Re-elect Wendland to school board

This letter is in support of re-electing John Wendland to the school board, in director Position 3. His work to date has been effective and it is in all citizens’ benefit to have him back at it.

John cares deeply about the district, especially the students. His leadership during this challenging budgetary time has been wise and inclusive. Compared to surrounding districts, we are in better shape financially and academically.

Upcoming challenges will take leadership, diplomacy and thoughtfulness. First, we need to hire a new superintendent. Second, confront the continued financial gap between diminishing state funds and increasing costs that are in some cases outside of the district’s control. Third, maintain the top performance of our students while implementing common core and achievement measurements.

I can think of no one better experienced and poised for this occasion. Join me in supporting John Wendland for re-election to the school board.

Mike Wells

Lake Oswego

Robertson is right choice for school board

The deciding factors for my vote for Lake Oswego School District Board Position 2 are experience, values and community involvement.

Kevin Robertson has been a Lake Oswego School Foundation Board member, vice president and president, in addition to being a parent of two students, a soccer coach and a volunteer in our school district.

Among his contributions to our school district and community is the creation of the Lake Oswego School District Endowment, which will continue to grow and contribute to our foundation. Kevin values one community, one district, all kids and has the financial experience and business acumen to guide our district through these difficult times.

The school board position is essentially that of a volunteer; a donation of body, mind and spirit in service to our community. It is wonderful to have so many offer to serve our district. It behooves us to carefully consider each candidate, and then, by way of a vote, accept this vital gift. Please visit Kevin Robertson’s website,, and review his key priorities and endorsements.

Robert F. Wells

Lake Oswego

Howell should be elected to school board

Two years ago my husband and I moved to Lake Oswego so our two children, ages 4 and 1, would receive the best public education our state has to offer.

That is why I support Sarah Howell in this year’s school board election. She offers the perspective of an elementary school parent, which is currently missing. She’ll bring knowledge, leadership, vision, ingenuity and positive change.

I know we can trust Sarah to maximize the use of our tax dollars to keep our schools and community strong. Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell for Lake Oswego School Board.

Sara Patinkin

Lake Oswego

Here’s a great reason to re-elect Wendland

U.S. News recently confirmed something that parents of students in the Lake Oswego School System already know. Lake Oswego High was named as one of the 500 Gold Star best high schools in the nation. This is great example of why we are voting to re-elect John Wendland to the Lake Oswego School Board.

Achieving the Gold Star status in time of shrinking funding and increasing costs is amazing. John along with the other members of the school board, staff and teachers all deserve our thanks for a job well done.

Our great schools have many upcoming challenges that require the experience and wisdom that John brings to the table as a school board member. I encourage you to join my wife and I in voting to re-elect John Wendland to the Lake Oswego School Board.

Jay and Babs Hamachek

Lake Oswego

Howell ‘truly is a treasure’

As the former president of the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation, I collaborated with more than 50 board members. Part of board membership is that you donated time, talent or treasure; Sarah Howell gave all three of these things to the foundation board.

Sarah joined the foundation board and hit the ground running. She organized a special day at Millennium Plaza Park to share our success with the community and thank everyone for supporting our excellent schools. She ran this event with pride and enthusiasm, and I was thoroughly impressed. She has a can-do attitude and natural leadership ability. She wears many hats: mother of three elementary children, wife, marketer for OHSU and volunteer.

Sarah is the best choice for the school board because she is a great listener. She is collaborative and interested in continuing our tradition of excellent schools by reaching out and learning from other great schools in our state and country. In addition, I know she will be fiscally responsible: Her commitment to promoting the foundation in its mission to raise money for teachers proves that.

Sarah has the time, the talent and she truly is a treasure. Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell.

Katy Barman

Lake Oswego

Elect Wendland to school board

The last few years have been challenging for Lake Oswego schools to say the least. We believe John’s experience and leadership on the school board have been invaluable.

John’s passion for serving the community and his experience meeting the fiscal challenges faced by the district will serve Lake Oswego well in the coming years as the board focuses on a new superintendent, a long-term facilities plan, a sustainable financial plan and continued academic excellence in our schools. These are John’s priorities, and we trust and respect his drive to navigate these challenging waters.

