AAUW thanks Squires for aiding scholarship fund

The American Association of University Women Lake Oswego Branch wishes to publicly thank Pat and Fred Squire of Frederick Squire III Antiques in Lake Oswego for their donation of time, expertise and funds to the AAUW Lake Oswego Branch Scholarship Fund.

They planned and held a very successful Antique Appraisal Day fundraiser on Feb. 16. Pat is an AAUW board member as well as being knowledgeable about antique quilts. Fred has been in the antique business for 53 years and did the appraisals. They were both entertaining and informative. People who attended learned much about their family collectibles, which they brought for appraisal.

AAUW greatly appreciates Pat and Fred Squire and the people who supported this fundraiser.

Karen Rottink

AAUW Lake Oswego Branch public information officer

Lake Oswego

‘This is your foundation’ — please support it

Our family moved to Lake Oswego from New York more than 10 years ago.

I didn’t really have any idea what our life in Oregon would look like. We came from an amazing school district in Long Island and, as it turned out, we moved to an amazing school district in Oregon.

Sure, we are missing some things here that we took for granted in New York — a school nurse, art teachers, new playground equipment — but as it turns out, we received so much more. A tight-knit community that cares deeply about the residents. We all look after each other. We all help each other in times of need.

One easy way to help your community is to donate to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation. While only a minority of households have a child in our public schools, the success and quality of our schools affects every household and every business in Lake Oswego.

Invest in the success of our community. This is your foundation.

Rhonda Cohen

Vice president, Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Board

Lake Oswego

Lake Monsters honored for helping others

Last weekend, the FIRST Robotics Competition team Lake Oswego Lake Monsters competed in Oregon City. FIRST means: For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

FIRST, overall, is a program to inspire students to use their skills from the classroom in a hands-on environment. Teams have six weeks to build a robot with specific requirements that are announced at kickoff as well as the challenge. With the help of mentors, students have six weeks to design, build, wire and program a functional robot.

This year’s challenge is “Arial Assist,” which is played on a 25-by-54-foot field by two alliances of three robots each. Unlike previous years, the objective of this game is to work with your alliance partners and assist one another to score as many balls into the goals as possible during a two-minute 30-second match.

At Oregon City, after three days of competition, the Lake Monsters ended up being placed seventh out of 34 teams, which meant they were then able to select two other teams to complete alongside them as they continued onto the quarter finals.

Ultimately, the Lake Monsters made it all the way to the semifinals and received the Judges Award. The Judges Award is given to “a team (with) unique efforts, performance or dynamics merit recognition, yet doesn’t fit into any of the existing award categories.” The judges recognized the Lake Monster’s amount of volunteerism and willingness to help other teams and were impressed with the craftsmanship of their robot.

The Lake Monsters have a second upcoming competition, March 20 to 22, in Wilsonville, which is free and open to the public.

If interested in learning more about FRC Robotics, please contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sema Hasan

Lake Oswego

Why I give to the LO Schools Foundation

A couple of years ago, my husband was offered a wonderful job in Portland. We lived in a charming Marin County, Calif., neighborhood with award-winning schools and good friends. We talked it over and decided as a family to make the move.

While researching our family’s relocation, finding good schools was No. 1 on my list. I quickly discovered Lake Oswego was the best choice.

With exceptional schools comes an exceptional community. Our community’s support of its schools is what makes Lake Oswego unique. Choosing great schools has introduced my family to great people.

Your donation to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation does not pay for computers, basketballs or new buildings. Giving to the foundation pays for teachers and only teachers. (A total of) $95 of every $100 you give pays for the extra staffing that keeps our class sizes down and our curriculum diverse. Our schools are the jewels of our community.

I encourage you to “Invest in Success” and wear your colors proud, whether it’s light blue or navy and red.

Hilary Olsen

Lake Oswego

Invest in success with foundation

As a parent, I appreciate what Lake Oswego community members do to support our wonderful schools.

Because of foundation donations like yours, our school district is 20 teachers richer this year. This means lower student-to-teacher ratios at the elementary level and increased academic opportunities at the junior high and high school levels. Simply put, it means an environment where kids have a better chance of maximizing their potential. 

I love this school district. I love working with teachers who show a sincere commitment to treat each student as a whole person and who have helped me grow as a parent. I am grateful to the Lake Oswego community members who volunteer their time to run the foundation organization and to the citizens who don’t have school-age kids but donate anyway. Thank you.

No investment is too small. Make yours today at

Amber Imes

Lake Oswego

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