I’d like to comment on the new proposed building that’s being discussed for the old Wizer site next door to my family’s restaurant, Zeppo.

I’ve stood back, watched and listened to all the pros and cons and feel it’s time now to speak my mind on the subject.

We as a city have one chance at getting this thing right and with that goal as the driving force I’m more than a little surprised that this is this best we can come up with.

I understand business, budgets and economics. I also understand that only certain kinds of development can go forward because of basic investors’ demands and/or expectations for their investment to in fact pay off. This is where I believe this project has risen up from “economic forces” that philosophy is fine and dandy in other circumstances but not here, not under any circumstances should that be the driving force here in this village.

I’ve seen the building and I’ve seen the height, which is very imposing to say the least. But please trust me as a local restaurateur that’s just 60 feet away from door to door that the major concern besides the obvious is the logistical issue. Logistics for the trucks doing deliveries will be a complete business killer. Here at the Lake View Village we have many, many issues with delivery truck space, repair truck space, maintenance truck space, etc., and to see what’s been proposed for the Wizer block is so far from having enough infrastructure that it boggles my mind. We’re creating a living nightmare on so many issues here. The farmers market is such a great city event and I can’t imagine how the traffic will work on market days let alone all the other great events that happen in the park.

I know there are other options and I’ve liked some of them and think they work a lot better than this obtrusive village killer.

One last thing: I’ve managed to survive through construction in two other locations that lasted to up to a year and during that time I saw gross revenues fall 30 and 40 percent. I’ve heard that this project can be expected to go 2.5 to over three years. As I recall that is about twice as long as construction for Lake View Village .

I can hear it now: “The codes be damn, we’re pushing forward regardless the uproar. We know best. We know what’s good for them. They’re not qualified to judge these big-time city deals”

I hope to stay here working and enjoying my little family restaurant. I’ve listened to my customers’ concerns about all the people, the dogs, the traffic, the trucks, the massive size of the buildings, etc. And I side with them.

Please scratch this project for something that fits the village and please address the logistical issues first and foremost.

Doug Lee is a resident of Lake Oswego and is associated with his family’s Lake Oswego restaurant, Zeppo.

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