We know that John cares about our kids and will continue to work respectfully and tirelessly for all the children across the district, at every grade level. We hope you will join us in voting for John Wendland for Lake Oswego School Board Position 3.

Kirsten and Mark Pontarelli

Lake Oswego

What were they thinking? Part two

Late last year I commented on the purchase of a house (by the city of Lake Oswego) on Furnace Street, purchased merely to get an easement (one of three or four needed) along the Willamette. Well, they (our city council, at the time) did it! They bought it (with other people’s money) for $1,190,000.

Now, I see (article on page A13 of the Lake Oswego Review, dated April 25) that the “City-owned house is back on the market” — for $1.17 million. $1.19 million to $1.17 million — doesn’t sound like much. Right?

Only $20,000. Not much for an easement. Right? However, what did it cost us (in commissions and fees) to purchase? And, what will it cost us (in commissions and fees) to sell?

Are we looking at total costs upward of $200,000 for just one easement, when the other easements may not (or never?) become available for years?

The question remains — what were they thinking?

Syd Dorn

Lake Oswego

League supports Metro measure on ballot

The League of Women Voters of Clackamas County urges voters to support Metro’s Parks and Natural Areas Levy 26-152, which will appear on your May 21 ballot. This five-year local option levy of 9.6 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation of your home is proposed to restore natural areas, protect water quality and provide people with more opportunities to enjoy nature.

Voters approved bond measures in 1995 and 2006 to purchase and protect some of the region’s most significant undeveloped land. Neither of these bond funds for property acquisition could be used for operating expenses.

Metro owns or manages more than 16,000 acres, including more than 100 miles of stream and river frontage, wetlands, prairies, forests and more. Metro’s regional parks and natural areas are visited by more than 1.3 million people a year.

Metro has spent limited general funds to maintain these parks and natural areas, but has determined that such funding is not sustainable over the long term. Input on this proposal consisted of public opinion research, an advisory panel, local governments and community groups. Metro council voted unanimously to put this levy on the ballot.

The League supports management of our natural resources to improve water quality and wildlife habitat, fight invasive species, build trails and improve parks.

Lake Oswego residents Luana Luther, president, and Joan Batten, action chair are officers of the League of Women Voters of Clackamas County

Howell’s the right choice for school board

On May 21, I will cast my vote for Sarah Howell for LOSD School Board Position 2.

I have known Sarah for several years as she and I have attended many, many school board meetings together and have traveled to Salem to lobby on behalf of education funding reform. Having observed her work on language programs, I appreciate that she takes a thoughtful and well-researched approach to issues in our district. As a parent of elementary students, she will bring a needed perspective to the board.

Our district will face several challenges in the next few years — the selection of a new superintendent, Common Core and full-day kindergarten implementation and continuing funding issues. I am confident that Sarah will address these issues with the same careful deliberation that she has brought to her work on the foundation board, Lake Grove School Advisory Committee and world languages program committee.

Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell.

Courtney A. Clements

Lake Oswego

Robertson gets out vote for school board

We are voting for Kevin Robertson for school board. We appreciate that Kevin is not a part of any special interest group; he just wants to keep moving our exceptional schools forward for the benefit of all students.

It is rare that such a qualified and dedicated leader steps forward. Check out his resume:

  • Seventeen years experience as a parent in Lake Oswego Schools
  • Eight years service on the foundation board
  • Thnree years as a vice president on the foundation board
  • President of the foundation
  • Helped create the foundation endowment fund
  • Thirty-three years experience in financial management
  • Currently a senior vice president at Merrill Lynch
  • Endorsements from countless community leaders
  • We have three children who are currently in third, fifth and eighth grades. We care about the future of this district and we firmly believe Kevin Robertson is the best candidate.

    Patrick and Jennifer Pancoast

    Lake Oswego

    Howell would be a voice for younger students

    We have three children who have been educated in Lake Oswego schools.

    Our oldest daughter graduated two years ago and our son and youngest daughter are in high school today. They all received fantastic educations that will last a lifetime. We appreciated having school board members at the high school level who were able to hear concerns and keep us posted on what is really happening. It is comforting to know if we have an issue, board members understand.

