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First and foremost, a hearty congratulations to the athletes of Lakeridge High School.

Another year has come and gone and you have once again displayed what it takes to be successful student athletes. You are a credit to your sport, the school and, most importantly, yourselves.

You can be proud of your accomplishments and know that you left your mark as a Pacer. Special congrats to Ken James and girls track for winning the 6A title, first in school history. Also to Coach Sheinin and lacrosse, ninth state title. Two championships in a week — I wonder how many schools in the state can make that claim.

Congratulations to Colin Griffin and Pacer baseball on the best season in recent years. A look at the roster tells me there is more where that came from.

During the win at Westview, someone asked my opinion on whether Lakeridge should drop down to 5A. It was his assertion that we can no longer compete at the 6A level. As I was focused on the game, I was not willing to take issue with his claim.

I am now. His claim is absurd. These people want us to drop down to 5A just so we can win a few more games. Their wish is born out of a "win at all costs" mentality that has no place in high shool athletics. They say we can't compete; they need to take another look at what competition is.

Preparing your best to be your best against the best and then being able to look in the mirror and live with the results, that is what competing is all about. There is more to it than the win column.

As someone who has observed Pacer sports for more than 30 years, no one wants to see us win more than I do, but even more important than winning X number of games is what goes into it, the process.

Our athletic legacy was built over the course of 40 years by players and coaches who always did their best against the best. Many schools in Oregon that are much bigger than we are, and have been open much longer than we have, would love to have our history of athletic success. Let me ask you, Pacers, what do you think about this issue? Who would you prefer to compete against? There need to be other reasons to play games than just winning because it isn't always going to happen. What goes around comes around. Just keep striving. We can't compete? Coaches James, Sheinin and Griffin would argue that. 

If it can happen in track, lacrosse and baseball, it can happen in the other sports as well. Our legacy is pictured outside the upstairs gym. Take a look sometime. Those people are celebrated because they knew what true competition was and met the challenge. 5A is wrong for Lakeridge, it doesn't fit our legacy.

In conclusion, I would once again like to thank the lacrosse team for providing one of the feel-good moments of the year. A win like that brings the community, the Lakeridge community, together. It was a real nice party. A fitting end to a successful year. Support the Pacers. The first football game is but a few months away.

Steve Holm is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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