Delaney deserves your vote for school board

Karen is a staunch supporter for all LOSD schools and requires that decisions are based on facts and supporting analysis. She is logical and methodical, and her conviction is well documented by her continued attendance and testimony at LOSD board meetings.

Karen recognizes the need for improved governance of the LOSD, and offers an open and honest dialogue. She brings a sensible, unbiased approach that offers camaraderie to all district stakeholders.

Karen will be a responsible steward of LOSD resources. This is equally important to me as a mother with children in district schools, and as a Lake Oswego taxpayer.

Karen will bring new ideas to a stagnant board. She is an advocate for increased programs at all levels of education: transitional kindergarten, integrated K-12 language curriculum and prioritizing ACT/SAT preparation for college admissions. She is also a strong advocate for those students that seek expanded vocational opportunities.

Karen is the most sensible and logical choice for Position 3. Her incumbent opponent has not proven himself over the last four years of service, and especially the last two as board chairman.Vote Karen Delaney: a better way.

Kristin Senner

Lake Oswego

Sarah Howell will get my vote

I am endorsing Sarah Howell for Position 2 on the Lake Oswego School Board because as a parent of elementary school children she brings an important but rarely supplied perspective to the deliberations of our schools’ governing body. In addition she is warm and engaging — quick to establish the personal rapport that builds trusting working relationships.

I met Sarah Howell when serving with her on the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation. While I started volunteering in the schools in 1998 and my youngest is a junior at Lakeridge, Sarah is still involved with the realities of playgrounds and learning to read. And as a lifelong Oregon resident, she plans on being here to see her kids graduate from high school in Lake Oswego.

Sarah has an additional prerequisite for serving on the school board — she’s already put in years of involvement in our school district. Sarah attended more than 100 school board meetings, served on the foundation, on the Lake Grove SAC and the district elementary world language program study group. She has the level of knowledge and involvement of an old hand.

I trust Sarah to serve us well. Join me in voting for Sarah Howell for the school board.

Caroline Borduin


Wendland is the right choice for school board

I’m writing as a graduate of Lake Oswego High School and a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Oregon.

I’ll be starting my master’s degree for elementary education this June. From my personal experiences as a student and from studying public education for the past four years, I deeply understand the needs and struggles with our educational system. I’ve known John Wendland for 11 years and have great respect, admiration and gratitude for the countless ways he’s served our community (plus, he makes the world’s best homemade chocolate chip cookies).

As a future teacher, I passionately believe in the strength of the Lake Oswego School District. One of the key reasons the district is thriving is because of people like John Wendland, who care about and listen to needs of the students and families. Join me in re-electing John Wendland to school board Position 3 in May.

Tori Hamachek

Lake Oswego

Seems like some on council ‘operate in the dark’

Why in the world would any member of the city council want to stop work on a foundational document of governance in Oregon like our comprehensive plan?

Many citizens have worked many hours to make sure the plan continues to reflect our basic values and goals.

Council decisions are required to adhere to those basic values and goals in their legislation. Is this why some of the current folks want to stop our input? Please! This time a majority of the council stopped a no-public-notice attempt to stop our revisions to the comprehensive plan.

The mayor and councilors are elected to serve in a democratic and open way. Once again it looks like some would rather operate in the dark.

Ellie McPeak

Former city councilor

Lake Oswego

Robertson is a strong choice for school board

We are pleased to support Kevin Robertson for the Lake Oswego School Board. We met Kevin when our children were in first and second grades. Our children have now progressed through the Lake Oswego school system into high school, and at each juncture, Kevin has been actively engaged.

Because his children have attended elementary, junior high and high school in the district, Kevin understands the intricacies of how each of our district schools function, at all grade levels.

As president of the LOSD Foundation, he helped turn a dream into reality with the establishment of the endowment fund. Together with his background in financial management, he understands school budgets and finances. His calm, intelligent and approachable demeanor will be invaluable in both problem solving and the hiring of a new superintendent.

Kevin Robertson has the necessary experience and knowledge to equally advocate for all students at all schools. Please join us in supporting him.

Ann and Kelly Tucker

Lake Oswego

Council’s tinkering with comp plan is criticized

I am aghast that the Lake Oswego City Council is thinking about undoing parts of the comprehensive plan established after much work on the parts of many citizens with a great deal of input from the rest of the citizens of Lake Oswego.

It is not the role of the council to remove projects that have been started in previous years. It is the role of the council to plan for the future.