    We believe electing Sarah Howell to the board gives elementary school parents this same voice. More than half the students in the district are elementary-aged, but Sarah would be the only board member with an elementary student. 

    Sarah is an outstanding candidate, but having a board member who can speak to the elementary community is that extra ingredient that will benefit our entire community.

    Chuck and Maureen Dunham

    Lake Oswego

    U.S. News report on Lakeridge proves puzzling

    The recent report of high schools from U.S. News & World Report dismays me. As a stakeholder in this community and its schools, I demand and expect excellence. Three aspects of the school report indicate we have failed to meet expectations:

    We failed when Lakeridge wasn’t included in the rankings. I’ve heard excuses for this failure, but with a mature district that knows the process, failure is unacceptable.

    I understand Lakeridge, if included, would have been ranked somewhere between the 11th and 16th school in the state. Again, I have heard excuses for this failure, even blaming the teachers. However, with a district that knows how the ratings work, second-tier schools in our district are unacceptable. We demand better.

    By any comparison, Lake Oswego is more highly rated than Lakeridge. While I have heard excuses for this debacle, the growing distance between two schools in the same district is unacceptable. Let’s stop pretending the two schools are either “equal” or “equivalent,” and let’s get to work on making equality happen.

    Clearly change needs to happen. The new school board this year, with the new superintendent next year, must fix these failures with the highest possible sense of urgency..

    Don Irving

    Lake Oswego

    (Editor’s note: Lakeridge High School did not get a ranking in U.S. News & World Report’s latest high school rankings, and Lake Oswego High School rose three slots to second in the state.

    Based on Lakeridge’s standardized test scores, Lake Oswego School District officials said it should have received a high ranking, and the district is investigating. Some ranking data appears to be missing from Lakeridge’s entry on the U.S. News website.

    U.S. News ranks high schools by factors including state assessment results for reading and math. The state Department of Education provides state assessment scores to U.S. News, and O.D.E. officials said they followed the proper process when releasing the information. U.S. News officials said the state suppressed state testing assessment data.)

    Questions raised about the police log

    As a 20-year resident of Lake Oswego, it’s been great to be able to keep up with the important issues and interesting things going on in town by subscribing to the Lake Oswego Review. 

    There is one section of the paper, though, that I sometimes find confusing in addition to being informative. That section is the “police log.” However, the April 25 edition was more than confusing, it was concerning and disturbing. It reported “4/17/13 8:35 p.m. A person seeking to commit suicide did not swallow enough pills to do the job.” 

    I like to think of myself as having a sense of humor, and I recognize not everyone has the same sense of humor. Yet, I cannot possibly imagine why the police log would attempt to make a joke of such an event. One of our neighbors being in severe distress is certainly not cause for amusement.

    Because of this report, it seems timely to pose a few questions our household has often wondered about the police log. Where does the paper get the information? Is it a verbatim printing provided by the Lake Oswego Police Department? That would seem surprising as both the LO police and fire departments have from my experience never been anything other than first-rate professionals and highly courteous.

    If it’s written by the Review, are there policies covering how the information is used and reported? When are names printed and when are they withheld — this sometimes appears inconsistent?

    The police log has the potential to affect not only individuals but also our neighborhoods (Anyone left who reads the police log who still thinks it safe to leave anything in your car at Stanfords?)  It would be reassuring to know the LO Review is as committed to responsible publishing as we are to supporting the LO Review.

    Michael Kaplan

    Lake Oswego

    (Editor’s note: By far most of the items printed in the police log are not meant to be humorous. They are straightforward reports on incidents that happen over the previous week. In no way does this paper look upon suicide attempts as humorous. We regret the language used in this particular incident. As for listing names, they are printed only on arrests and DUIIs and only if a suspect is booked at a jail. Our information is obtained from the Lake Oswego Police Department and rewritten to the standards of this newspaper. Use of humorous items is used by newspapers across the nation. However, sometimes mistakes are made. We have tried to learn from our readers on what items could be considered appropriate, and we will take this letter seriously.)

    Howell would be an outstanding board member

    As a four-year member of the schools foundation board, I have worked alongside Sarah Howell. To know her is to understand that she encompasses everything we expect in a leader. As chairwoman of the foundation marketing committee, she worked tirelessly promoting our mission of raising money for schools.

