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I served as president of the Lake Oswego School District Foundation last year during one of our most challenging years. We were fundraising to keep teachers and class sizes small as our district was reconfiguring our schools. During that time, I confirmed three important things about our community.

First, Lake Oswego values education and is willing to work hard to give our children a great place to start their lives. People really care and step up by volunteering and writing checks in support of education. We recognize that there is not enough state funding to adequately deliver the opportunities we want for our kids. So we do something about it.  Robertson

Secondly, people are informed and involved. As president, I made a lot of the hard telephone calls to people that were resistant to giving to the foundation because change was around the corner and they were unsure how it would affect them. In almost all cases, after a good discussion and talking about the issues and the need for supporting teachers, they made a pledge and wrote a check. 

And third, it takes an army of dedicated and enthusiastic people to accomplish big results. We raised $1.8 million for teachers this year to keep class sizes smaller. Parents stepped up, businesses donated their expertise and talent, and people in our community donated their hard-earned money for the benefit of our future generation. We even raised additional money for the foundation endowment, which will contribute to the district every year. 

I lead our foundation in a collaborative and results-oriented style with a focus on the entire district. I have the same intentions as I seek election to the school board. I have the career background, the deep roots in our community, experience in elementary, junior high, and senior high, and a willingness to continue serving my community. I understand the success of our district depends on the strength and vitality of each of our exceptional schools. As a board member, I will commit to making fair, fact-driven decisions that are in the best interest of all students at all our schools.

Above all, I believe we need to think and act as one community, one district. Just like my time on the foundation, I will support all kids at all grade levels.  Please visit my website at robertsonforallkids.com to learn more about me and why I am running for school board. 

My motto: All Students. All Schools. One district. RobertsonForAllKids.com. You can also looked for “Kevin Robertson for Lake Oswego School Board” on Facebook.

Kevin Robertson, Lake Oswego, is a candidate for Lake Oswego School Board, Postion 2.

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