Vote yes to renew Lake Oswego’s school levy

I am a Lake Oswego mom, local business owner, active participant in and current tri-chair of Leadership Lake Oswego, and also a former elementary educator. From these perspectives I know that renewing the school levy is an easy decision. Any form of community involvement, which allows one to see the big picture here in Lake Oswego, highlights how crucial the school levy is for all of us.

Like many people, we moved our family to Lake Oswego for the schools. But not just for the schools. We also love that Lake Oswego has a strong community and a local culture. Each of these things would be negatively impacted if the school levy renewal were not to pass. Join me in supporting our children, our schools, and our thriving community. Vote yes to renew our school levy.

Cory Willson

Lake Oswego

Your vote does matter

I have personally been working on the campaign to renew the school levy as co-lead of the events and communication team.

What I have seen is a community that is rallying around a great cause — our schools. Realtors, business owners, grandparents, parents of school children and citizens without kids in school are all supporting this renewal.

I love living in Lake Oswego. I love all that it has to offer. I love that it is a community that joins together to make the experience of living here better. Please make sure to vote yes to renew the school levy.

Your vote really does matter.

Rhonda Cohen

Lake Oswego

You get what you pay for

Lake Oswego is defined by many things that make it one of the most livable communities in the Northwest.

The most important of which is our top-rated schools. Our parent involvement, quality facilities, dedicated staff and, yes, money, have made our schools the envy of every city in the state. That’s why we live here. That’s why there is such high demand for our real estate.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and we’ve gotten a lot for our reasonable local investment in schools. Let’s keep it going.

Please vote to renew our school levy.

Doug Fish and Michelle DeCourcy

Lake Oswego

Vote yes on school levy

Hello citizens of Lake Oswego.

I am a mom with three kids here in Lake Oswego and I am urging you to vote yes on the school levy in order to keep our schools for our children outstanding. As a strong community that values the education of our children, it is absolutely imperative that we band together and renew the school levy. Our tax rates will not go up, class sizes will remain significantly smaller than they otherwise would be, unique programs and electives can stay in place, no additional schools would have to be closed and our property values will remain high.

With two of my kids at Oak Creek and the youngest one headed there next year, I shudder to think of what would happen if the levy were not continued. The school levy provides $6 million to $7 million per year to our district.  That is the equivalent of 65 to 70 teachers. Our students need this funding.

So please vote yes on the school levy. Our children thank you.

Kerstan Ruffer

Lake Oswego

Soccer team thanks Pacific Lumber

The Lakeridge boys and girls soccer team would like to express our appreciation to Pacific Lumber for donating a flatbed truck for our annual homecoming parade.

Contributions from our local businesses play a large role in our athletic programs.

Thank you Pacific Lumber for your community support.

Lakeridge varsity boys

and girls soccer teams

Lakeridge High School

Vote yes to renew the school levy

“Renew the school levy” may not be a racy slogan, but it’s a vital effort to maintain the Lake Oswego school system. A yes vote will renew and continue the existing supplemental levy that has kept our schools among the very best in Oregon.

I know personally, from multiple viewpoints, how important the levy is to the ongoing success of our schools:

• We chose Lake Oswego as the community in which to live when we moved to the metro area because of the education our schools offer.

• As president of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce, I know that the business community relies on the schools to attract employees and customers.

• As a member of a city citizen advisory committee, I have participated in the comprehensive plan review of the last three years and learned that no concept is more important to our citizens than the strength of the school system.

This is one time to stay the course — vote to renew the school levy.

Douglas Cushing

Lake Oswego

Design promotes village atmosphere

Lake Oswego village is the heart of our town, but it’s also a work in progress.

As our community grows and as aging residents consider downsizing, housing in Lake Oswego’s walkable core is becoming increasingly important. Evergreen Group has a plan for much-needed development on the Wizer block, and its collaborative approach will result in an addition that moves our village forward without compromising the essence of Lake Oswego.

The proposed design, the result of several months of community discussions and modification, continues the village atmosphere Lake Oswego has worked hard to cultivate.

The three buildings for the block feature distinct and compatible architectural styles as well as walkways and gathering spaces to promote community. Parking is ample and hidden from view in underground lots. High-quality materials and green design will ensure a timeless quality that will last for future generations.

This new development also has the potential to make a significant impact on our local economy. A one-time construction excise tax means nearly a quarter of a million dollars for our schools, and estimated annual property taxes of more than $600,000.

We can expect new jobs, new retail destinations and greater patronage of local businesses, further adding to the vitality of our community.