I sincerely hope this motion is voted down at the next council meeting.

Margaret Anderson

Lake Oswego

Sarah Howell is the right choice

I am pleased to support Sarah Howell’s candidacy for Position 2 on the Lake Oswego School Board.

Sarah has worked tirelessly for five years to stretch school dollars, exploring innovative programs and technologies in science, engineering, arts and math to best achieve college preparedness for all students. Providing world languages for elementary students is a proven, successful program that would make our school district competitive by attracting new students.Sarah is focused on fiscal challenges and opportunities, programs attracting open enrollment families and most importantly, gains in achievement for all students. As a three-year member of the Lake Oswego School Foundation Board, she appreciates our community’s vital, longstanding support of teachers in our district. Her experience and communication skills have made her a positive voice in the district and community. Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell.

Alex Schwarz

Lake Oswego

Wendland is getting our votes

Our family moved to Lake Oswego in 1974 and chose it because of its excellent school system, one of the best in the state. Our two children and three of our grandchildren will have graduated from LOHS by year’s end. All have been prepared for the college of their choice.

John Wendland has served on the school board for four years and was the chairman the last two years. During this time the schools have maintained their excellent rating. All of our schools have an outstanding rating by the state.

We are entering another difficult time as there are still financial issues to solve and we will have a new superintendent. We think it is imperative to have someone with John’s experience guide us through this transition. We urge you to support you John Wendland for re-election.

Bob and Linda Kraus

Lake Oswego

Robertson puts ‘all students at the heart of every decision’

Stepping down (from the Lake Oswego School Board), I want to know our schools will continue in capable hands. Kevin Robertson embodies my mission: all students at the heart of every decision.

Putting his business skills as a financial adviser to work, Kevin designed a successful endowment fund, something that had been an elusive goal for many years. Kevin’s work allows moving toward financial independence, enabling our district to budget with more stability in the future.

As foundation president during the most emotionally and politically challenging year ever, Kevin listened carefully to patrons, sought and gave full answers to questions raised regarding expenditures, worked hard forming strong committees and motivated them toward a very successful campaign.

While vice president and president, Kevin encouraged and supported staff while providing valuable oversight. Understanding how to successfully challenge staff, balancing oversight with motivation, is critical to the success of our school system.

Kevin’s acumen and experience, his knowledge of what questions to ask and what answers to listen for will be essential as the new board hires our next superintendent.

Robertson earns my vote, a proven hard worker for all our schools and children.

Linda Brown

Retiring Lake Oswego School Board member

Lake Oswego

Missing the target

Re. “Use common sense dealing with gun violence” authored by the League of Women Voters of Clackamas County, dated March 28 (in the Lake Oswego Review).

In their letter, “... League members share a longstanding position reached by consensus of our members in support of gun safety ...” While the League’s political feel-good proposals are well publicized, I have little or no knowledge about the League’s efforts to support “gun safety.” When and where can I sign up to take a League-sponsored “gun safety” course? What are the League’s documented “gun safety” efforts? In reality, the League has no interest in “gun safety” other than through firearms restrictions and curtailment.

Ironically, the League’s call for “gun safety” is a step in the right direction. A prime example of a “gun safety” void in this country was the recent recommendation by vice president Biden to his wife “to go out on the back deck of their house and fire warning shots from her double barrel shotgun when she heard prowlers.”

Talk about violating “gun safety” principles.

As a former federal law enforcement firearm’s instructor, I am well aware that a “gun safety” program helps prevent accidents, teaches people to treat firearms responsibly and demonstrates the safe and proper way to handle a firearm. So, League, stop gesticulating. Provide or fund a real “gun safety” program or use your political clout to have a program established for the good of the community. A real “gun safety” program will save lives and League members can genuinely feel good about themselves. Until then, the League’s statement of “being supportive of gun safety” is a falsehood.

John Bogdan

Lake Oswego

Robertson is deserving of school board vote

Kevin Robertson will have my vote for LOSD Board, Position 2.

I have known Kevin for many years and have always been impressed by his commitment to community service and leadership. Our district continues to face unprecedented financial challenges.

It is more important than ever that we elect school board members who have a strong understanding of finance and budgets. Through his involvement in the schools and in the LOSD Foundation, Kevin Robertson has a strong knowledge of our district finances.

Kevin’s background in financial management combined with his experience serving as the foundation president make him a uniquely qualified school board candidate.

