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Stafford area faces significant concern


Something is rotten in Stafford and is of concern to all those who reside, attend school, worship, recreate or commute through. Clackamas County has granted S and H Logging a conditional permit to develop a food composting/mining operation on its site adjacent to the Stafford/Borland roundabout. The environmental impact will be widespread. This is not just a matter that concerns local residents. The concerns for adverse impact are multiple both above and below ground. Below ground are the aquifers that supply water and are part of the Tualatin River drainage system. Above ground is the air quality impacting both odor and respiratory health. On the ground surface are increased truck traffic, noise levels and presence of flies and vermin. The citizens of Banks are currently impacted by similar issues arising from the food composting operation in their locale. A Banks resident has noted that depending upon wind direction, the stench is apparent up to a mile from the composting facility.It is instructive to locate S and H Logging on a map and see what a one-mile radius includes. You will see two large public schools (Athey Creek Middle School and Stafford Primary School), smaller private schools, numerous places of worship (Cambodian Buddhist Society, SouthLake Four Square Church, Resurrection Catholic Parish, Rolling Hills Community Church), outdoor sports venues (soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts) and recreation sites (Tualatin River).The process by which the permit was granted raises questions. For example, only residences and businesses within 500 feet of the proposed composting facility were notified. Again, it is instructive to look at a map to see what a 500-foot radius from S and H Logging includes. The letter of the law may have been followed, but the needed wider discussion was sidestepped.Legal recourse for those concerned is now to file an appeal with the state Land Use Board of Appeals. Information on that process can be found at the Stafford Hamlet website.I am concerned by the possibility of a composting/mining operation because I live in the area. You should be concerned as well for the reasons cited above. The time to take action is now. Please join me in exercising your rights as a citizen.

Pamela Dixon is a West Linn resident who lives on Borland Road.