Readers of the Lake Oswego Review already may have noticed some subtle changes in their community newspaper - and they may notice a few more as the weeks go by. We thought we would take a moment to explain these changes and encourage any feedback readers might have.

First, we are going through a graphic redesign for many of the newspapers within Pamplin Media Group's family of publications. That includes 12 weekly or twice-a-week publications and the Portland Tribune.

For the past two weeks, our new, centrally located design desk in the Pamplin Media Center over in Milwaukie has designed our B section, which runs in conjunction with the West Linn Tidings. Today, most of our A section also is being designed by the design desk with the exception of our Education section (pages 17 to 19) and our Sports section (pages 21 to 23). The Education section will soon join the fold, and the Sports section of the Review will be added into the mix in the near future.

For the past seven weeks, our sister paper, the Tidings, has been similarly revamped fit the new style.

The new design's intent is to give the papers a cleaner, up-to-date appearance, but that is only part of the reason for the changes. We also have moved to a central design process for all newspapers within our group, which necessitates a more uniform design for the publications.

The switch to a central design desk has produced personnel changes throughout our company. In our office in Lake Oswego, former Tidings editor Nicole DeCosta was reassigned to the central desk. Two editors with the Times papers (Beaverton Valley Times and Tigard-Tualatin Times) were also reassigned - one of them, Mikel Kelly, is a familiar face to local readers as he is a former Review editor and continues to contribute a column called 'Just another point of view' in our Opinion section. The other, Jessie Kirk, formerly served as Tigard-Tualatin Times editor. The last two members of the design team are Tiffaney O'Dell, former Gresham Outlook editor, and Pete Vogel, who continues his role as designer for the Portland Tribune.

No jobs were lost in this transition - just a changing of roles in an effort to streamline our internal processes. This transition continues to be a work in process, and like any new effort, we ask for your patience as we try to work out the kinks.

One kink that will definitely be noticed is that during the interim period, only a limited amount of content from the newspaper will be going up on our website. We hope to have this situation remedied soon but it is going to be a problem for at least several weeks.

None of these shifts in pages or people will alter our mission as a community newspaper, which is to be your very best source for local news and information. That's a model that's served us well for decades, and we don't ever expect to change it.

If you have feedback you would like to share with us, send an email to Publisher J. Brian Monihan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Editor Martin Forbes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., a note to us at P.O. Box 548, Lake Oswego, OR, 97034 or visit us in the Review newsroom, 400 Second St. in downtown Lake Oswego.

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