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City needs to keep moving forward


For all of the complaining by some of our citizens our city council, led by Mayor Jack Hoffman, has kept Lake Oswego moving forward in these tough economic times.

The city council's leadership has continued to ensure that Lake Oswego is a beautiful, safe and enjoyable community. Under Mayor Hoffman's leadership the city, while enduring tough economic conditions, has provided financial assistance to the Lake Oswego School District. In addition, had it not been for their vision and the vision of previous councils, we would not have a sewer system that is in compliance with DSL and capable of handling future demands.

Nor would the city have established the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership, which establishes a beneficial consumptive use of Lake Oswego's water rights before they were to be confiscated by the state. By tough bargaining, the city secured a better and lower interest rate loan for the West End Building. Moreover, our finance director has been able to keep Lake Oswego economically strong through years of global economic turmoil.

The city has established an Economic Development Department that has keep the vision of an economically vibrant downtown moving forward by acquiring another key parcel for the North Anchor project.

While I agree the redevelopment of the Foothills area should stand on its own merit and not require the streetcar to make it viable, someday soon we will need an alternate to the state Highway 43 traffic issues. In my humble opinion, the streetcar project should be expanded to follow the existing railroad tracks west from downtown to serve Lake Grove and terminate at I-5, which would be a more suitable location to build a park-and-ride garage. None of this would have been accomplished without strong visionary leadership thanks to Mayor Hoffman. This council has accomplished a great deal and should be given its due credit. They should also be encouraged to continue their strong forward- thinking leadership and identify a suitable location for a new and expanded library and find a solution to funding the Boones Ferry/Lake Grove redevelopment.

The council needs to be encouraged to roll up its collective sleeves and venture beyond its political and ideological differences because there is still a great deal to be accomplished if Lake Oswego is to keep moving forward and maintain its desirability in the Portland Metro area.

Frank Groznik, Lake Oswego, is a former Lake Oswego city councilor.