Gary Woolworth

Lake Oswego

Support Wendland at the ballot box

We encourage the re-election of John Wendland to the Lake Oswego School Board, Position 3. John has done a terrific job the past four years, the community is fortunate that he is willing to stay on to continue to work for Lake Oswego and our children.

There will be formidable challenges during the next school board term: closing the financial gap, selection of a new superintendent, ensuring the passage of the local option to name a few. John has an understanding of these challenges and others.

Having children attend high school on both sides of the lake during the past four years, we have seen firsthand the great work accomplished during demanding times by the current board chaired by John.

It would be a shame to see any retracement in the work that has taken place.

John is the rare individual who has the skills to lead, the passion for service and the personality to get things done. We encourage you to join us in casting your vote for John Wendland.

Steve and Kristen Binns

Lake Oswego

Kevin Robertson is ‘the right choice’

I fully support Kevin Robertson as the right choice for the Lake Oswego School Board. This is a very challenging and strategic moment for the Lake Oswego School District. We must identify, select and successfully bring on board the first new superintendent in 27 years. We must continue to ensure adequate funding and direction for our excellent schools in a very challenging fiscal environment. A high-performing board needs members with deep experiences and vision in order to turn these issues and challenges into opportunity and momentum.

Kevin Robertson has the experiences and proven leadership across the entire school district. His opponent, Sarah Howell, does not have the same depth of experience and leadership. While Kevin has knowledge of the elementary, junior high and now high school level, Sarah has only a couple years of experience at the elementary level.  While Kevin has served as president for the Lake Oswego School Foundation to create and define programs for all our schools, Sarah has most recently focused on creating a special language immersion program for a very small population of children.  

At this critical time, we need deep experience, strong leadership skills and a broad vision. Kevin has these attributes. There is only one choice.

Roland Wolfram

Lake Oswego

Citizens urged to attend next council meeting

For the past two years, more than 2,000 of our citizens have devoted countless hours to developing a new strategic plan that will chart a positive course for our city.

At the last council meeting, Councilor Mike Kehoe proposed to throw out more than half this effort and end the process. The mayor and one other councilor joined him in attempting to adopt this surprise proposal immediately, precluding public comment.

I can think of few moves that would create more cynicism in our community than to summarily throw away the tireless efforts so many of our citizens have contributed to this process.

I urge the council to allow the planning process to be completed. I urge my fellow citizens to attend the next council meeting on Tuesday, April 16, at 7 p.m. and insist that the council vote down this effort to highjack public input.

James H. Lewis

Lake Oswego

Citizens invited to step up following death

The following is an open letter to Lake Oswego parents:

We’ve had a tragic loss in our Lake Oswego family. On Saturday, March 23, Lee Sorrelhorse died unexpectedly at the young age of 56. He was the stepfather of LOJHS eighth-grader Martin Lopez and devoted husband to Martin’s mom, Angelina Sorrelhorse.

If any of you knew Lee or the Sorrelhorse-Lopez family, you are aware of the important fatherly role Lee played for Martin and his siblings. He was incredibly supportive, present and persistent in his desire to help Martin be the best he could be. He was also a significant provider in many ways.

Angelina is trying to hold the family together, while they all heal from their loss. She is working full time at Portland Community College to support the family and ensure that the kids can continue the activities they enjoy today.

For Martin, many of you know what an exceptional football and basketball player he is — a very talented athlete with so much potential. Angelina may not be able to support all of his activities in the future, as she is now the sole provider for the family.

The loss to the Sorrelhorse-Lopez family cannot be fully described by the word devastating. They are impacted both emotionally and financially, and this is an important time for our Lake Oswego family to provide support and lift them up. Angelina would never ask for your support, but there are a lot of parents who have expressed an interest in helping.

If you can find it in your hearts to make a donation to this incredible family, it would be so appreciated.

There is an account set up at OnPoint Community Credit Union on Kruse Meadows Road in Lake Oswego with the name: The Lee Sorrelhorse Memorial Fund. You can call the bank at 503-273-1730 to have funds transferred, or you are welcome to go into the bank. The account number is: 1108383.

Thank you for taking care of this Lake Oswego family in a time of need.

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Mahar

Lake Oswego

Two candidates didn’t attend

We attended the Lake Oswego candidates forum at Lake Oswego Junior High School Thursday, April 4. John Wendland’s and Kevin Robertson’s chairs were empty. They were no shows.

We heard about problems created by the school board’s closing two additional elementary schools to save money and prepare for the projected reduced school attendance.

