I have reviewed the LORA board presentation documents from the Aug. 27 meeting. Generally I like what I’m seeing and appreciate the thought and sensitivity that has been brought to the design process so far. I think we have more to do before it fits our community.

I am a longtime Lake Oswego resident — 43 years. I also am a building designer specializing in highly custom residential new and remodeling construction design.

Here are my concerns about the Wizer development:

1. First Street parking access — it seems to me there is already a large volume of vehicle and foot traffic on First Street and increasing the vehicle traffic would be detrimental to the pedestrian feel of the street. I see First Street as a sort of extension of Millennium (Plaza) Park. There will be far more foot traffic between the two sides of First Street once this development is realized.

2. Traffic — I think the increase in traffic will need to be addressed. I wonder how the congestion we already have during peak times will be affected by the increase in vehicles “living” downtown.

3. I think the building would fit better into the space with one level removed. The buildings would not loom so much over the adjacent sidewalks and the truncated “Tudor” facades can reach their natural peaks.

4. I would like the stucco to look less stark, a softer color.

5. It isn’t clear to me that there is allowance for secure bicycle parking and charging for electric vehicles in the residential parking spaces. I would like to see these two things included if they haven’t been.

6. I agree with what others have said about meeting the pet waste challenge. This needs to be carefully addressed as Millennium (Plaza) Park should not be the de facto dog latrine.

Thank you for considering my concerns,

Kathy Kremer is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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