These days you can spend your day reading and listening to negative news about the economy and government so please allow me to add some positive news.

In 2008 when I campaigned for my seat on the Lake Oswego City Council my message was to move our city forward, to look to the future to ensure that Lake Oswego remained the beautiful and livable city that we all enjoyed. I believe in that message today.

I believe that Lake Oswegans move here deliberately - for the great schools, the vibrant business districts, excellent library, public art, the safe neighborhoods. The many amenities that we enjoy today are here because of the vision of past leaders and our talented city staff who were able to see the possibility of what Lake Oswego could be.

In spite of being in a recession that has left many pessimistic about the future and cynical about government, City Manager Alex McIntyre, his managers and city employees with the support of the majority of the city council have accomplished the following in the last three years:

* Ensured Lake Oswego's sewer system will be able to hand future demands by completing the LOIS system on time and under budget.

* Moved ahead with the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership, which will ensure that Lake Oswego has an adequate and safe water supply into the future.

* Created a five-year capital improvement plan to budget for and prioritize the maintenance, repair and replacement of critical city infrastructure, property and equipment.

* Created an Economic Development Department, which has worked to ensure that Lake Oswego's business districts and economy grew stronger and more resilient.

* Secured a low-interest loan to pay for the West End Building. We are paying down principal and putting aside money to maintain the building, which stays busy with parks and recreation programs.

* Ensured that Lake Oswego remains beautiful through the completion of Millennium Plaza Park, Sundeleaf Park and Foothills Park.

With scary global, national, state and regional news, it's easy to forget that Lake Oswego is in strong financial shape and that we have completed public projects during the past three years that have made our city a better place to live. We have grown our financial reserves, shored up our infrastructure and we have a plan in place for maintaining our public properties into the future.

All of the progress mentioned above has been during City Manager McIntyre's leadership of our unparalleled city staff. The style of leadership demonstrated over the past four years has been one of teamwork - joining together to find creative solutions to difficult problems.

Look again at what has been accomplished and appreciate our city employees, our volunteer citizens, our many civic organizations who through thinking outside of the box combined with a strong work ethic have made Lake Oswego better.

Our city is stronger than it has ever been. It is important to constantly strive to become better than we are. Our city always has room to improve. It is also important to recognize all that we have accomplished and to appreciate the leaders who have been resilient, creative and hard-working and to feel grateful.

Sally Moncrieff is a Lake Oswego city councilor who has just announced that she will not run for re-election later this year.

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