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Healthy schools go hand in hand with healthy business community


This is an open letter to the citizens of Lake Oswego:

Please consider giving your strong support to education with a yes vote on the upcoming renewal of the Lake Oswego school levy. This levy is not a new tax; it was approved by our community in 2000 to supplement unreliable state funding for our schools. To me, renewing the school levy is an insurance policy for keeping our schools among the best in the Pacific Northwest, securing the value of our homes and continuing our admirable community pride and tradition of excelling at everything we set out to do.Heine

It is gratifying to see that numerous citizens have already expressed their personal support to the Lake Oswego Review for renewing the school levy. I now wish to add my perspective as a local banking business person. In my 45-year business career, I have observed that quality education has an enormously favorable impact on the health of the local economy. For example:

  • Better educated workers contribute to a more productive and competitive business environment;
  • More education lowers the unemployment rate, which lowers government spending;
  • Individuals who are well educated tend to be highly innovative, engaged and motivated in their careers;
  • Strong schools mirror a forward-thinking community that is poised to excel when competing on regional, national and even global levels;
  • Successful businesses are in a position to give a great deal back to the community through donations and employee volunteer work;
  • A healthy local business environment, in turn, helps the community to keep drawing outstanding teachers who are dedicated to educational excellence and will even raise the bar to new heights. This is a tremendous cycle to perpetuate.
  • In closing, my experience is that an outstanding school system is synonymous with locally robust business activity. Here in Lake Oswego, we have the best of both worlds. Be proud of our past and preserve our future. As a resident and businessman in this community who cares deeply and has a significant stake in the success of Lake Oswego, I urge you to vote yes on the school levy renewal.

    Dan Heine is CEO of The Bank of Oswego.