Vote Robertson for school board position

Kevin Robertson gets my enthusiastic support for position 2 on the Lake Oswego School District Board. 

Over the last four years I’ve watched Kevin and his family work for this community as exemplary community citizens in a passionate, engaged, energetic manner that most of us admire and so few of us undertake. Kevin has been key to the success of the Lake Oswego School District Foundation, his business and finance acumen is top-drawer and precisely focused for the challenges facing Lake Oswego schools, and we as a community will reap the benefits of Kevin’s expertise and ability.

This community is very fortunate he is willing to serve, and our schools will be the better for Kevin’s involvement.

Rick Hendon

Gone To The Dogs Inc. 

Lake Oswego

Late run

An old man jogs along the track,

One step ahead of a heart attack.

A doctor no older than his son

Has listed the things he shouldn’t have done,

Making him the guilty party

For cholesterol piling up in his artery.

He stops at his favorite local Starbucks

As soon as he starts to get the hiccups

And orders instead of his usual coffee,

A rice-milk, decaf, flavored latte.

He sits outside on a wicker chair

Where tweets and e-mails fill the air.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

Join in voting for Sara Howell for school board

We moved to Lake Oswego primarily because of its schools, and we appreciated the parental support and academic excellence of the school system over the decades our three children attended Westridge, Waluga and then Lakeridge.

Now the school district faces questions and challenges for its future. All of us turn to a new generation of community leaders to propose new solutions, to envision and implement innovative technologies and to thereby direct the children in our school system to a brighter future. We must turn to new leaders to maintain and strengthen our legacy as an outstanding place to educate our kids.

Sarah Howell is such a leader. She has young children who will depend upon the schools — and therefore the decisions of the school board — for years to come. She has vision to foresee the future of education and its opportunities for technology and bold new approaches. She has strength of character to pursue what is right and necessary for tomorrow. We and the children of Lake Oswego over the next generation depend on her vision, her solutions and her leadership. Please join me in supporting Sarah Howell for the school board.

Don Irving

Lake Oswego

Many thanks for the Lake Oswego Reads program

I would first like to give a huge shout-out to the Lake Oswego team that brought our community together this past month with the Lake Oswego Reads Program.

What an amazing gift they gave us. Their selection of “Running the Rift,” a story set in Rwanda in the ‘90s, is not a book I would choose to read on my own. I assumed it would be very depressing and not very relevant to my own life.

Instead, I was lifted up by a wide variety of excellent programs and story after story of people who survived and thrived, many of whom are living in this area.

The lessons I learned this past month were life changing and I didn’t even have to leave the city limits. I hope the gratitude I feel now when I turn on the tap water or flip on the light switch never leaves me.

So, thank you, Cyndie Glazer, Friends of the Library and all of the sponsors who provided us with this generous gift. The book was good but the supporting experiences you provided were priceless.

Diane Rosa

Lake Oswego

Concern raised about ‘sustainability of education’

Over the years I have read and listened a lot about environmental sustainability and now we have “Sustainability of Education.”

“Training for Treason” is a book by Holly Swanson that confirms how education for sustainability is being used to indoctrinate America’s children to adopt the philosophy of “green communism” and how that political agenda is being implemented in multiple areas across America. We met her when she spoke to us in Lake Oswego.

She is the director of operation Green Out! and is trying to stop the misuse of public education to politically indoctrinate America’s children and to stop any plan to pressure students and scare children “compliance” out of fear of environmental claims. She warns against the objectives of Sen. Kerry’s Second Nature organization, which it believes includes using public education to change the cultural, religious, social, economic and political structures of our nation to match its goals. 

It is not a new thing to brainwash children, but it is becoming more obvious that teachers who believe in this green communism are already suspending students for wearing the American flag on their T-shirts or are asking children as a project to design communist flags. This is kind of shocking. We must protect our children and know what they are being taught in public schools.

I hope you will follow up on this book by looking this up on your websites, ordering the book from the library or purchasing it. Any questions will be answered on your websites. Look up what the term “green” really means.

Gale Gipson

Lake Oswego

Sarah Howell is the right choice for school board

Sarah Howell has been regularly attending school board meetings for the past five years, which means that she has attended more meetings than most of the current board members.

She will certainly be able to hit the ground running. As a parent of elementary-age children herself, Sarah is an ideal candidate to represent the voices of other elementary parents that not only want to sustain our top-notch elementary schools, but also want great junior high and high schools for the future.

We have witnessed Sarah’s commitment and passion for innovation as she successfully advocated for world language program offerings. We have also seen her commit that same energy in finding ways to enhance science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) programs at all grade levels.

Her innovative approach will help keep our district on the cutting edge and competitive with surrounding districts.

Finally, Sarah’s positive leadership style is extremely effective at building the community support needed to get things done. Please join us in selecting Sarah Howell for Lake Oswego School Board in May.

Jennifer and Todd Prager

Lake Oswego

(Jennifer Prager serves as treasurer of Sarah Howell’s election committee)

‘Little but bullying of its own’

John Ludlow’s op ed last week, “Please don’t try to bully Clackamas County voters,” offers little but bullying of its own.

The testimony he cites is mine, in which I implored the commission to reject Ludlow’s clumsy resolution to oppose the Interstate 5 bridge replacement project. I testified that it’s not Clackamas County’s fight and would only serve to make enemies with our transportation funding partners — on whom we rely for future projects.

His deliberate misinterpretation of my testimony as “threatening” is simple grandstanding to make headlines.

I’m disappointed that Ludlow’s promise to encourage citizen input and involvement has reversed course. Using the media to mischaracterize public testimony of opposing viewpoints discourages participation. I expect more thoughtful and considerate leadership from my county commissioners.

My testimony can be summed up simply: Our county is in constant competition for transportation dollars. Ignoring the political realities of picking a fight with our funding partners isn’t in our best interest.

Patrick Sheehan


by: DAVID BURCH - Organizing for Action and some from the West Linn/Lake Oswego teams took part in a National Day of Action at Pioneer Court House Square in Portland on Feb. 22.

Advocate for stronger gun control

During the presidential campaign of 2012 a group of West Linn and Lake Oswego Democrats became part of the national grassroots team Organizing for America, which received a great deal of acknowledgement for its contribution toward President Barack Obama’s re-election.

OFA has become Organizing for Action and some from the West Linn/Lake Oswego teams took part in a National Day of Action at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland on Feb. 22. The rally focused on greater awareness concerning gun violence in America and spoke in support of the president’s agenda on this front.

Although Feb. 22 was a typical Portland winter day, replete with the usual moisture Oregonians know so well, a lively group of about 40 people held placards decrying their concern for the too easy availability of high-capacity ammunition clips, assault rifles and the lack of adequate background checks for purchasers of these lethal weapons.

Despite the loud ranting of a couple of extremely angry pro-gun advocates, a number of highly poignant speeches were delivered from victims of gun violence and gun owners alike who see the need for more sensible regulations.

The West Linn Organizing for Action group will be meeting every third Sunday at 3 p.m. in the conference room at Market of Choice in West Linn to move local and state initiatives forward in alignment with the Democratic agenda.

David Burch

West Linn

Organizing for Action

Contract Publishing

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