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Anybody but De Klotz

In a May 5 opinion piece written by Patrick De Klotz, who is running for a state representative position as a Republican (“Oregonians should reject Trump divisiveness, vote for alternative”), De Klotz derided Donald Trump’s stand on immigration, terrorism, etc.

De Klotz found nothing positive about any of Trump’s positions. De Klotz offered his feelings against Trump, rather than state his own solutions to our many national problems. De Klotz concluded he would not vote for Trump for President under any circumstance.

As an example of De Klotz being out of touch, I am a first-generation legal immigrant. It is a personal affront that my family had to wait our turn to legally immigrate to this country while others are now being given a free pass to this privilege. De Klotz and others do not understand how their immigration “open border” and “amnesty” concepts offend. What about my feelings that are being hurt?

I am not an ardent Trump supporter, but I find Trump’s “America First” positions refreshing. The U.S. has spent and wasted plenty of resources and lives on the rest of the world. It is about time we in the U.S. worry about ourselves first.

Gratefully, De Klotz’s opinion piece exposed him as a Republican In Name Only and not worthy of my vote. So I state: “Anybody but De Klotz for Representative.”

Janusz Bogdan

Lake Oswego

Pierce’s attack off the mark

I recently received a mailer from the Bud Pierce campaign attacking fellow Republican candidate for governor Allen Alley. Among other allegations, the piece claimed Alley, former chair of the Oregon Republican Party, is not a loyal Republican. The attack is particularly absurd coming from Bud Pierce.

Pierce has donated nearly $100,000 to Oregon Democrats over the past decade. While Pierce was donating thousands to Democrats, Alley was traveling the state, meeting with voters and working to elect Republicans to the Oregon Legislature.

Today, Bud Pierce rails against the politics of Salem. He condemns the Democrat-led status quo he has helped create and the liberal politicians he has helped elect through his donations.

Bud Pierce has criticized Allen Alley as an insider, but is there anything more insider politics than a man who says one thing and does another?

I plan on voting for Allen Alley because he is running a campaign based on the issues, not a desperate negative campaign like Pierce.

Bill Lesh

Lake Oswego

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