In response to the letter from Stephen and Noelle Pusztai, who indicate they are escaping from 40-plus years in California to this special place in Lake Oswego (and oh, by the way, please note that we are here, please keep it just the way it is), I would like to offer the following:

A. From the Lake Oswego Population Baseline Analysis produced by FCS Group for the city of Lake Oswego:

  • Of the 15,667 households in Lake Oswego at the time of the study, 83 percent moved their place of residence since 1990.

  • Of the 83 percent, 40 percent came from a different county in Oregon and more than 21 percent came from a different state or country, based on U.S. Census surveys of 2006-08, with a median age of 28.5 years.

  • I would respectfully conclude from the above that this continued influx of new residents (just like the 1950s-60s) continues to put pressure on the services and infrastructure of the city.

    B. If you would go to our very special Oswego Heritage House at the west end of A Avenue and take a look at the pictures of our city and take a special look at the changes to the city core over the decades, say from the 1950s to now, you would be astounded at the change — or maybe not, as Lake Oswego’s face has changed along with the surrounding Portland areas and as I am sure it did in your home area in California.

    C. Lake Oswego has never turned away people wanting to move their homes or businesses to our fair city. Gosh, we did in the ‘60s-early ‘70s and again in the ‘80s and continue to have our business in Lake Oswego. The Wizers opened up their first store in Lake Oswego more than 69 years ago and grew with the city over the years. Not only growing, but reinvesting the fruits of their labors throughout the city and helping make it where you wanted to move to just recently.

    D. The city has zoning and a comprehensive plan that was thoughtfully crafted by decades of work by many citizens from across the spectrum of the city.

  • Those that knew and lived the history of the city, respected the livability requirements of the citizens and planned for their children and grandchildren drafted those plans and zoning.

  • Zoning is a double-edge protection: a protection for areas around that zone that future changes will occur within its limitations and a protection for those property owners that have invested in the property and city that they have the right to develop within those zone limitations in the future.

  • This plan meets virtually all the requirements and visions of those many citizen volunteers and the many thousands of hours that went into their work.

    To close, I am pleased that new residents like the Pusztais have chosen to come to our city. I am excited when I see our children and the children and grandchildren of our friends wanting to make Lake Oswego their home and a place to raise their children. If you ask them, they will tell you that Lake View Village, the new restaurants, the upgrades to the schools, new parks, vibrant summer programs (all new in the last 15 years) are important to the fabric of their city.

    Rob Fallow is a West Linn resident who owns a business in Lake Oswego.

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