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Proposed design of Kruse Village is a concern

I support converting the historic Kruse homestead into a retail complex (as reported in the June 13 Lake Oswego Review).

However, I am concerned about the contemporary “feel” of Kruse Village — one circular building with a roof and the others flat. Lake View Village transformed our previously unattractive hodgepodge downtown Lake Oswego into a retail complex that fit beautifully into the more traditional style of surrounding Lake Oswego neighborhoods with brick and stone facades, peaked roofs and a “village” concept.

If I recall correctly, the original drawing of the anchor store, where Sur La Table is located, was initially reminiscent of an airport control tower — a three-story contemporary glass and steel edifice. In meetings, people complained about the designs and Lake View Village evolved into its present design.

Lake Oswego is one town. Why divide the city into two distinctly different directions with a modern structure on the site of an historic homestead? Kruse Village is a large complex that does not have to look exactly like Lake View Village.Architects can meld the current Kruse brick construction with a Kruse Village design that retains some European charm, which is the direction Lake Oswego began when it redeveloped downtown.

We have a jewel in Lake View Village that should not become a “one-time deal” in our city planning. 

Leslie Pirrotta

Lake Oswego

‘A sexual identity see-saw?’

In last week’s Review, pretend childhood sexuality expert and homophobia merit badge contender Clifford D. Mansley Sr. offers up all the usual false, discredited reasons for keeping openly gay boys out of the Boy Scouts.

“Scouting is no place where the advocates of homosexuality should exploit youth with their advocacy of the gay lifestyle.”

Who said it was? And since this manufactured gay lifestyle advocacy is rarer than a compassionate conservative, let’s move on to the most surprising, and perhaps revealing, of former Scoutmaster Mansley’s misconceived notions: “Scouting, with boys 7 to 17 ... is a time in the life of a youngster where ... sexual identity is on the proverbial see-saw.” Really? A sexual identity see-saw?

Sexual identification, as anyone who grew up as a human being knows, is not a see-saw decision, with homosexual ups and heterosexual downs, and then finally we choose which side to get off. Sexual orientation is more like a playground slide, to stick with Mansley’s analogy, where your final destination is unalterably set the minute you get on it. (And at the end, if you do it right, you’ll need to change your pants.)

I was a Boy Scout myself, and in my case I knew I was riding the straight slide the moment I laid eyes on Yvette Mimieux as Weena in “The Time Machine,” and no overnight camping trip “sleeping in the same tent with a gay boy,” as Mansley frets, was going to turn my ardor to Rod Taylor.

Now, if Mansley wants to argue that he spent his youth see-sawing between Yvette and Rod, I’m sure we’re all ears. But it’s a good thing he never told his Scout leaders at the time, or he might not have been allowed the opportunity to become a former scoutmaster.

Burl Ross

Lake Oswego

‘What is wrong with Washington?’

Being a college student as well as a concerned citizen, I regularly find myself asking the same question: What is wrong with Washington?

After questioning many of my colleagues and observing the political process, I have come up with my own conclusion. Brace yourself: The problem is not those in Washington, the problem is us. We the people. The American electorate has turned away from principles and toward partisan politics.

We look back to 2001 and the Patriot Act and we remember the outcry from the left calling President Bush a tyrant for violating our right to privacy and allowing the government to monitor and trace nearly every aspect of modern communication. Only few affiliates of the Republican Party were outspoken dissenters of this legislation. The troubling aspect of this episode is its recurrence and the reversal of roles.

(Recently) we uncovered the NSA’s PRISM system, which is used to gain access to the private communication of users from nine popular Internet services, including Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Facebook. Now we hear from those on the right arguing over practically the same case, yet this time they have become the outspoken critics while those on the left quietly sit back.

Supporters of both the Republican Party and Democrat Party have dismounted their own individual convictions and fallen victim to party politics. A Democrat and Republicans are easily influenced to support partisan policy if it is labeled as a liberal policy or conservative policy. There appears to be an absence of conscious individual deliberation. Maybe it is simply a lack of concern for public affairs.

Where are those who examine, question and analyze? We have allowed the inexcusably poor efforts by legislators across the country become the norm.

Lincoln Boyd

Lewis & Clark College