The candidates present gave information that the closings saved much less than was projected, disrupted students, caused a severe shortage of classroom space and were based on inaccurate information. The shortage of classroom space resulted in the need (at added cost) of temporary classrooms and the inability to begin some planned programs.

My husband asked John Wendland’s empty chair why he, as the board chairman, didn’t listen to the many who objected to the closings and accurately predicted the problems.

A carpenter’s rule is “to measure twice and to cut once.” The board measured once and cut twice. Why did Mr. Wendland and Mr. Robertson send excuses and statements instead of attending?

I understand they mutually support each other for their positions. A vote for both would continue the problems of the last board.

I urge concerned voters to support Sarah Howell, Liz Hartman and Karen Delaney for the board.

Phyllis Jacobs

Lake Oswego

‘Maybe it was just poor marketing’

Former Councilors Bill Tierney and Sally Moncrieff and their supporters who spent millions of your tax dollars pushing the Metro agenda for the streetcar, Foothills, sensitive lands and making Lake Oswego into a mini-Portland, have formed a new group — The Coalition. While they claim to be advocates for our schools, parks, businesses and the arts, the discussion at their kick-off meeting was primarily divisive and bitter partisan rhetoric about regaining control of the city council.

While it is great when citizens work together for a positive mission, it is not great to see a group in Lake Oswego whose initial “call to arms” email refers to the Prague Spring and the Arab Spring as their inspiration. Maybe it was just poor marketing, but anything that trivializes the struggles, violence, loss of life and horrible conditions in those countries is an insult at best. Is that what we want here — marches in the street to protest a reasonable balanced budget? Cries of stolen democracy because a councilor made a motion to give staff direction on the comprehensive plan?

This would all be amusing if it weren’t so destructive. The misinformation and half-truths expressed at the meeting, along with the anger being stirred up by a professional Democratic political activist were disconcerting. I hope those in attendance will take the time to find out the truth about the proposed changes to the comprehensive plan, the truth about how the budget committee appointees were chosen and that those attendees will actually look at the proposed budget figures once that process starts (later) in April.

Respectful community discussions about priorities and the future of our city are healthy. But, the divisive rabble-rousing I witnessed and comparing our new, more moderate council majority to murdering governments is not productive and not what anyone should want for Lake Oswego.

Janine Dunphy

Lake Oswego

‘Pay closer attention’ to the council

If you liked the story in last week’s Lake Oswego Review, “LO top destination for buying new homes, outstanding schools, and excellent lifestyle amenities,” read on. If we want it to remain as such we best all pay closer attention to the actions of this city council. Some recent actions (behind closed doors) could move this city back 10 years, when the downtown looked very different that it does today.

The mayor and the council were not elected by a landslide. They do not have a mandate to move us backwards.

Join the new Coalition Lake Oswego. The Coalition is for “citizens who promote thoughtful investment in Lake Oswego schools, businesses, art, culture, recreation programs and natural resources.” Its website is at 

The Coalition held its first meeting on April 3 with 200 attendees who want to keep this city moving forward. The next meeting is scheduled for May 29 at 6 p.m. Add the website to your “favorites” list. Attend city council meetings. Make your voices heard to keep Lake Oswego “the top destination.”

Remember, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

Deanna M. Wieman

Lake Oswego

Council action on comp plan offensive

I am outraged that the Lake Oswego City Council has moved to scrap the Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan.

I cannot tell you how many meetings I have been involved in — along with many, many other Lake Oswego residents. Are you telling us that this was all a colossal waste of time?

From the actions of the mayor, Councilors Mike Kehoe and Karen Bowerman in the last study session, it seems that they have decided that the public should not be involved in city government — that the council can make a huge policy decision without any public notice much less a public hearing.

May I remind the council members that they represent all the citizens of Lake Oswego, not just those who supported their campaigns. The election results in the fall do not give the council permission to gut the work done over years and years involving hundreds of city residents.

Marianne Conroy

Lake Oswego

(Editor’s note: The Lake Oswego City Council has not “moved to scrap the Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan.” During an April 2 study session, Councilor Mike Kehoe moved to direct city staff to remove any subjects, goals and policies not directly related to land use and to remove policies allowing increased residential densities and adding mixed uses in neighborhood residential zones. The motion also called for tracking any changes made while updating the plan and aimed to remove items that could obligate the city to spending money in the future. The council voted 4-3 to delay making a decision until the council’s April 16 meeting in order to give citizens time to testify along with notifying residents a vote was planned on the issue.)

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