    A classroom volunteer and school board meeting regular, she traveled at her own expense to study best practices in other top-performing school districts. Is it any surprise the city of Lake Oswego honored her with the Unsung Hero award?

    Sarah is a leader who works for all our students, regardless of grade level or side of lake because she understands the importance of education to our students.

    As a school board member, she will listen to all ideas and act on the very best, from within our community or any other school district.

    Please join me and mark your ballot for Sarah Howell.

    Tom Krueger

    LOSD School District Foundation Board member

    Lake Oswego

    Howell stands for elementary school parents

    I am supporting Sarah Howell for school board for many reasons, but in large part because she will stand for the needs of elementary school parents.

    I have two high schoolers and a kindergartener in Lake Oswego schools, so I am keenly aware that the current school board consists solely of parents with high school age or older children. I know they truly care about all our students, but I also know firsthand that it’s hard for a parent focused on SATs and GPA to remember exactly what matters to the parent of a kindergartener and that programs at the elementary level are what prepares students for success in high school.

    By electing Sarah, our board will have a parent who will be in our district for 15 years. We need someone with that kind of long-term view. Please vote for Sarah Howell for Position 2 on the Lake Oswego School Board.

    Maria Belcik

    Lake Oswego

    Join us in voting for Robertson for school board

    Kevin Robertson’s experience, dedication, vision and values make him the perfect candidate for Lake Oswego School Board Position 2. 

    We strongly encourage you to join us in voting for him. It is critical that we elect board members who are smart, passionate and have deep knowledge of the community and the schools at all levels:

  •  Who take the time to research every issue.
  • Who are prepared to act in the best interest of all students. 
  • Who will be wise stewards of a limited budget.
  • Who are interested in finding the smartest opportunities for innovation that benefit all students.
  • Who think independently but work collaboratively. 
  • Who are committed to a vision of a united school district.

    In other words, we need school board members just like Kevin Robertson.

    We know Kevin as a friend and as a dedicated community leader. He is exceedingly well qualified to serve on the board. He has shown his commitment through his tireless work on the foundation for the benefit of all students in the district. No special interest agendas for Kevin —just a genuine desire to see continued improvements in our already exceptional schools. Please join us in voting for Kevin on May 21.

    Will and Elizabeth Winter

    Lake Oswego

    Wendland gets our endorsement

    We enthusiastically endorse John Wendland for re-election to the school board.

    John has done an excellent job steering the school board through some difficult years and should be given an opportunity to serve for another four years. We have known John personally for many years and have witnessed firsthand his thoughtful, intelligent approach to problem solving.

    John’s long experience, both as a student at Lake Oswego schools and as a parent and as a board member, give him excellent perspective on the needs of our district. John is also a business owner who knows how to manage budgets and carefully watch over scarce resources and funds. John will use these skills to carefully shepherd our school finances to assure the district is run effectively and efficiently.

    And most importantly, John realizes and recognizes that we are one district comprised of many needs and many passionate parents. Please support John Wendland for re-election to the Lake Oswego School Board.

    Lorri and Lake Oswego City Councilor Mike Kehoe

    Lake Oswego

    Howell’s voice needed on school board

    In the four years it has been my privilege to serve on the Lake Oswego School Board, I have truly appreciated the incredible dedication and hard work of so many community members to the excellence of our schools.

    I am grateful that one of those dedicated members is running for school board: Sarah Howell. Sarah has been an active participant in every school board meeting during my term. She brought great ideas and a willingness to listen and learn from others. She studied how districts similar to ours stayed on top. She led a trip of school board members to one such community, Minnetonka, Minn., to learn how they had taken their great schools to the next level.

    I know Sarah will work for innovation in our schools even in this challenging fiscal environment. We need Sarah’s voice on the school board. She represents the interests of the entire district as well as having the involvement and voice of our elementary school families. Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell.

    Teri Oelrich

    Lake Oswego School Board member

    Lake Oswego

    Robertson deserves your support

    We are voting for Kevin Robertson for school board.

    I heard Kevin speak at a candidate forum at Westridge Elementary School and found him very impressive.

