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Wish ‘all kids could have as wonderful a start as I did’

When I was a student at Lakeridge High School I knew that I was in a special spot; most kids can’t say that they actually loved high school.

But it wasn’t until I graduated that I realized just how special my experience was. When I told my friends that I was writing a letter about my positive LOSD experience, they joked that I could write a novel on the subject. Not only did I have a fun while at Lakeridge (it doesn’t get better than Pacer Pride), I also found myself prepared for classes at the University of Oregon.

Granted a 25-person Lakeridge English class isn’t the same as a 150-person U of O lecture, but efficient study skills and understanding the importance of getting to know your professors are just some of things that many of my collegiate colleagues had to learn, but I came to school already knowing.

I can’t end this letter without a plug for AP United States History. If you’re a current or future Pacer, this class is my best advice. I would not be where I am in college or in life without Dr. Hoppes. I still use her website (the Procrastinator’s Domain) multiple times a term; the study habits and note-taking skills she taught me have made my academic career what it is today.

Though I have yet to take a history class at the University of Oregon, I have found her to be integral in my success in any subject.

Because I had such a phenomenal experience as a Lakeridge student and was so well prepared for college, I urge the citizens of Lake Oswego to please contribute to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation. My wish is that all kids could have as wonderful a start as I did.

Gwen Cummings

Lake Oswego

‘Suggest we vote’ for Robertson

Our recent school closures were painful, but extremely wise. Several nearby districts overlooked the impact economy and budget would have while LOSD started planning as early as 2009. Many lost teachers through delayed, reactionary lay-offs rather than grow more efficient earlier with their facilities like we did. We maintained the single most important resource, our teachers.

I discussed this with Kevin Robertson, candidate for Position 2 (on the school board). Kevin has excellent experience and a strong commitment to serve in this role. I can trust him to hear all views and make the best decision. We want this in our elected officials — integrity, experience, someone who listens, makes objective decisions. Other “candidate letters” say things like, “Vote for this candidate. He has the same views as me. He’s my buddy!”

Instead, I’m asking you to vote for Kevin because he has these qualities we need right now. Kevin was instrumental in growing the LOSD Foundation’s Endowment Fund. I contribute to my college’s endowment fund for the obvious reasons. Kevin posed this question to me: “Why don’t we provide a similar mechanism for our own children at the most impactful time in their education?” Excellent question.

I suggest we vote for Kevin.

Michael Zimmerman

Lake Oswego

Robertson is the right choice for school board

Kevin Robertson has our vote for Lake Oswego School District School Board Position 2.

As parents of children at the elementary, junior high and high school level, we believe it is vitally important to have a candidate who has the knowledge and understanding of the issues and needs facing all of our students and schools in the district.

Kevin is a committed and engaged parent who has served our district well as a foundation president and as an integral player in establishing the foundation endowment fund.

He is a solid candidate who has a proven track record in leadership and the ability to get things done. Kevin’s background and knowledge of finance and his experience with problem solving will be an asset when dealing with the district budget and the hiring of a new superintendent.

He is objective, logical and fair. We need someone like Kevin who will be a strong advocate for all students in all our schools. Please join us in supporting Kevin Robertson for school board Position 2.  

Karen and Cal Reno

Lake Oswego

‘The council is applauded for listening’

The approval of the water project is sending the signal that Lake Oswego is again starting to be “open for business.”

This decision shows a commitment toward establishing a clean water delivery system for residents and businesses well into the future. In the welcome public hearing that allowed for the exchange of information and viewpoints, it was pointed out by a sage long-term resident that previous generations of leaders made similar bold decisions and that we therefore owe it to future generations to do the same.

We need to keep making Lake Oswego investment-friendly and promote village-friendly development revenue by providing core infrastructure. We need to continue to spend wisely and create and preserve recreational and quality of life amenities that earned Lake Oswego its rating as one of Family Circle’s top 10 family-friendly cities in the United States.

We need to listen to long-term residents. The council is applauded for listening.

Craig Stephens

Lake Oswego

Reporter Cliff Newell earns praise

I want to let you know how grateful I am to (Lake Oswego Review reporter) Cliff Newell. He wrote an amazing article on Annie’s Cancer Club.

Also, thank you to Hasson Company Realtors. They are allowing us to use their beautiful conference room. We still meet at 10 a.m. on the last Saturday of every month. The next meeting is March 30. The office is located at 15400 Boones Ferry Road in Lake Grove. Late arrivals are welcome.

Thank you to Cliff and this outstanding community.

Find us on Facebook at Annie’s Cancer Club.

Annie Kiersey Winchester

Lake Oswego

Delaney would make a good board member

I support Karen Delaney in the upcoming school board election.

Karen is smart, analytical and intent on bringing back common sense management of our schools. As the parent of three children in the district, she has her heart, head, and hands in the schools. She’s spent countless hours at every public school board meeting available to her, frequently (and astutely) warning the administration that their analyses were flawed. These years of observation have trained her on the issues facing our district, enabling her to hit the ground running as soon as she takes office.

