A really good news day

Thank you for making the Aug. 15 Review one of the happiest ever — especially for this long-time resident. 

Having the picture of William Stafford honoring his 100th birthday with LO Reads was the perfect front page news. I have attended The Friends of William Stafford events at “my favorite library” ... so this tribute to our famous poet will be celebrated by many.

Another Lake Oswego notable was the tribute to Helen Grigg who started the Oswego Quilters 55 years ago. So many people admire her and give her credit for saving quilting in Oregon.

I first met her at the LO Methodist Church. I was born in Edna Larson’s midwife’s home on the corner of Oak and Erickson 82 years ago.

Helen and I enjoyed telling our stories. My favorite was telling her about growing up on Church Street and my mother, Adelma Moore, having a small quilting group in our small front room. I used to crawl under the frame to help pull the needles through. 

Ladies from the church would enjoy lunches on her deck and sometimes helping with the quilts. So many ways to honor Helen, but reading and seeing the Review pictures of her quilting group made this a really good news day. Thank you.

Loeta McElwee

Lake Oswego

Invest in the Farm Bill

I admire Congressman Kurt Schrader and Sen. Ron Wyden in wanting to provide lumber mill jobs in Oregon; in forging a compromise between forestry industries and environmentalists; as well as trying to build a sustainable and healthy forest subjected to disease and wildfires.

But, clear-cutting our federal lands — property of all American taxpayers — is outmoded, 19th century thinking in the face of immediate global warming. The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) tells us that we are now 32 percent higher in total greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations than we were in 1990 equivalent to 473 parts per million (ppm). The earth emitted between 180 and 280 ppm over the previous 800,000 years.

Forests are one of our best sources of carbon storage offsetting our GHG emissions. Trees will store in their root systems and bark carbon up to 80 and 100 years depending on the species. Younger trees actually store carbon at a faster rate than older trees. Our oceans have in the past been our carbon storage fallback, but now they are warming and turning acidic due to excessive emissions.

Why not invest federal funds available in the Farm Bill as well as in Wyden’s S.2895 bill to research and fund a viable biomass industry, as well as an incinerated ash industry with air curtain burners? These are 21st century, fuel-efficient and environmentally sound business opportunities.

Ted Ricks

Lake Oswego

Knights of Columbus thank Wizers

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men’s group that does service projects that benefits all. 

The Wizer’s food store has been our primary food provider. 

Our Knights have been preparing breakfast and spaghetti dinners for most of our existence. 

Gene and Jan Wizer are strong supporters of the Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church with time and support. 

We will miss their store, but we are still blessed to have his presence in our parish.

Thank you Wizers for the past 25 plus years of working with the Knights.

Jay G Betts

Lake Oswego

Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of the Lake 

Keep development dialogue going

I just read the (citizen’s view) written by Dianne Cassidy (Review, Aug. 22) regarding community development codes.

I agree that our city needs to be careful. I have seen a lot of development take place in LO, I went to the Lakewood Center when it was Lakewood Grade School and Dee Thomason had his first car lot across the street.

I will admit that when downtown LO was redeveloped I was skeptical and then pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Having said that, I have great concerns about the city’s building codes and am afraid we will turn into a town with nothing but infrastructure around our lake and McMansions on every street.

We live in a neighborhood with charming midcentury homes, small, medium and large homes. It is extremely important to me that Lake Oswego keep this diversity in housing.

When I voted in this last election I voted for the people who are now in place hoping that they feel as I do. Thank you, Dianne, for keeping this dialogue going.

Lynn Guzie

Lake Oswego

Renew our school levy for a strong Lake Oswego

You may be a lifelong Lake Oswegan or maybe you moved here “for the schools.” Whether or not you have children in the LO schools, we all enjoy the benefits of a school district that is one of the best in the state. We’re able to maintain this position as a result of the monetary support from the school levy.

In November, we must renew this levy. The state of Oregon grants localities limited flexibility in school funding. Lake Oswego first passed a school levy in 2000; our citizens have wisely renewed it several times. Monies generated by the levy stay in LO and provide a significant portion of the district’s budget, funding our excellent teachers and programs.

Your educational priorities may be core reading, writing and math. Your focus may be language immersion or the arts. Perhaps you simply want your child to have the best education possible. All of this is happening in Lake Oswego.

Join me in voting yes to renew our school levy for a strong Lake Oswego.

Elizabeth Cook

Lake Oswego

Story on county parks lacks information

(An Aug. 15) article titled: “Clackamas River rules amendment vote set; cleanup volunteers sought.”

Second paragraph: On Thursday, Aug. 15, commissioners will vote on proposed amendments to the County Park Rules Ordinance at its evening business meeting. The amended ordinance was prompted by increased recreational use of the Clackamas River, resulting in public-safety issues and environmental concerns related to drunkenness, littering and trespassing. What are the amendments?

What will be affected? There’s no information or link in the article.

William Murphey

Lake Oswego

(Editor’s note: The Review story on Aug. 15 referenced a Clackamas County Board of Commissioners meeting that was taking place that night, which was past the Review’s deadline. The Aug. 22 Review carried an account of the commissioners’ actions. To view that story, either go to or view page A17 of the Aug. 22 Lake Oswego Review.)

Continue to support schools by supporting levy

I am in full support of renewing the existing Lake Oswego school levy this fall.

I have three kids, a third- and fifth-grader at River Grove Elementary and a seventh-grader at Lakeridge Junior High. This will be my family’s eighth year in the Lake Oswego School District and so far I have been impressed with the quality of teachers and low student-to-teacher ratios. I believe these two items are the most important factors to student success and the latter cannot be sustained as is without the funding received from the levy renewal.

Well-educated kids are more likely to find employment, have stable families and be productive, balanced community members. I want this not only for my kids but for all kids. Investing in quality public education is an investment in a healthy economic and social environment — an environment where everyone benefits.

Please join me in voting yes to renew our school levy for a strong Lake Oswego.

Amber Imes

River Grove PTO president

Lake Oswego

Voters urged to vote yes on school levy

I specialize in relocating families to the Portland and the Lake Oswego area, and after 21 years as a Realtor and listening to why people want to relocate Lake Oswego over the other communities of Portland, Beaverton, Tigard or Tualatin, it is consistently the schools.

They want to bring their families to a place that will support education, which is why we moved here originally, too. As former president of the Lake Oswego School District Foundation and current board member of Saturday Academy, I am continually humbled by the vast group of parents that make funding education a priority in our community. My children started in kindergarten and are now through university and I continue to support our dedicated parents, teachers and staff that make our town the most revered school district in Oregon.

I am ready to vote yes to renew our school levy as it only continues the funding we have had before, no increase. Our parents move here for the best schools in the state and I am happy to renew our school levy. Whether you have children in our great schools or not, I hope you will vote yes on Nov. 5 as well.

Susan Stier

Realtor with Windermere Cronin & Caplan Realty Group, former president of Lake Oswego School District Foundation and current board member of Saturday Academy

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