On many occasions when my dog has been on-leash in various Lake Oswego parks, dogs that were not on-leash have aggressively run at her, snarling and with teeth bared. These “attacks” have literally scared my dog to death; as a result, each new park outing is fraught with worry — for our dog and for us, because there are always a number of dog owners who mistakenly believe their off-leash dogs are under their control and incapable of such aggressive behavior. These otherwise responsible citizens thoughtlessly put their individual rights above the collective best interest of all other community members (many of whom, including scores of children, are quite fearful of all dogs, big and small), when they insist that their dogs should be “at liberty.”

    I suggest they allow their dogs all possible freedoms on their own property or at an off-leash dog park — that is what those parks are designed for. I am not infringing on their right and ability to enjoy our public spaces by asking them to keep their dogs on leashes, but they are infringing on my right to do the same when their dogs are not restrained.

    Julie Kaynor

    Lake Oswego

    Shouldn’t the political sign come down?

    Isn’t it time that Kevin (Kerwin) took down the political sign in his window at State Street and A Avenue?

    The election is over and the sign does nothing to beautify downtown Lake Oswego or further any of our community values.

    Richard David Bach

    Lake Oswego

    LOCAL candidates are focus of concern

    I have to admit that I’m shocked at the just plain disrespect for the citizens of Lake Oswego on display by the recently elected LOCAL members (Kent Studebaker, Karen Bowerman and Skip O’Neill) to the Lake Oswego City Council. The glib overturning of years of public process — open, transparent and documented, with broad participation — in one month is breathtaking.

    The new councilors are not taking the time to understand the issues or to hear from the citizen volunteer boards and commissions that have put literally thous ands of hours into Foothills, the tennis center, the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership and the comprehensive plan update — which has been recognized at the American Planning Association with a National Planning Excellence Award for a Communications Initiative.

    LOCAL literature claims “respect all citizens and their rights” as one of its core values. If that’s what you expected from LOCAL, you’re not getting what you voted for.

    Joan Moore

    Lake Oswego

    Foundation does right by public schools

    The Lake Oswego School Foundation is a praiseworthy example of private donor support for public schools. Such private efforts are critical to improving education in this country. So, for example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been a leading source of funds for research in pedagogy as well as public charter schools. Theodore Forstmann and John Walton founded and provided the seed funding for the Children’s Scholarship Fund, which grants partial needs-based scholarships to private schools. To date, the Children’s Scholarship Fund has allowed hundreds of Portland area-students access to better education.

    The Lake Oswego School Foundation funding is directed exclusively to placing more teachers in the classroom. By such careful targeting, private funding has been far more effective than contributions to public schools’ general funds.

    The insert in last week’s Review allowed the community as a whole to celebrate the work of the foundation and to acknowledge those individuals who have contributed to the fund.

    Keep up the good work.

    Chana Cox

    Lewis & Clark College Emerita, Portland