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Please donate to keep our schools outstanding

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

OK, first the bad news: Oregon’s K-12 schools consistently rank in the lowest tier among U.S. states in the categories of per-student spending and graduation rates. Our state’s volatile revenue structure and voter-passed limits on local school funding make it even more challenging for our community to maintain exceptional schools.

The good news is that in Lake Oswego, we are committed to maintaining educational excellence for all of our students. Our schools consistently rank among the top, not just in Oregon but across the entire nation. Our whole community mobilizes to provide the support and funding necessary to achieve an extremely high level of success, and we recognize that this success doesn’t just happen by accident.

Your financial support of the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation is a key ingredient to giving our schools and students the edge. We do it by raising private dollars, which are then used by the school district exclusively to hire and retain teaching staff over and above what baseline funding allows.

Because of the generous support from this community, the Foundation is able to supplement the district’s teaching resources to the tune of 15-20 FTEs per year. This benefits every one of the 10 schools in the district.

Maintaining the extraordinary quality of our schools takes hard work, vision and money. That’s where you come in. Please donate generously to the Foundation, at the level that is appropriate for your family. You may consider a monthly automatic deduction, a gift to the Foundation’s Endowment Fund or a donation to the annual campaign. The choice is yours.

Remember, every dollar you donate has a direct effect on the quality of our schools, our students and our community.

For any questions, please contact the Foundation office at 503-534-2106 or visit www.losfoundation.org. All donations are tax deductible.

Kerry Griffin is a Lake Oswego resident who currently serves on the Schools Foundation Board of Directors. After stints on the East Coast and overseas, he returned home to Lake Oswego to raise his family. He has two children in Lake Oswego schools.