Foundation support: It's personal to our community

To the Editor:

As a life-long Lake Oswegan and a Realtor, I urge you to support the Lake Oswego School District Foundation.

The entire community benefits from our excellent schools. My interest is both personal and professional - as my parents did before me, I attended Lake Oswego schools and am now conducting my real estate business and raising my family in Lake Oswego. My children, my sister's children and my friends' children all depend on and count on quality education in our schools. Our community members value education as a common good. Whether or not you have school-aged children, a successful school district will help support our real estate values.

Founded in times of legislative change, operated and expanded in both economic peaks and valleys and now working in an environment of diminished state support and threats of cuts, the foundation has persevered as a crucial partner with our public schools. I'm impressed with the LOSD Foundation's stewardship of the funds - 95 percent of all money raised is used to support teachers' salaries.

While the Harvards, Stanfords and Yales of our country (rightfully) attract millions if not billions of dollars to their endowments, it is right here in our K-12 public schools that we have an opportunity for forceful impact. This is personal - personal to our entire community. Please support the foundation and donate at

Justin Harnish

Class of 1994

Harnish Properties at Realty Trust

Lake Oswego

Build pipeline in Foothills, not in West Linn

To the Editor:

I received notification of a minor development application for the pipeline in Lake Oswego.

I am a resident of West Linn, but within the area of notification. I find it interesting this is being decided considering the plant application in West Linn hasn't been before West Linn's Planning Commission, let alone approved.

The application for the pipeline in West Linn hasn't even been submitted at this time. There is a great deal of opposition to both projects in West Linn.

A new treatment plant should be built in the Foothills area, not in a neighborhood here in West Linn.

Robert Stowell

West Linn

Warnings issued about flawed assumptions

To the Editor:

In a recent article by Lake Oswego Review reporter Rebecca Randall, 'Board OKs shifting of some students,' Dr. (Bill) Korach is quoted as saying, 'It may well be the best strategy to provide portables for what would probably be two years.'

From the March 7, 2011, meeting minutes, Dr. Korach said the following in response to a question from a consolidation committee member: '… Dr. Korach stated he would not recommend placing portable structures at an elementary site to be a workable solution given the city's view of portables and the fact that the district would have the space if it did not close schools.'

Ms. Randall's article also quotes Dr. Korach as saying, regarding River Grove, 'It's really good that we're getting growth there ... but it's also a challenge in that the committee last year did not have the Census information on that nor did they have a complete picture based on the transfers out.' In addition, regarding the district administration not accounting for students transferring out of River Grove many of them to Bryant, 'That got lost in our calculations.'

These are misleading statements, to put it mildly. The superintendent and the committee were warned repeatedly in meetings and in writing, that they were using flawed assumptions in estimating that the efficiency of school enrollment could be 95 percent to 100 percent (does not account for growth) and that there would be an issue with intra-district transfers. These concerns were actively downplayed and argued against by Dr. Korach and Stuart Ketzler.

To try to avert blame for the horrible mess the Lake Oswego schools will be in for the next decade by blaming the consolidation committee for not having all the information is shameful.

Grace Lee

Lake Oswego

Building permit is only part of the cost to build in Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

In the March 22 Lake Oswego Review's City Notes entry it is stated that the building permit fee for a new 2,000-square-foot single-family home in Lake Oswego costs about $2,670. Well, that's part of the story. Here's the rest. In order to be permitted to build the home one must also pay certain service development charges (SDCs). A building permit is not issued until and unless SDCs and some taxes are paid.

In August 2002, I paid for a building permit for a new single-family home of 2,700 square feet in Lake Oswego. The total price was $29,937.53. The costs in addition to the permit fee included the following SDCs: sewer, $2,344; water, $5,289; streets, $4,195; parks and rec, $11,089. Add a school tax of $2,830 and a Metro excise tax of $318.86 and the resulting total came to nearly $30,000 (other jurisdictions also impose SDCs).

Bill Ward

Lake Oswego

'Wake up people - it's liberty or tyranny'

To the Editor:

Regarding the letter, 'Women are bearing the brunt of this particular hammer.' Well, women aren't the only one's that are bearing the brunt of a hammer. The other hammer is the hammer of a tyrannical government bearing down on all Americans.

We are slowly losing our freedoms to a big tyrannical government that wants to control us and tell us what to do and how we should live our lives.

The recent passage of the NDAA (National Defense Authoritarian Act), should be a big wake up call for all freedom-loving American's. The NDAA gives the government authority to arrest and detain terrorists without a trial but beware, the government could then say, anyone could be a terrorist if they disagree and protest against the government.

Let's not be like the frog in a warm pot of water with the government taking care of us because when the pot begins to boil we are cooked and it will be too late.

So, wake up people. It's liberty or tyranny.

Wendy Morean

Lake Oswego

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