    It is clear that he is very knowledgeable about district programs at every level. I was especially impressed with the information he shared about his vision to improve our offerings in science, technology, engineering and math.

    My husband and I also really like Kevin’s background working in money management. What a great skill set to bring to the school board at a time when we are working with scarce resources. He has already used his extensive knowledge of finance to benefit the district through his work on the foundation. His work in establishing the foundation endowment fund will continue to benefit all our kids for years to come.

    Finally, we really like his motto:  All Students, All Schools, One District. We have had too much division over school and city issues in recent years. We feel strongly that Kevin will bring the right attitude, experience and priorities to best serve all students.

    Kelly and Cindy Stelk

    Lake Oswego

    Re-elect John Wendland

    I am writing to express my strong support for John Wendland, current member of the Lake Oswego School Board.

    John has provided stable and sound support for this district in his tenure on the board, and losing his seat to the opposing candidate would be detrimental for our district.

    John has approached the difficult problems facing this district with an open mind and a discerning eye, enabling this district to weather financial hardship with a success unmatched in neighboring districts. I have witnessed his insightful, level-headed questions and have seen him vote with the perspective for what would be right and just for all students in Lake Oswego now and into the future.

    While I admire her active participation in school board politics, John’s opponent has not aired her views with a spirit of collaboration or respect for those currently working hard to keep our district afloat. Critical evaluation of this district’s expenditures is one very important aspect to the board member’s job. John has performed this task honorably without alienating staff and leadership. He is the right choice for this position and I urge you to re-elect him.

    Elizabeth Domagalski

    Lake Oswego

    Put Robertson on the school board

    Kevin Robertson is going to be a great member of the Lake Oswego School Board. I have known Kevin for more than 40 years and I have the greatest respect for the way he has lived his life.

    He approaches the important things in his life with determination, integrity, great organization and passion for fairness. Our family chose to live in Lake Oswego because of this city’s great commitment to public schools. Kevin Roberson has the skills, knowledge and energy required to make sure we keep that commitment to excellence.

    Kevin has earned the support of his community by working for countless days, nights and weekends on the LOSD foundation. He helped guide the organization through very tough economic conditions.

    All of us in Lake Oswego are very fortunate that Kevin Robertson is committed to make our school district excellent. Please give him your support.

    Dave Eaton

    Lake Oswego

    Julie Parrish story missed some facts 

    It was very gracious of the Review to include me in this year’s Perspective issue (released April 25). The difficulty in not having an easy life means that it’s not an easy life to write about. I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer up a few corrections to the record.

    Being the second to the oldest eight children, if my siblings read this, they’d wonder who got left out in the head count. My mother moved all six of her children to Seattle from Oregon when we were young, and my father stayed in Oregon, remarried and had two more children. Moving back to Oregon as a grown woman unaccustomed to rules made it difficult to transition into my father’s home. I lasted a week. With nowhere to go, I wound up in a tent at Barton Park for about a month along with my older sister and her family.

    When I did reconcile with my dad, I moved back and stayed for a year. It was that summer before I moved to Ashland I met Mark. I became the only commuter student from downtown Portland to go to Southern Oregon University, back and forth nearly every weekend for almost two years. Nineteen years later, I can definitely say he was well worth the drive.

    Mark going to Iraq was indeed a catalyst for running for office. Half the deployed soldiers came home to no jobs. Twenty percent are still unemployed three years later. Mark remained in the military and just retired last year. For 2014’s deployment, he’ll be home, but we’ll be working to get the Oregon Veterans Lottery Bill to the ballot so when soldiers come home next time, there will be more money for programs and services.

    Again, I appreciate the opportunity to share my story, and thank you for letting me make a few corrections.

    Rep. Julie Parrish

    R-West Linn, District 37

    West Linn

    Of two strong candidates, I support Howell

    Voters have two outstanding candidates for Lake Oswego School Board Position 2. As a member of the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Board, I know both candidates well. I served with Kevin on the executive committee and Sarah on the marketing committee. Both are extremely dedicated to our schools.

    But we can elect only one. The best candidate is Sarah Howell.

