Many Oregon parents and their public school students are just waking up to the newest federal curriculum mandate known as Common Core. In short, Common Core is the Department of Education takeover of all public school curriculum and testing for college (assessments) by 2015. This is Outcome Based Education that follows a brand-new formula and focus, entirely created by private interests while funded with tax dollars from the stimulus money and a few huge private foundations, i.e., the Gates Foundation.

Hmmm, anybody remember No Child Left Behind? Well, thanks to the Obama administration, known as Race to the Top, 45 states, including Oregon, took the bait, curriculum sight unseen, with the promise made to implement Common Core, thus ceding any further input or responsibility for the curriculum your children must learn from and test from to have a chance to enter their college years at any level. Homeschoolers, that's the part that will impact you. Here's how one concerned Hillsboro mother saw this and took action: "As a mother, I am deeply disturbed by the Common Core standards that are being implemented into our schools. It is the methods of implementation that distress me. “Under the Common Core, our children's information will be entered into a national, centralized database via a system called P20 Workforce Tracking. This data collection is so that our children can be tracked from preschool to age 20 in a ‘cradle to career.’ We, as parents will have no control over what happens to that personalized information. All results, biometric data, disciplinary records, etc. will follow our children from their elementary years into their careers. Utilizing Common Core technology, the government will scrutinize our children at every level: mentally, physically and emotionally. The new assessments are more about the education system's knowledge of what a child is thinking than they are about assessing a child's knowledge in any particular subject. “Plainly put, our government is testing and tracking our children for their benefit." Please come to the West End Building this Friday at 6 p.m. to hear a distinguished panel discuss and expose the truth about Common Core and what you can still do about it. 

Art Scevola, Lake Oswego, is the founder of the Oregon 912 project. Oregon 912 will hold what it’s calling a “Common Core Conversation” with Lake Oswego City Councilor Karen Bowerman, Lewis & Clark emerita Chana Cox of North Plains and Scevola.The program will be held Friday at the West End Building, 4101 Kruse Way, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. For more information, visit

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