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Birdshill group finds failures in public involvement programs


Birdshill CPO/NA in northeast corner of Lake Oswego Urban Growth Management Area, held a regular meeting on Jan. 23; one word description of discussion and outcomes — intense.

Discussion exposed and demonstrated failures in public involvement programs since 1997. Resolutions passed will be surfacing in multiple venues. Prime actions resolved include:

Highway 43 neighborhoods: Endorse forming a confederation of neighborhoods along Highway 43. See sites.google.com/site/mt08jan.

Highway 43 — State Street/B Avenue: Increase corner turn radius for 40-foot TriMet bus turns without blocking traffic; saves two minutes per bus during evening rush hour — needed for 30 years.

Lake Oswego water filtration (treatment) plant in city of West Linn: Support West Linn Planning Commission rejection of conditional use permits by Lake Oswego. Protect existing character of Robinwood neighborhood in West Linn adjacent to proposed facility expansion.

Foothills: Disclose Tryon Cove Park tax lot documents, surveys, ownership and allowed and projected uses as “land banked property.” Oppose elements of Foothills District Framework Plan notably hydrology report and establishment of multimodal multiple use area. MMA creates a policy of State Street congestion with neighborhood cut through traffic. Further without streetcar implementation licenses supporters to blame the 2013-2014 Lake Oswego City Council for not solving the congestion problem. As if streetcar and Foothills project financing at $450 million plus would have created a state of traffic nirvana. Personally, I will ask streetcar advocates to demonstrate their use of TriMet by producing receipts, hopefully before it goes bankrupt.

Elk Rock Tunnel on Willamette Shore Line: Get a geology report before a $200,000 concrete tunnel-lining project covers up evidence. And hopefully before a Cascadia fault subduction earthquake (the Big One) makes Highway 43 pavement part of a new set of Willamette River rapids north of Lake Oswego between Dunthorpe and city of Milwaukie at about river mile 19.0, Elk Rock Island.

Sensitive land overlays: Separate land use from annexation ordinances. Stop land use applications and costs of inane sensitive land overlays until 2013-2014 LOCC codifies a revised course of action. Expose and trace application of offsite mitigation deals by disclosing base tax lots, off-site ratios, encumbered tax lots through ordinances and resolutions. Endorse LO Sewards positions.

Population figures and models: Lack of revelation of population figures, source model programs and coordination of data sets along with illustration of their derivation has precipitated an inordinate amount of grief and substantial costs to neighborhoods and individuals by government entities in past 12 years. Notably including: Need to develop Stafford Hamlet. Expansion of Lake Oswego water filtration plant in West Linn. Unsustainable water draws by city of Lake Oswego from Clackamas River. Pre-determination of streetcar application as the solution to Highway 43 congestion. And likely expensive requirements for Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade; must spend Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer project savings of $15 million.

Fair warning given to government entities: Residents of the Birdshill CPO/NA want, will repeatedly request and file complaints as necessary to have population figures stated and ramifications related to neighborhoods and individuals. Further figures will be understood by presentation of derivations traceable to source documents and itemized lists of givens, requirements and assumptions.

Charles “Skip” B. Ormsby is a resident of Birdshill and is chair of the Birdshill CPO/NA.