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Our dreams are big for our local students and we need your help


Our dreams are big for the students of Lake Oswego and we need your help.

The Lake Oswego School District Foundation raises money for additional teachers in the classroom and has done so for years. The schools are excellent here in Lake Oswego due to the support from this community, parents and businesses. Undeniably we have the best schools, teachers and students in the state. The budget crisis is real in our state. We again have a $5.5 million budget gap to fill this year.

You don't budget cut your way to greatness and our schools are going through difficult change due to the lack of dollars from our state. That means we need to raise $750 per student to maintain our low class size, reading and math specialists and core, elective honors and AP courses.

Every donation amount is important and helpful. We all need to work together for our schools. If you can sponsor one-half of a student ($375) or many students ($750x's?) with your donation for those who can't, every dollar really counts. Excellence does have a price, but it is a bargain compared to sending our children into the world unprepared.

$750 per year is less than the cost of a latte a day ... A latte a day for learning ... to change the life of a student.

Preparation is also what the foundation is doing for the future. We are building an endowment to forever help fund our schools so we aren't so dependent on our state and the economy for proper school funding. Our inventive, smart and forward-thinking community is finding its own path to permanently funding teachers and excellent schools by giving back to our schools with a gift to the LOSDF endowment. Please put Lake Oswego schools into your charitable giving plans.

If you value education and the bright future a great education can give our children while being taught by wonderful inspiring teachers, please give what you can to the LOSDF annual campaign and the endowment.

Excellence has a price but its less than the cost of a latte a day. Let's keep our schools at the top of the class.

Kevin Robertson, Lake Oswego, is the president of the Lake Oswego School District Foundation.