This year our youngest daughter will graduate from Lake Oswego High School.

It is a time of transition for our family as we move our focus from K-12 and on to college and the entry of our children into the workforce. As active parents in our public schools we have always viewed our annual donation to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation as an important contribution to the strength of our schools.Zebrowski

Our daughters had the daily benefit of great teachers, smaller class sizes and interesting and diverse electives. How could we not support a foundation that provided the extra funding to make all of this possible? Next year, we will no longer be LOSD parents. Instead, we will simply be LO community members.

This year our donation to the LOS Foundation was not the same automatic decision from previous years. It was now an option we considered along with donations to the other organizations we value and support.

In considering the foundation in this new phase, we quickly decided that it was an organization worthy of our continued support. Our family continues to greatly benefit from our daughters’ education in the Lake Oswego School District. Our children all obtained admission into a selection of good colleges and our Lake Oswego schools have provided them a rich array of college prep classes and strong extra-curricular opportunities. After being admitted to college, our daughters found they were well prepared by their great LOSD teachers and had the tools they needed to succeed.

We also considered the value of the LOS Foundation to the attractiveness of our town. We moved to Lake Oswego for the schools and when we are ready to sell this home full of kids bedrooms and playrooms, we hope that the quality of LO schools will continue to attract families to our neighborhood. We want Lake Oswego to remain vibrant and full of young families and family amenities. For this reason, supporting the foundation and its mission to increase the number of high quality teachers in our schools makes great sense for any homeowner or business owner in the community.

Finally, having worked closely with the schools in many volunteer capacities, I have seen the difference our foundation teachers make. They provide reading and math help to our elementary students. They keep our class sizes small enough to be able to firmly cement the basic academic skills. Later, they allow us to provide the electives and AP classes that help our older students find their passions and talents.

These students are our future dentists, policemen, teachers and business leaders. Investing in a strong future for our youngest citizens makes good sense for all of us and we know our decision to support the LO Schools Foundation continues to be a smart choice.

Patti Zebrowski, Lake Oswego, is chair of the Lake Oswego School Board.

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