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‘Turning the other cheek’ on personal bitterness

For the concerned individual “insulted” by the National Day of Prayer article mentioned in the Review (letter to the editor, May 16), he might ask himself “Why am I here?”

I certainly don’t consider my family, my faith, my friends, my hardships and challenges — and all of the world’s collective lives to be an “accident.” Perhaps he does, and that’s his right, but when more than 90 percent of Americans believe in God (Gallup Poll, June 3, 2011), maybe he should consider “turning the other cheek” per his anger and bitterness?

My wife and I moved to Oregon 18 years ago from the Southern United States, absolutely stunned by the beauty of the Northwest and impressed by the warmth of its people. These rich experiences only add to our “faith” — as we simply cannot accept that such vistas and grace are in our presence by mere chance.

I commend and appreciate the Review for highlighting the National Day of Prayer.

Doug Davis

Lake Oswego