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'One key reason people move to Lake Oswego is the schools'


Elections bring out calls for change and innovation and all candidates present many new ideas hoping to convince the voter. Most of these ideas are wonderful. Who among us would not want to add back PE specialists, offer language for all students, add IB programs and establish a transitional kindergarten program?Robertson

The harsh reality is you can’t fund new programs without eliminating or reducing other established programs. Even strategies to increase revenue by recruiting out-of-district students aren’t a magic solution. These students only come with around $6,500 in state funding when we spend more than $8,000 per student to educate our district children thanks to the local option and the foundation. 

I feel we need to start with the basic premise that Lake Oswego schools are great. Each year, our wonderful teachers, administrators, staff and students achieve outstanding results.

We can build from this foundation. Our state funding challenges do not mean we cannot innovate or restore programs lost to budget cuts. But it does require that we identify funding sources and make tradeoffs with input from our teachers and parent community.

I believe we must continue to improve our elementary and middle schools. We need to start with implementing the Common Core standards, the largest mandated curriculum change in recent U.S. history. If we ensure our teachers are trained and provide our students the technical resources, materials and skills they need to fully take advantage of this change, we will ensure that Lake Oswego schools are the best at realizing the promise of this new curriculum. 

Additionally, I believe we must look at the elective curriculum. We have added more STEM classes and should continue to encourage teacher initiative and innovation at both our high schools and middle schools. By evaluating electives for interest and progression, we can build elective offerings that benefit all of our children.

Finally, I would like to see us develop and fund a master technology plan that addresses central infrastructure and computers as well as educational goals for technology use at each grade level. PTAs have been generously funding computers to date, but this has varied at each school. The time has come to look at this area districtwide.

As an investment professional with more than 32 years of experience, I know that I can utilize my financial background to structure and build a compelling plan to improve our technology along with a strategy to invest in the safety, maintenance and improvement of our older schools. 

One key reason people move to Lake Oswego is the schools. It is actually quite simple. If we keep our schools great, we will keep our community great. I believe that I offer the balanced leadership and relevant experience professionally and at all of our school levels to serve you on the school board. I am 100 percent vested in our community and in our schools. There is no higher purpose to work for than the education of all of our children. We have much work to do and I am well prepared and ready for the job.

I am proud to have received the support and endorsements of hundreds of Lake Oswego leaders and community members. Please visit my website, robertsonforallkids.com, to learn more about my candidacy.

I would appreciate your vote for LOSD Board Position 2. 

Kevin Robertson, Lake Oswego, is a candidate for Lake Oswego School Board, Position 2.