There is a new voice in town. It’s the voice of reasonableness, moderation, of recognizing how today’s actions will affect the future, a voice of caring about our little town of Lake Oswego. It’s the voice of Save Our Village. 

The city code defines the village character as “a community of small-scale structures that appears and operates like a small town.” And that’s what we are. That is our character and character is what makes this beautiful place so special, a joy to live in, a place of quiet appreciation where the pace enables everyone to savor their life to the fullest. 

And it is to the character of our town we must look when considering change. For change there will be. Nothing remains the same indefinitely, no matter how we might resist. Change is a given. But we can hope to control the rapidity and direction of such change as seems to be coming to Lake Oswego.

This is where Save Our Village comes in. Save Our Village hopes to be a voice, a forum, an influence on the direction of the Wizer development over which we find ourselves contending. Lake View Village, as it now stands, is uniquely hospitable and attractive to all comers. Without hassle or botheration everyone can stroll the downtown blocks of tempting shops, dine at one of the varied restaurants (perhaps, weather permitting, under an umbrella outside), visit with locals or out-of-town guests or simply gaze out over the ever-changing vista of the lake.

If the population were to be doubled I believe the sidewalks would become crowded and justly, traffic would likewise be doubled, parking hard to find and the entire experience of a leisurely time in a special environment would be changed to become just like any other too busy, too populated downtown. We need creative change.

How to implement creative change, then, is our pressing task. To start, it has become most important to take advantage of our historical right to be heard and not only to be heard but counted. So go with Save Our Village and stop, look and listen. Stop and take time to email the Lake Oswego Development Review Commission at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a cc to the city council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Look at other possible scenarios for development (e.g., cut back on numbers and imagine architectural styles to complement our traditions). And listen to your own ideas about this important moment in our history and stand for creative change.

This is an important historical turning point. Whoever becomes the catalyst for this new development will go down in history. They will be remembered for a very long time. 

So how do we want to be remembered? As the ones who allowed a clumsy, overstuffed, over-the-top plan that will probably lead to overcrowding and certainly will forever change the character of our place into a commercial blankness?

Or, hopefully, as the supporters of a creative, considered solution to an ongoing challenge, which will gracefully address the needs of both people and place.

 Chloe Scott, Lake Oswego, is a member of Lake Oswego Adult Community Center and member of Save Our Village.

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