    As state revenue has declined, our high-achieving district must seek creative ways to do more with less. The board cannot simply call wealthy donors to raise more money. We need Sarah’s budget-conscious approach. Sarah’s marketing background is a critical need to promote our district, since every new student represents about $6,500 in state funding.

    With her young family, Sarah is committed to Lake Oswego schools for the next 15 years. Our schools and community will benefit from her forward-thinking leadership.

    Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell.

    John Wallin

    Lake Oswego

    Robertson ‘right person’ for school board

    It has been our privilege to have taught for the Lake Oswego School District for a combined total of 50 years.

    During this time we have seen enormous change. Yet, the one constant that remains is the incredible education Lake Oswego students receive. It is for that reason, we as educators feel that Kevin Robertson is the right person for the Lake Oswego School Board Position 2.

    We have known Kevin for the past 10 years as Kevin’s children attended Lake Grove Elementary. During that time Kevin was an active and visual participant in all facets and aspects of the school. As his children have progressed through the various grades, Kevin’s commitment has not wavered. He brings with him knowledge of all grades levels. Kevin is a strong proponent for programs that encompass all students. He has carried on that same dedication as he served on the board of the Lake Oswego Foundation.

    During these difficult and challenging economic times that face the Lake Oswego community, Kevin understands what our community needs. He is aware of the current challenges that face the district and its students as we initiate Common Core Standards, Smarter Balance Assessment and Teacher Evaluation.

    Please join us in voting for Kevin Robertson for school board.

    Debbie Hennessey and Kathy Poe

    Lake Oswego

    Vote Delaney, Howell and Hartman

    The Lake Oswego School District needs independent, critical thinkers who campaigned to improve the LOSD and not just maintain the status quo.

    Delaney offers superior governance, sound financial stewardship and increased communication. She also proposes fresh ideas for graduates heading to college or into the local workforce. Delaney brings representation for all Lake Oswego taxpayers, and not just those families supporting the LOSD.

    Howell brings sensible innovation that will expand new programs across all grade levels. She has tirelessly worked over the past five years to improve the LOSD while raising a young family. With her children now enrolled in the LOSD, she has a vested interest for the next 15 years. This perspective makes Howell a uniquely qualified candidate.

    Hartman gets my vote for being a strong advocate in the LOSD for the past 12 years. She has vast community support across the entire district and is an excellent communicator. This uncontested election makes her a shoe-in, but she is more than qualified to lead the school board for many years.

    In this election, choose the best person, and not just the best man, to lead the LOSD.

    Vote for Delaney, Howell and Hartman.

    Mark Bachman

    Lake Oswego

    Wendland is the right person for the board

    I am writing to express my strong support for John Wendland. Being on the school board, first and foremost, requires dedication to the education of the children in our community, and the ability to develop and consider all ideas that can best help the district provide the top-flight education our children currently receive into the future.

    John shares the concern of other candidates about the need for the school board to be fiscally responsible in its actions. Being on the school board, however, is not just about being a fiscal watchdog for taxpayers — it is about promoting the education of all of the students within the district.

    More and more is being asked of school districts in terms of providing the education we want for our children with fewer and fewer public resources being made available. The school board needs individuals who understand not only the fiscal side of the equation, but those who also have a vision of what educational opportunities the district can and should provide, and the creativity in these tough times to maximize the resources available to fairly and equitably benefit the most number of students we can.

    John is such a person. I strongly support his re-election.

    David Rabbino

    Lake Oswego

    ‘Super volunteer’ Howell is right for board

    Sarah Howell is a Lake Oswego mom with three young kids who works at OHSU in marketing. Already she’s done more than 99 percent of us:

    1. Participated in 100 school board meetings in the past five years. She understands how the school board works and what the issues are at every school.

    2. Served on the foundation board for three years, the last two leading the marketing committee.

    3. Visited other college prep districts to seek out cost-neutral ideas to strengthen our schools in science, math, technology and languages.

    4. Spearheaded expanding foreign language programs, which earned her one of the city’s five Unsung Hero Awards last year.

    5. Proactively sought out advice from parents, students and teachers.

    Sarah Howell is now running for school board, a four-year “super volunteer” position. She’s experienced, forward-thinking and collaborative. Let’s vote her in to unify our district and strengthen our schools.