Karen Delaney is running against the incumbent John Wendland. In his time in office, Mr. Wendland has declared our schools so in need of funding that the city handed over millions of dollars — and then Mr. Wendland promptly placed those funds in the bank while overseeing the closure of three of our nine elementary schools. Two of these schools are sitting empty while the children in this district are packed like sardines into too few schools.

There is a better way to manage our district and it begins with electing Karen Delaney to the school board.

Marti Long

Lake Oswego

Howell gets my vote for school board

Sarah Howell earns my enthusiastic support for Position 2 on the Lake Oswego School Board.

I have known Sarah for several years; she is actively involved with our schools and has a track record of proactively benchmarking with best-in-class school districts nationwide to learn how to get better outcomes and cost efficiencies. Sarah has advocated for foreign language; technology; and STEM (science, math, engineering, technology).

As a regular attendee of school board meetings for the last five years, she knows school district issues. Sarah is serving her third year on the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Board of Directors, is a member of the Lake Grove Elementary SAC and is a member of Lake Grove Elementary PTA.

Sarah is a positive, innovative leader who will seek out the best ideas from the community — teachers, parents, students, and retired people — to understand and represent their ideas and priorities. As a data-driven decision-maker who is fiscally smart, Sarah will work to best allocate school budgets to get the most impact from the available resources.

Sarah is dedicated to maintaining LO’s excellent schools; she will work to keep our schools on the leading edge in education. Please join me in supporting Sarah Howell.

Mark Pihl

Lake Oswego

Delaney is right choice for school board

I am voting for Karen Delaney in the upcoming school board election. Karen brings a fact-based, data-intensive and fiscally responsible perspective that will drive our schools forward rather than resting on the past laurels of the LOSD. Her opponent will be the incumbent John Wendland; his position as board chair over the past two years offers enough proof that it is time for change. Similar to the tide that swept through the city government last November, it is now time to replace the incumbent with a representative that will be a voice for the entire Lake Oswego community.

Karen brings needed stewardship.

Karen requires facts to make decisions.

Karen is a voice for the entire district.

Karen is in the schools.

Karen will not mix school board responsibilities with city politics.

For an expanded discussion, visit: facebook.com/IonLOSD.

I have listed several of the attributes that make Karen Delaney an excellent candidate for the LOSD School Board. Her views encompass those topics that are important to me and ones that I believe resonate well with the majority of the LO voters. While the incumbent will try to claim several of the same attributes, his track record proves otherwise.

Mark Bachman

Lake Oswego

Mayor, council thanked for water plant vote

We would like to thank Mayor Kent Studebaker and the majority of the Lake Oswego City Council for their vote to go forward with the planned water treatment plant. We believe that an upgraded, efficient, seismic-reinforced treatment plant is critical for Lake Oswego’s future. It is also the right thing to do to honor signed contracts and work well with neighboring cities.

As co-chairs of the Lake Oswego Sustainability Advisory Board, we understand that our actions today should be taken with the future in mind. Preserving the health of our environment and our community with reliable and clean water is a basic necessity.

We know that, because of climate change, in the future our water supplies will face uncertainly because of more intense storms, extremes in the weather, earlier snow melt and resulting landslides, drought, floods and more. All of our institutions should be built in a resilient and efficient way so that we can withstand emergencies. The new water plant and partnership will help us meet these future challenges. We believe that the new water plant is the right decision for Lake Oswego.

Lisa Adatto and Greg Monahan

Co-chairs, Sustainability Advisory Board

Lake Oswego

American Cancer Society seeks volunteer drivers

Many people in our community are battling cancer, and need help getting to treatment. The American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program provides rides to patients who have no way to get to their cancer treatment. While we have passionate, dedicated, volunteer drivers for the Road to Recovery program, we still need more volunteers to meet all local requests for assistance. This will allow patients to get the treatment they need to get well.

I am sure there are many cancer survivors and families of survivors who will understand the need for this service. I hope that folks in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties who are available on weekday mornings or afternoons on a weekly or monthly basis will volunteer to help with this very valuable program. In partnership with Ride Connection, we will schedule you to help with rides in the most efficient manner possible. Drive as much or as little as you like. Every ride can make a difference to a local patient.

Having cancer is hard. Finding a ride to treatment shouldn’t be.

For information on how to volunteer, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 503-795-3906. Or, if someone you know has cancer and would like information, day-to-day help, or emotional support, please contact the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345, or visit cancer.org.

Gretchen Renggli


American Cancer Society Road to Recovery staff coordinator

‘Racial entitlement’ issue noted in Scalia

I think you are correct Justice Scalia — “... perpetuation of racial entitlement” to voting rights. Voting rights today. Voting rights tomorrow. Voting rights forever.

Hank Robb

Lake Oswego