Evergreen Group and its team have taken community concerns to heart, designing within city codes and creating a viable solution for Lake Oswego’s future. It’s time to embrace progress and build our village. The existing structure is totally out of sync with the newer surroundings and needs to be replaced.

Jerry Parsons

Lake Oswego

‘Shock and awe’ didn’t work in Iraq, won’t work in LO

We have long hoped for redevelopment of the Wizer block into a residential and commercial center that would complement Millennium Plaza Park and Lake View Village. We are saddened by the gigantic apartment complex proposal that was advanced by the Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency and will be considered by the city council. It was obvious in the one public hearing held on this proposal that the W&K plan was “wired for approval” before any testimony was taken from citizens and neighborhood association representatives.

“Shock and awe” did not work well in Iraq and it should not be allowed to destroy the heart of the place we all love. We need not repeat the many reasons that 228 apartments and condos, plus commercial spaces, and parking for 400 cars crammed into a collection of inharmonious buildings on Block 137 are unacceptable.

The Lake Oswego Review is full of appeals for rethinking this mistake from residents who are horrified by the total disregard of the original East End Redevelopment Plan for this area and the scale of our downtown center. The East End Redevelopment Plan suggests “a mixed-use development, which includes a 30-70 unit hotel or housing.” 

Where is the “open city hall” and “regard for the views of LO citizens” that these city councilors promised in their election campaigns?

Judy Davis and Jack Kysar

Lake Oswego

Support building Lake Oswego village

The Wizer block has long been in need of redevelopment. The Lake Oswego community has found a partner in Evergreen Group LLC and its world-class architectural teams from ZGF and Ankrom Moisan. For the past several months, the development team has shared designs, listened to community concerns and responded with modifications to move toward a project that can enhance this important block in the heart of Lake Oswego.

Quality housing in the city’s core is in demand. The Evergreen Group is working within Lake Oswego’s building codes to bring new residential options to the community and introduce additional retail and dining destinations. The project team is incorporating recommended architectural styles and details, keeping buildings under the 60-foot height limit and providing parking that not only exceeds city guidelines, but also is out of view.

Rebuilding the Wizer block will generate more economic activity for the area, numerous temporary and permanent jobs, and tax revenue for services and schools. This quality development will help ensure the continued vitality of Lake Oswego’s East End.

In short, the team behind the new Wizer block development is committed to making this project work and to working with the community. The opportunity is here and the time is now, so make your voice heard and support building our Lake Oswego village.

Mary Bosch

Lake Oswego

 Vote yes on school levy measure

As Lake Oswego High School graduates, parents of three children currently attending LOSD schools and volunteers in those schools, we understand the critical importance of renewing our school levy.

Without the funding provided by the levy, class sizes would be significantly larger and the demonstrated excellence of our district would be in jeopardy. We want Lake Oswego to remain the kind of place where graduates return to raise their own families.

Please join us in securing the future of our schools by voting yes on Measure 3-434. We are pleased to see the broad support for the levy. 

Your yes vote is critical to the continued success of our high-performing students and graduates. Voting is simple as there is only one issue on the ballot.

Take the time and make your vote count.  Let’s make sure that we renew our levy.

Joel and Dusty Johnson

Lake Oswego

What we cherish ... is on auction block

I appeal to the city council and the development review commission of Lake Oswego to step back from the precipice that is the Wizer/W&K proposed overdevelopment of Block 137.

The proposal before us egregiously violates the East End Redevelopment Plan that envisioned “a mixed-use development which includes a 30-70 unit hotel or housing. ... New or remodeled structures shall be designed to complement structures located on Block 138, Millennium (Plaza) Park and the townhouses on Block 136.”

I moved to Lake Oswego from Palo Alto, Calif., six years ago, having lived through this in a place that I loved. Once height restrictions and density limits were disregarded, Palo Alto quickly changed from a charming, village-scale college town to a dense, traffic-clogged collection of high rises.

The scale and ambiance of Millennium Plaza Park, the shops and sidewalk cafes in Lake View Village and the townhouses on the adjacent blocks will be overwhelmed and spoiled with the density and height of the strange collection of buildings proposed. Much of what we cherish in Lake Oswego is on the auction block. Don’t let it happen here.

Kathryn Christy   

Lake Oswego

Support school levy; turn in your ballots

I am writing to urge the Lake Oswego community to vote in favor of renewing the Lake Oswego School District school levy. This will help maintain our strong academic programs. As a former school board member, I have seen how critical it is to provide steady and predictable funding. Our students are well served by the careful stewardship this renewal of the school levy provides.

I urge you to mail your ballots right away.

Marci Nemhauser

Former Lake Oswego School Board member


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