    Learn more at

    Derrith Lambka

    Lake Oswego

    Small poker clubs do have some merit

    I have just finished an article regarding Reps. Parrish and Kotek’s bill to close down these small poker clubs in Portland and I want to add my “two cents.”

    I enjoy an occasional game of poker and since one can’t play by (yourself), I found a great little club where I can go at my convenience, enjoy the social interaction and play with friends for a couple of hours.

    If Reps. Parrish and Kotek have their way, the only other choice for players such as myself would be to drive quite a distance to Sprit Mountain (which is a casino) or cross the river into Washington where poker is legal (and in both cases depriving Portland from the revenue).

    On top of that, instead of charging a $10 admittance fee like the Portland clubs, both the casino and the Washington clubs have a “rake” in addition to the charges for food and beverages. (A rake is charge averaging from 5 to 10 percent from each pot.)

    So my question is, when does “political overreach” infringe on one’s freedom? And are we now becoming a miniature New York City?

    Ken Gomes

    Lake Oswego

    Support Sarah Howell for school board post

    Our great schools deserve a school board that is reflective of all its students. We are supporting Sarah Howell for Lake Oswego School Board Position 2 because elementary school parents need a voice as important decisions are made in the next few years.

    As the parents of two high schoolers, we know several current school board members simply from meeting them on sports fields or at high school events. We can ask pertinent questions and give direct feedback on current issues. Elementary parents should have the same opportunity. Electing Sarah Howell will give those parents that important voice.

    Of course, Sarah is much more than that. She is fluent in all issues facing all levels of schools from her years of attending school board meetings. She seeks out parents at every school at every grade and has earned their trust and support.

    On May 21, please vote for Sarah Howell.

    Karen Poelstra and Guido van den Bos

    Lake Oswego

    Robertson is right choice for board

    The school funding crisis has forced Oregon school administrators to cut 16 percent of their teachers and raise class sizes by 20 percent in the last seven years. We are fortunate in Lake Oswego. Although we have suffered losses and increased class sizes, they have not been nearly as bad.

    Our good fortune is due to school district administrators and school board members who anticipated cuts and diverted those cuts to non-essentials. But, our greatest benefactor, our great stabilizer, has been the Lake Oswego School District Foundation. Each year the foundation raises millions of dollars for our schools, money that funds teaching positions and keeps class sizes at optimal levels.

    Kevin Robertson has been an active leader of the foundation for the past six years — right in the middle of Oregon’s biggest school funding crisis. Certainly many people helped make the foundation what it is, but as foundation board member, chairman and president, no one did any more than Kevin to keep teachers in our classrooms and keep class sizes low.

    That is why I am supporting Kevin Robertson for Lake Oswego School Board. He not only cares about our schools, he has a proven track record keeping our schools the best they can be.

    Frank Mondeaux

    Lake Oswego

    by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: STUART WORLEY - Rosemary Cleland, trumpet, and Dale Cleland, conductor, with the Millennium Concert Band at the National Convention of Concert Bands in San Ramon, Calif.

    Millennium Concert Band scores nationally

    Lake Oswego was recently represented extremely well at the national level by the Lake Oswego Millennium Concert Band when it performed at the National Convention of Concert Bands in San Ramon, Calif.

    Musicians from all parts of our country were in the audience and reacted with enthusiastic acceptance when our band delighted them with a marvelous band concert. Our band has been performing in Lake Oswego regularly since 1999 and has grown in numbers and quality over the past years until it now is among the elite adult bands in the United States.

    We always perform a variety of good listening music at our performances and you won’t find a better way to spend an evening than to attend one of our free concerts.

    The last formal concert of this season is May 5 at 7:30 p.m. at Lakeridge High School, followed by our annual Patriotic Concert on July 3 at 7 p.m. at Millennium Plaza Park.

    The 72 members of our band enjoy our weekly rehearsals, are proud of their accomplishments and enjoy sharing their talents as they perform band music at its best. The Millennium Band is a wonderful resource we have in Lake Oswego. Please take advantage of it.

    Alan Mehrwein

    West Linn (but works in Lake Oswego)

    Band president and clarinet player

    Lake Oswego Millennium Concert Band

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