In The Review's mailbox this week: Allow short-term rentals in LO; Common-sense approach; Positive experience; Stay philanthropic; Walk in the park; Support Savas; Power of love; Moving county forward; Wrong style; Dig safely Add a comment

If your house was built before 1974, when our building codes first took earthquakes into account, your house is probably not bolted to its foundation. Add a comment

Every effort is made to ensure that stories appearing in The Lake Oswego Review are accurate. Add a comment

If we embrace the people's bottom-up initiatives - Black Lives Matter, Me Too, Enough! - then we've acknowledged we are a global village, a community in which all life matters. Add a comment

We think that the safety of kids who play sports is important. We don't think we're alone, and that's why we think we ought to have the help of all Oregon schools. Add a comment

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