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As great as LO is, it can be better


The Keep Lake Oswego Great citizens' group has defined itself with statements that include these:

We take great pride in our community. We see the need to present a balanced, dignified, factual picture of Lake Oswego. We believe in fiscal responsibility with public funds. We appreciate the complex and lengthy process required to form public policy and to build public facilities. We seek financial truth and disclosure from government. We are Lake Oswegans who want our city to flourish, not stagnate.

We greatly appreciate the steps the mayor and the city councilors are taking to prioritize the city's spending. In the capital projects funding study under way, the following are being considered by council as one of their 2012 goals: Police Station/9-1-1 Communications Center, South Shore Fire Station, maintenance facility, city hall, library, West End Building (Parks and Recreation offices and programs, Water Partnership offices, city records), tennis facility and Boones Ferry Road. The several options for financing include general funds, general obligation bonds, urban renewal district formation, local improvement districts, existing departmental funds, tax increment financing and others. The opportunity to learn about these projects and their funding (was) available again to all citizens at an April 10 study session, followed by an April 24 adoption of the funding strategy.

Keep Lake Oswego Great members, and, we think, the majority of citizens, hope all city leaders act with dignity during these serious discussions. We want to see careful consideration of facts, leadership and foresight in decision making, and mature acceptance of differences.

As great as Lake Oswego is, it can be better. We want to maintain and build on the strengths we have. We want to cohesively address our challenges, taking advantage of civil public debate to improve upon the financial decisions we face.

Please see our web site for more information and help us Keep Lake Oswego Great (www.keeplogreat.com)

Karen S. Jacobson, Lake Oswego, is a member of the Keep Lake Oswego Great PAC